Relief Sculpture Engraving by CNC Router

A relief sculpture is a marvelous piece of art to witness. The detailing and expressive image evokes admiration and reverence when used in religion. The revered image appears lifelike adding the special holistic element when confronting spiritual needs. If looked closely the relief sculpture is a reverse of the process of sculpting. In sculpting, the image is carved to give a 3D likeness. In relief sculpture the background or field is removed so that the image is raised from a flat surface. Typically, a relief sculpture is more a 2D or 2.5 D image.

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Indoor and Outdoor Sign Making CNC Machine

A signboard is an indicator.  It could indicate

  • Direction
  • Price
  • Name of building
  • Product
  • Image indicating profession

CNC Routers are the machines of image 1choice for making big or small display, whether indoors or outdoors. The advantage of CNC routers is the capability of working on different kinds of material. Wood, acrylic, stone, plastics and metal are alike. Change the tool as per the material and you are ready to go. OMNI CNC router machines from China have a variety of machines in their catalogue. There is no field in which they cannot engineer or custom build a CNC router. Such is their engineering skill and expertise.

From the basic OMNI 1325 to the OMNI 12S (12 spindles) and with ATC (automatic tool changing) technology this industry leader from China is blazing new trails and frontiers. The OMNI CNC Routers for logo routing is an example of precision and uncompromising quality. This router is best used for processing and finishing rigid substrates materials that are used in signage industry. Components for 3D processing on materials like fiberglass, foam, aluminum, brass, carbon fibre are some of the materials that can be routed using the range of OMNI CNC Routers. Apart from its versatility the price point at which this CNC router for routing indoor and outdoor signs is sold makes it one of the most affordable among all CNC Routers in the market.rd Sign Processing Substrates

Standard Sign Processing Substrates

Among signage material for both indoor and outdoor use plastics like expanded PVC is ideal routing material. The router bits cut cleanly without leaving any edges and the multi colored PVC material allows instant finishing of the signs. Acrylic sheets are also highly favored for both indoor and outdoor publicity material. Router bits can polish while cutting the edges. Polycarbonates have excellent weathering properties and are durable for outdoor signs. Sign foams are easily routable. Sign foams are made from polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, polystyrene among others.

Corbel Engraving by CNC Router

Corbels have been around for centuries. Even before medieval times the use of corbels as supports was standard fitment in most homes. The poor used plain corbels to support ceiling beams. The rich would adorn the corbels to give a baroque look.

Corbel Engraving

Plain Corbel

From wood to metal was an obvious leap and some of the building renderings in the 11th and 12th century in Europe show balconies supported by large corbels. The picture of Juliet balconies (Juliet refers to Romeo courting Juliet (Shakespeare’s play). The fact is in the play Romeo would romance Juliet while she was at a window. However the name struck and has been in use ever since) is a fine example of the various uses of corbels both structurally and architecturally. Read more

CNC Router Machines For Column Processing and Status

The OMNI CNC router is a fine example of turning materials on a router. The process is very simple. A rotary device works a s 4th axis on a conventional 3-axis router. The CNC router easily converts to a wood turning lathe carving exquisite newel posts, chair jambs, crown molding, modillion engraving, and wall moldings. The applications can only stretch the imagination

Other applications of this Omni CNC router are furniture and cabinet feet, kitchen island legs, chair legs, corbels and baseball bats. The rotary device works as a 4th axis indexer that allows machining of parts in the round profile. This is a lathe equipped with smartness. The traditional lathe turning methods are a given. It is the free form ornamental turning that is turning heads when the craftsmanship is viewed. The Omni CNC router is making master craftsmen out of ordinary souls.

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What Is The Best Solution for Staircase Building ?

Staircase elements – newel post and balusters

Staircases have a central pole or support column called a newel. This upright post supports the handrail. Where stairs have a straight flight the newel is the principal post at the bottom of the staircase. With other posts between the bottom and a landing called as balusters the handrail is well supported both structurally as well as decoratively. Sometimes on a landing an intermediate newel is also used. At the top of the staircase a newel is used as a decorative element rather than a structural piece. From the picture below the idea of a newel and balusters can be easily understood for its form and function.
Earlier newels and balusters were hand carved and the process was tedious and time consuming. Importantly no two newels / balusters could be termed as identical. When CNC routers were designed the idea of using the routers as a staircase production machine became obvious. Read more

Stone Carving Solution- CNC Router

Stone is the most abundant natural material that is available on earth. Stone has many uses. Some of the earliest recorded finds have been tombstones. Being indestructible these tombstones have left a trail of history. The information carved on such tombstones was hand carved. Stone masons used a stone chisel and patiently carved letters and later symbols.

Today this job has been taken over by a machine. This is the CNC Router machine. CNC stands for computer numerical control. All you need to do is transfer the design for a tombstone via CAM software into the computer of the CNC router machine. The router will faithfully copy the design by engraving the stone with repeated passes to get depth. Read more


How Do You Determine If a CNC Router Supplier Trustworthy Or Not?

It is difficult for a person to determine if a cnc router supplier in China is trustworthy or not, especially for cnc router user and who purchase product from China for first time.  Several years ago, there is one cnc router supplier does not reply or answer customer’s email or call after receive payment, I saw this news from cnczone. Some of cnc router users may be terrified to purchase cnc machine from China after hearing this news, but do not paint everyone with same brush, most of cnc router manufactures obey the law.

Then how to determine a trustworthy cnc router supplier from China? Some people may know friends or even has office in China, they assign them to check some China cnc router companies at site and check cnc router delivery etc. Some of them assign 3rd party to check company and product delivery. Some of them fly to China and check the company at site by their selves. Well, not all cnc router buyer has friends or office in China, it is expensive to assign 3rd party for company or product checking except you work on long term cooperation or fly to china to check the product. Yes, everybody want the efficient way with low cost. Here we offer you the several ways and could determine a trustworthy cnc router supplier easily.

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Laker Logo Engraving for Kobe

obe Bryant, who has helped the Lakers win five NBA championships over a 20-year career spent entirely in Los Angeles, announced Sunday on The Players’ Tribune website that he will retire after this season, writing that “this season is all I have left to give.” For the beautiful memory from him, OMNI engraved LAKER logo […]

cabinet making cnc router

What Is The Best Solution For Cabinet Making?

Cabinet Makers traditionally use a panel saw combined with a manual router, hand drill, point-to-point or any combination of these items to produce cabinets. Well, it is rather easily to get error, and then cause wasting on material and time, increasing lost which should be avoided. Also, sometimes you may find two parts can not […]


Antique Designer Use CNC Router

With stores in Los Angles and Brooklyn, as well as its home base in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason Wein’s stark, minimalist designs are a favorite of Hollywood celebs. In High Point, the Cleveland Art space will feature lighting, shelves and tables built from industrial components and fasteners that Wein culls from defunct factories located throughout New England and America’s rust belt.

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