CNC router can perform the 3d carving, modeling deocration and 3D model. See following details for cnc router can do on 3d carving.

• console, pilasters, capitals, rosettes
• decor for the door portals and door panels
• elements for furniture
• carved decoration for interiors
• frames for mirrors and paintings
• carved moldings
• 3D panels
• lattice slotted, decorative screens and partitions
• 2D decor

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CNC wood router can perform 3D decorative elements with 3D carvings: wooden capitals and carved console, brackets, pilasters, panels, ornaments, moldings and frames for mirrors and paintings, carved rosettes, carved icons and much more.

List of product with 3D decorations:

Carved capitals, brackets, console, corbel;

carved capitals brackets

check the carved capitals engraving video:

Carved panels, ornaments:

carved panel ornaments

• Baguettes, frames for mirrors and paintings:

mirror frame

Central overhead elements with 3D carving:

central overhead elementscentral overhead elements

Coats of arms and cartouches:

cartouchescoat of arm

Carved architraves, 3D moldings:

Carved architraves3D moldings

Rosettes round and square carved rosettes:


Corner elements:

corner elementscorner elements

• Slotted grating:

slotted gratingslotted grating

High relief

high reliefhigh relief

3D carving and modeling is performed according to the drawings, sketches, photographs, or by Layout – prototypes required products.

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