The natural beauty of stone has made it a popular choice for homes and construction projects for centuries. The human has been creating art from stone ever since he found he could shape it by striking. However, today this much appreciated and dimensional building material is within the reach of a number of homeowners and commercial building projects due to the application of CNC machining. Nowadays you can see beautifully designed stones everywhere from home decors to office interiors, kitchen countertops with showers, as well as flooring and inlays.

CNC machines can be processed with amazing ease for cutting, engraving, carving various hard materials, such as wood, composites, aluminum, steel and jade stones. Designing architectural components or recreation work is no longer reserved to the labors of stonemasons or craftsmen. The CNC machine can bring about the same artwork and functionality. Though the jade stone or aluminum may weigh heavy, then also CNC Machines can amalgamate intricate designs of your choice.Many people might wonder how a machine can carve designs and art panels on the ingrained texture of stone. But with the advanced technology of CNC machines, it is possible.

Success by CNC Machine Technology

Omni Technology is the professional manufacturer and exporter of CNC Machines and Routers, and offers a variety of CNC cutting machines. These include tools for cutting composites, metals, stones, many more materials. Omni Tech also offers Laser Stone Engraving equipment for stonework.

Laser Stone Engraving Equipment

Heritage Floral Designs

Observe the heritage floral designs engraved on the jade stone in these two pictures carved with precision and detail on a textured ingrained natural stone.

textured ingrained natural stone
As you can discern, these designs are a beautiful work of CNC router.

Omni Tech has designed Stone CNC Router for stone work that could cut, engrave and drill on marble, granite, travertine, limestone, onyx, soapstone, slate, quartzite etc. These machined and carved stone pieces are suitable for fireplace, countertop, sink, desk in kitchen, bathroom, residential, hotel, office building etc.

Stone CNC Router for Stone Work
Like above picture, you can also represent art in engraved stones with CNC machines. Create timeless dynamic functional art forms for interiors and exteriors in the medium of stone.

CNC machines rigid structure and frame help achieve exceptional accuracy when machining aluminum and composite materials. It provides a high performance design for the fastest possible CNC controlled motion. Machining aluminum with a CNC Router is absolutely is achievable. It’s just a matter of matching your machine’s capabilities to the speeds requirements of the material through wise selection of tooling and cutting parameters. To get the best of results, make sure to approach Omni CNC, the leading company to provide superior quality CNC routers throughout the world.