No Longer Possible to Purchase ARTCAM Express

It is pity to heard news that DelCAM does not offer outright sales for ARTCAM Express 2015 R2 anymore, only available for subscription model . Below is the message from Dillon Moulder, QA Engineer & Community Manager of AutoDESK.
” Welcome to the Autodesk Community and the new ArtCAM Forum!

Many thanks for your interest in ArtCAM software. ArtCAM Express was part of the ArtCAM 2015 R2 product range, but is not part of the ArtCAM 2017 product range. It is no longer possible to purchase ArtCAM Express 2015 R2, or any prior version of ArtCAM Express.

ArtCAM 2017 will be available in three different variants: Free, Standard and Premium. The free version of ArtCAM 2017 is already available to download from the ArtCAM website. ArtCAM Standard 2017 and ArtCAM Premium 2017 will be available to purchase on a monthly or annual subscription basis from the Autodesk Store shortly.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Otherwise, please be so kind as to accept my response as a solution.” 

Kind regards,

Dillon Moulder
QA Engineer & Community Manager


Considering above news, OMNI will stop offer ARTCAM express software, and we may consider TYPE3, Artcut or other versions of ARTCAM. For details, you may contact OMNI sales engineer to confirm.


Requiem for the Departed to Live Forever Via Tombstone Engraving By CNC Router

Benjamin Franklin wrote in 1789 after the Constitution of America was established describing it as an appearance that promised permanency but in this world there are only two things that are permanent death and taxes.

Tombstone Engraving by CNC router

This blog is more about perpetuating death and less about taxes. Most people like to be remembered – by the people who are alive want to remember the dead and so it became perhaps one of the earliest professions of a tombstone engraver and the engraver’s place of work was the cemetery. Even today, it is common for a stone-mason and his assistant busy chipping names and dates on granite stones (if the people are middle class) and marble (if the people are wealthy). It is also normal for the stonemason to be replaced by a small workshop equipped with a stone engraving CNC router machine. Both the manual and machine coexist.

In the video clip ( the CNC router is quickly finishing the cross on the headstone of a tombstone. The speed of the router is amazing. Laser etching CNC machines are also employed for tombstone engraving. This is an expensive method and only the wealthy can afford the laser etching. However, for a tombstone accuracy is not really required and speed is not a constraint for the departed. The router in the video clip is made by OMNI CNC, which is a reputed CNC router manufacturer from China. The stone CNC router is specially built with heavy duty frame work and solid rib welding that houses the high power spindle and advanced control system.

Stone CNC Router

The table is also rigidly built and the heavy-duty construction allows different kinds of tombstones such as granite, marble, soapstone and other natural materials for engraving. THhe design input takes text and other designs such as the Catholic cross and the G-coded technology makes short work of the engraving in no time. The process is very fast and accurate.

CNC Router Table

China CNC Router

Vectoring and Rastering via CNC Lasering

OMNI CNC are true technology partners to Signage industry entrepreneurs as they manufacture specialty laser machines that aids creativity in design and increased productivity.

The role of CNC Router manufacturers does not end just churning out machine after machine. Unless and until these manufacturers work as a silent but adjunct partner of the industry to which they are supplying the machine then only they can earn the badge of success. The CNC Router marketplace is intensively competitive. Manufacturers from America, Europe, and United Kingdom being pioneers have an inherent edge. China is the new powerhouse of CNC Router manufacturing. There are many manufacturers. One among them is making waves. This company is OMNI CNC Router manufacturers. They have passion for understanding to which they are supplying.

As an example, they supplied OMNI CNC Laser machine to FRF from Budapest in Europe. John Baksai the owner of FRF is another passionate and dedicated artisan who has created a niche in advertising display by specializing in light boxes, lighting and non-lighting display signage, LED advertising signage and other display production items like totem poles and neon tube manufacturing among others.

Vectoring and Rastering

Being a design-oriented company the accuracy of cutting LED signage as per original designs conceptualized becomes important in achieving the quality. FRF incorporate high quality standards in the materials like electronic equipment, LED light sources and enclosures in the designing and manufacture of LED advertising signage. The accuracy of design matching the concepts has taken FRF LED lighting signage to Romania, Austria, Belgium and Germany in Europe and to Hong Kong in China and Seoul in South Korea.

Vectoring and Rastering

OMNI CNC Routers with Laser cutting systems employ cutting-edge technology in vector cutting and raster engraving. Vector paths are clear defining tool paths for the CNC Router bits to accurately cut acrylic or other translucent material used in signage. The OMNI CNC laser machine performs vector cutting and raster engraving. Vector cutting is the process of cutting the outline shape of the image while raster engraving performs engraving functions as the tool bit glides along the substrate. The advantage of laser cutting is it can be used on several substrates. Vector means a line that allows designing LED lighting shapes as per image. There is calculation of geometry and other mathematical formula in computing the type of cutting.

Raster cutting is similar to printer simulation. The tool head of the Router moves back and forth creating pixilation of bit-maps Raster images are denoted in dpi (dots per inch). Incorporating a combination of vector imaging with raster graphics is the hallmark of FRF in Budapest that are faithfully executed by OMNI CNC Router Laser machine. The substrates like acrylic, leather, wood (MDF, plywood, soft woods) and other plastics like ABS, Polycarbonate, and Plastic Foam can all be cut using OMNI CNC Laser machine by vectoring.

Turning Hobbies to Business Idea with CNC Woodworking Routers

Prime examples of using CNC woodworking routers to turn a hobby of toy carving into a profitable business

Before electronics or electrons became a part of the mystique of civilization Man was using wood for building houses, as fuel for cooking and ultimately toys for children to play. So much so the carpentry world had its first taste of entrepreneurship in toy manufacturing as whittling became an art form. Carving intricate shapes in wood stemmed from carving basic shapes using a pocket knife. This led to the discovery of soft woods and the simple act of whittling turned into toy carving of dolls and figure and thereafter woodworking toys became a major industry. Read more

Relief Sculpture Engraving by CNC Router

A relief sculpture is a marvelous piece of art to witness. The detailing and expressive image evokes admiration and reverence when used in religion. The revered image appears lifelike adding the special holistic element when confronting spiritual needs. If looked closely the relief sculpture is a reverse of the process of sculpting. In sculpting, the image is carved to give a 3D likeness. In relief sculpture the background or field is removed so that the image is raised from a flat surface. Typically, a relief sculpture is more a 2D or 2.5 D image.

Relief Sculpture Engraving Read more

Indoor and Outdoor Sign Making CNC Machine

A signboard is an indicator.  It could indicate

  • Direction
  • Price
  • Name of building
  • Product
  • Image indicating profession

CNC Routers are the machines of image 1choice for making big or small display, whether indoors or outdoors. The advantage of CNC routers is the capability of working on different kinds of material. Wood, acrylic, stone, plastics and metal are alike. Change the tool as per the material and you are ready to go. OMNI CNC router machines from China have a variety of machines in their catalogue. There is no field in which they cannot engineer or custom build a CNC router. Such is their engineering skill and expertise.

From the basic OMNI 1325 to the OMNI 12S (12 spindles) and with ATC (automatic tool changing) technology this industry leader from China is blazing new trails and frontiers. The OMNI CNC Routers for logo routing is an example of precision and uncompromising quality. This router is best used for processing and finishing rigid substrates materials that are used in signage industry. Components for 3D processing on materials like fiberglass, foam, aluminum, brass, carbon fibre are some of the materials that can be routed using the range of OMNI CNC Routers. Apart from its versatility the price point at which this CNC router for routing indoor and outdoor signs is sold makes it one of the most affordable among all CNC Routers in the market.rd Sign Processing Substrates

Standard Sign Processing Substrates

Among signage material for both indoor and outdoor use plastics like expanded PVC is ideal routing material. The router bits cut cleanly without leaving any edges and the multi colored PVC material allows instant finishing of the signs. Acrylic sheets are also highly favored for both indoor and outdoor publicity material. Router bits can polish while cutting the edges. Polycarbonates have excellent weathering properties and are durable for outdoor signs. Sign foams are easily routable. Sign foams are made from polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, polystyrene among others.

Corbel Engraving by CNC Router

Corbels have been around for centuries. Even before medieval times the use of corbels as supports was standard fitment in most homes. The poor used plain corbels to support ceiling beams. The rich would adorn the corbels to give a baroque look.

Corbel Engraving

Plain Corbel

From wood to metal was an obvious leap and some of the building renderings in the 11th and 12th century in Europe show balconies supported by large corbels. The picture of Juliet balconies (Juliet refers to Romeo courting Juliet (Shakespeare’s play). The fact is in the play Romeo would romance Juliet while she was at a window. However the name struck and has been in use ever since) is a fine example of the various uses of corbels both structurally and architecturally. Read more

CNC Router Machines For Column Processing and Status

The OMNI CNC router is a fine example of turning materials on a router. The process is very simple. A rotary device works a s 4th axis on a conventional 3-axis router. The CNC router easily converts to a wood turning lathe carving exquisite newel posts, chair jambs, crown molding, modillion engraving, and wall moldings. The applications can only stretch the imagination

Other applications of this Omni CNC router are furniture and cabinet feet, kitchen island legs, chair legs, corbels and baseball bats. The rotary device works as a 4th axis indexer that allows machining of parts in the round profile. This is a lathe equipped with smartness. The traditional lathe turning methods are a given. It is the free form ornamental turning that is turning heads when the craftsmanship is viewed. The Omni CNC router is making master craftsmen out of ordinary souls.

buddha  3d carving Read more


What Is The Best Solution for Staircase Building ?

Staircase elements – newel post and balusters

Staircases have a central pole or support column called a newel. This upright post supports the handrail. Where stairs have a straight flight the newel is the principal post at the bottom of the staircase. With other posts between the bottom and a landing called as balusters the handrail is well supported both structurally as well as decoratively. Sometimes on a landing an intermediate newel is also used. At the top of the staircase a newel is used as a decorative element rather than a structural piece. From the picture below the idea of a newel and balusters can be easily understood for its form and function.
Earlier newels and balusters were hand carved and the process was tedious and time consuming. Importantly no two newels / balusters could be termed as identical. When CNC routers were designed the idea of using the routers as a staircase production machine became obvious. Read more