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How To Do If No Back To Origin For Laser Cutting Machine

What we can do if x and y axis does not go back to origin for laser cutting machine with RUIDA control system?
Turn on machine, press” ESC” on DSP screen of laser cutting machine, then move X axis manually on DSP screen, and touch limit sensor by hand, now see if light on main board is on.

If not on, then use multi-meter to test the wire from limit sensor to mainboard to see is limit sensor broken or wire problem.
The circle is related with limit sensor of laser cutting machine. Those four points are light, from down to up position, port 1 and 4 should be on if you touch limit sensor by hand.
If one of two lights does not turn on, then please click FILE on software screen, then click VENDOR SETTING, make screen record, and send the photo to us by email. Then OMNI engineer will solve this problem of laser cutting machine for you according to this.

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