3D Scanner Application

Reverse engineering, industrial molds, automotive parts, castings, sheet metal, plastic products, clothing and footwear, furniture industry, arts and crafts, sketching, archaeological industry.

  • Fast scanning speed, high precision: single scan time less than 10 seconds, automatic stitching, stitching precision can reach 0.03mm/m (3um).
  • Excellent machine hardware: the machine hardware is imported from German, with excellent and stable working performance.
  • Scan Object  : From 10 mm diameter objects to 2m tall objects, this 3d scanner could scan at high precision.
  • Non injury: raster scanning technology, no damage, no deformation of the objects, suitable for all kinds of objects.
  • Easy to use and operate: interface concise, beginners in short time can be skilled operation, the package will package.
  • Harmless to Health: American digital grating, high brightness, good heat dissipation; harmless to the eyes.
  • Many automatic splicing ways: manual splicing ways, automatic mosaic method. The automatic mosaic adopts unique ICP (Iterative Closest Point) sign automatic splicing technology, all the data points are scanned for the best matching, automatic high precision, fast calculation speed, so that the error on object is negligible. It solves the problem of delamination may occur in the process of stitching. the complex objects can be viewed in different directionsto get three-dimensional data integrity.
  • Strong compatibility: Output format supports STL/ OBJ /IGES /DXF,  3D scanner is with the globalization of software interface, to adapt to: Mastercam, Powermill, ug, pro/e, geomagic studio i.e.
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