Three Accessories You Do Not Want to Miss While Processing Wood Panel

When you buy cnc wood router for woodworking, you may need some accessories to assist the cnc wood router work.

Dust collecting system. While processing wood, it is easily to create dust and powder. Dust collecting system could collect dust efficiently for avoding the dust and powder affect environment and employee health, and also protect the machinie transmission covered with dust.

dust collector
Vacuum holding down system. This system includes vacuum pump, vacuum table, pipes, dust collector hood and vacuum switches. Its function is to holding down wood or other mateiral tightly to the table, avoiding the table implacement problem, which may cause the waste of processing material, also is efficient for woodworking.


Auto tool changer you may need. This system could let the machine change the bits automatically without the need for human invervention. CNC wood router knows which bit too choose for which specific job, because we have set the command in the program. It let cnc wood router to work without stop.

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