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How To Avoid Smoke While Engraving Solid Wood?

When cnc wood router process the solid wood, there always is smoke coming out. How comes to this? It is because in the processing, cnc router creates plenty of combustible dust, and  cutter rotating so fast will get hot in a hurry if it rubs up against the material being cut for very long. It’s made of carbide so it’ll resist that heat until it is way past the point of being hot enough to start the smoke.

Then what can we do about this?

What cutters are suitable for cutting such wood? What spindle speed we should set?
1. Remove the wood powder in time. If you often process wood, remember to order dust collector with cnc router.

2. Use sharp cutter. Sharp high quality cutters always is with longer working time even it costs you more money when you purchase it. Click to download high quality cnc router bits pricelist.


3. Set several layers for tool path. When you set the tool path, should make the tool path for several layers according to cnc wood router cutter size and cutting depth.
4. If cutting depth is deep, suggest slower rotating speed and feeding speed, or else will wear cutters easily.

5. Last but not least. Prepare fire extinguishers.

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