DIY Wooden Xmas Tree by CNC Router Machine

Tired of the traditional green Christmas tree? But still want to decorate and get into the spirit? Well, you do have another option… Using  CNC router machine, it takes only 3 steps to  complete it.


OMNI offer this program file for free, send us your email address and we will share you the download link.


After you receive the program file, set its tool path, set the workpiece size, then you could put the material on the cnc router machine table, set origin. Now its time to see your project making. Exciting?

OMNI use MDF material to cut out Christmas tree. The working speed is fast and soon, you gonna start decorate it.



This is true, it takes very soon that Christmas tree is ready. Check what it look like.


You thought this is ready? No, you are wrong. next step,  use self-painting, lantern to decorate it.  I am sure you have more creative idea to decorate your Xmas  tree, since this is very big very important holiday.

Check what OMNI do to this lovely Xmas tree?

If you also like it and would like to get its program file, send us email by clicking below button.

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