It is for cooling laser tube efficiently, It can keep laser tube works under certain temperature, and will alarm if the water less than the required volume.

Model CW3000

Voltages     AC220~240V
Frequency   50/60Hz
Current         0.45A
Radiating capacity    50W/°C
Tank capacity   9 L
Inlet and outlet      External Φ 10mm brass connector
Max. lift             10 M
Protection    Flow alarm
N.W       9.5Kg

Model CW5000

Model  CW-5000AG         CW-5000BG       CW-5000DG
Voltages   AC220~240V  AC208~230V    AC100~110V
Frequency  50Hz  60Hz  50/60Hz
Current  1.4~2.1A  3.5~5.6A
Capacity  6L
Inlet and outlet hold   Outside dimensions 10mm brass connector
Max pumping lift  10M
N.W  26Kg