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CNC Router Spindle Purchase Tips

Spindle is the crucial part of cnc router.  So we need to consider the following issues when we purchase cnc router spindle.
1. Ask the supplier if adopting high precision bearing. If it is not with high precision bearing, after long time high speed rotating, the life time of spindle motor will be affected. OMNI use high precision bearing on cnc wood router spindle whatever water cooling or air cooling spindle.

2 . Try to see when the cnc wood router spindle rotate at different high speed, if its sound is harmony.
3. If you prefer higher working efficiency, such as process wood etc, suggest you use spindle over 3kw.
4. CNC wood router spindle is easily get rusted if not under good maintenance situation. Light rust will not affect the using, well, if you do not handle it for rather long time, then it will affect the cnc wood router spindle life time. How to move off rust? Two ways. One is to use tool to clean it. The other way is to use WD-40 sray on the spindle, then use cloth to clean it after half an hour. This is a good solution.

5. Last but is the most important. Avoiding copy brand spindle. When you choose cnc router spindle, especially those brands which are not made in China. Do not only compare price, ask the supplier to send you the spindle details photo and compare it with the photo from official website. OMNI have encountered many such cases, some customers got copy HSD spindle because they chose the cheaper price, and finally they lost their investment.

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