Environment Affection to CNC Wood Router

Before you use cnc router and in the process of using it, you may do not know some elements would affect cnc wood router working performance.If you do not know before, then from now on, please notice these:
Mainly affecting elements are: power, shaking, environment temperature and humidity, dust etc.

1. Power affect the processing directly. If the power is not stable, it may cause control system abnormal working. Every electrical spare parts are with certain voltage and frequency, any spare parts overloading cold cause unstable working, usually cause processing displacement.
2. Shaking. This will cause cutter broken and processing surface un-smooth. Usually reasons are touched machine in the processing progress, Machine mounting uneven, punching machine around of cnc router.
3. Environment and humidity mainly affect control system performance, driving motor. When environment over 40 centi degree, control system may cause fault command, and driving torch may can not up to certain valu for driving motor.
4. Dust affect the heat-releasing of electrical spare parts and CPU fan of PC.
Of couse, we also should notice thunderstorms also may cause cnc router damaged. OMNI suggest end users do maintenance in time, and keep you cnc wood router a suitable environment, and we believe, it must will bring lots of benefit back for you.

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