The laser sensor is mounted onto the machine movement system. In the scanning mode, the machine CNC system moves the sensor line-by-line over the item prototype. The sensor measures the distance (Z coordinate) to the item surface. Data takeoff from the sensor is synchronized with the sensor movement (XY coordinates), and the result is communicated to the PC. Thus, XYZ coordinate array for the surface is formed, i.e. a digital prototype model is created which is saved as a point cloud file as well as in a common STL format suitable for subsequent use in CNC.

Mount the 3D Scanner on a
3-axis CNC machine to do Relief scans
5-axis CNC machine to do Relief scans from different sides and join to a 3D Scan
5-axis CNC machine to do Cylindrical 360 degree scans

Operating Principle
Operation of the sensors is based on the principle of optical triangulation.
Radiation of a semiconductor laser 1 is focused by a lens 2 onto an object 6. Radiation reflected by the object is collected by a lens 3 onto a linear CCD-array 4. A signal processor 5 calculates the distance to the object from the position of the light spot on the array 4.