Making Model Clock With CNC Router for Felicia

My daughter Felicia was assigned homework:  making model clock for studying. From the beginning, we planed to use the integrated paper, pen, knife to make one. There is no Compasses and ruler at home that day, it is very hard to draw circle and mark the clock tick position. We tried several times, but is disappointed for the work we made. I prefer the perfect and can not accept that.


Then one idea just came to my mind, how about use our cnc router machine to make a model clock for Felicia? Then I drive to company after left Felicia to her dancing class for training.


I downloaded a clock program file from site, and my colleague designed the clock pointer. Then set the tool path and import to the cnc router machine controller.

It took around 10 mins, and then a perfect model clock created. It is so perfect in my eyes. Then I took it to pick up Felicia from dancing class. She was so happy to see it. I told her, the cnc router machine helped us to make it, and we should decorate it  together, then it is perfect.


We used the Choi clay, painting to decorate the model clock. Wow, it is impressive I have to say.  I am sure Felicia loves it very much, since it was made by her father with a machine, and she did not just went to purchase it from store. Oh, her teacher told her that her model clock is very special and many classmates asked her how to make one.




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