Metal Sheet Fabrication Solution- CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

OMNI is the company produces the plasma cutting machine, we also offer software package.
When people start to look for a cnc plasma cutting machine, they usually have no idea about which one is suitable, since there are a wide variety of plasma cutters available in worldwide.

Firstly, choose plasma generator power. CNC plasma cutting, OMNI offer the power levels from 60 A all the way to 250 A, and thickness capabilities from 1mm to 25mm. on mild steel, stainless steels.


Then, confirm working size. Cnc plasma cutting machines are available from a 600mm*600mm to 2000mm*3000mm.

plasma cutting machine

Then we come to

CNC control. The brains of the entire machine, converts cutting program into electrical signals that direct the direction and speed that the machine cuts at. It also control torch height controler and others, such as flame cutting torch.

plasma control

Mechanical components. Each machine has to have moving components such as a gantry (long axis), a torch carriage and a Z-axis (up and down) that manipulate and move the plasma torch to produce the cut parts desired.

plasma torch

Height control:

Perform corner speed control and height control,
Breakpoint restoration, automatic power-back recovery and automatic breakpoint memory,
Special short line machining feature based on smooth travel, extensively applicable to metal blanking as well as advertisement and ironwork fabrication,
Advanced material inclined discharging design. All finished work pieces and fragments slide into tunnel for safe and convenient collection.

Optional Configuration we offer:
1. American Cut-Master power supply or Hypertherm (Power: 100A) together with high sensitive arc pressure adjuster is optional.
2. Panasonic servo motor or Yaska servo motor is optional
3. 200A plasma generator which can cut 2cm metal plate with smooth edge.
4. MACH3 control system is optional.
5. Oxygen fuel cutting system is optional.
Software: OMNI offer StarCAM software for cnc plasma cutting machine. The STARCAM System has been designed to draw, nest and cut metal as simply and efficiently as possible.


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