If you are new to cnc and just plan to purchase a cnc router machine from OMNI. Below 10 things you should think about to get with cnc router machine.

Here are 8 things you should focus on to maximize your chances of becoming quickly successful:

CNC cutters package OMNI offered is not enough at all. These cutters you may use to test the machine, work some material. For following long time, you gonna need more decent cutters. Here OMNI suggest you cnc router bits for almost all material, like ABS, PVC, acrylic, plastic, aluminium, brass, steel, stone, MDF, wood. Bits are made of solid carbide, and there are flat bottom engraving bits, radiused bottom engraving bits, 3d engraving bits, two flute spiral bits, straight bits, cleaning bottom bits, end mill, ogee bits etc for diferent size. Check the cnc router bits.

Get yourself a few sizes:

– 1/2″

– 1/4″

– 3/16″

Buy 2 or 3 flutes for aluminum and some 4 flutes for steel. You are going to break some cutters, so just get over it and be used to the idea. Here we remind you to wear safety glasses because you will break some cutters!

Vise is necessary one to use on the working table. Qualifed vise will have your workpiece fixed on the table and will not shift.

You’ll need a way to mount your vise to the T-slots of your table, so you may as well get a clamping kit too. This one OMNI offered you for free.

you’ll need a set of parallels, it can easily help you to parallel material on working table. And you could get it from OMNI.

OMNI offer a set of mist sprayer and coolant tray. Oil mist/fog lubrication pump is driven by compressed air, sprays oil fog particles in the size between 0.5 and 15 0.5-15μm. It is application for lubrication and cooling of lubrication points. It is equipped with electromagnetic valve. When connected with main unit electric control, it can realize control of lubrication time. It is mounted on the gantry side, and you just need turn on it and adjust its spraying volume.

Your next step is to learn to run your CNC. In the process you’ll learn some basic g-codes so that you have some idea what your program is doing the first time you run a real g-code program (we offer G code file for testing). Check the tutorial video for DSP and Syntec controllers we offered.

Your machine needs to know where is the “home” . You need to move x, y slowly to X0, Y0, then using jog mode to move Z down slowly, use the tool sensor to touch the cnc bits. When the bits tip touch and tool sensor and still can rotate very well. It is the right position. Now you could set it as Z0.

Vacum pump is rather efficient equipment if you have large sheet to cut or engrave or drill. It only takes you several seconds to turn on the vacuum valves then it can suck the sheet tightly, will not shift in almost cases.

Purchasing program file from local shop or considering a course at a nearby community college–it’ll be well worth the time and money spent. If you have no help available in your area, get it from the Internet.

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