3 Axis CNC Router VS 4 Axis CNC Router: Which One Would You Prefer?

Computer numerical control shortly known as CNC is a way to command the functions of a manufacturing tool or machine through computer programming. CNC machines cut, grind, shape, carve and mold a particular material into a desired finished product by using the g-code language developed to instruct the machine according to operator’s desire. Today in the market, you can come across different types of CNC machines, diverse in functions and axis. You can easily find 3 Axis CNC routers, 4 Axis CNC routers, 5 Axis CNC routers in the marketplace. You must be wondering what these axes are and how each machine is different from other. Read on to understand the ‘AXIS’ of CNC Machines.

3 Axis CNC Router

3 axis machining is one of the most commonly used techniques in the industrial process. Hence, using 3 axis machines allows the router to work on material on 3 axes that are X, Y, and Z.

  1. OMNI 3 axis CNC router is a solid steel frame structure with a high frequency of 4hp/6hp spindle. It has a high-speed 3-axis Motion Controller with a DSP remote Control user-friendly operator interface.
  2. This CNC router can be used for various industries like Building Industry ( Architectural Decoration Elements, Kitchen Cabinet & Door, Facades &Curtain wall, Column & Balustrade ), Sign& Advertising ( Signage Indoor & Outdoor, Engraving& Bas-Relief, 3D Letters, Funeral), Models & Prototyping ,Plastics & Composites ( ACP, ACM and solid surface material etc. ) and non-ferrous metals & Marine.
  3. The router is available in different size like 4X8 CNC Router, 5X10 CNC router, 6X10 CNC router.



3 axis 2 1026x430 - 3 Axis CNC Router VS 4 Axis CNC Router: Which One Would You Prefer?

Notice the designs in the images above, i.e., the image of Gautam Buddha, and the wooden carving. Both the designs depict the work of 3-Axis CNC router

4 Axis CNC Router

Based on the axes XYZ+1, a 4 axis machine makes industrial operations quick by reducing cycle times.

  1. OMNI 4 axis CNC Router is designed to ensure high performance and productivity with low maintenance requirement.
  2. This machine has a steel framework with gantry support and ISO30 9kw frequency spindle.
  3. The structure of the machine is rigid to provide enough strength for high-speed machining at a pace of +- 135° on C axis suiting different production requirement.
  4. The machine is the best option for different woodworking project like European style furniture, such as soffit, crown molding, wall frame, stair jamb, column, balustrade, automotive interior&exterior, mold, arts&crafts, chair, 3D work etc. It can work on various materials like plastics, metal, wood, resins and create beautiful designs.

4 axis 2 700x430 - 3 Axis CNC Router VS 4 Axis CNC Router: Which One Would You Prefer?

4th axis 2 750x430 - 3 Axis CNC Router VS 4 Axis CNC Router: Which One Would You Prefer?

Notice the curved designs carved out of wood. The designs in both these images have been made possible with the efforts of 4 axis CNC router.

Besides this form of 4 axis CNC router, which works for 3D processing, Omni also offers two other machines, namely,4 axis linkage CNC router and CNC turner lathe, which serve almost the same purpose of column stuff engraving.
4th axis 1500x430 - 3 Axis CNC Router VS 4 Axis CNC Router: Which One Would You Prefer?

Talking about the first of these, i.e., OMNI 4 axis linkage CNC router, it consists of a rotatory device and is suitable for column material processing, including chair jamb, wall frame, newel post, corbel, handrail and so on.

As for the OMNI CNC turner series, it comprises a rotary device. Also termed as 4th axis indexer, the rotary attachment enables you to profile the objects in the same manner as you do with the help of a traditional lathe. These machines are designed specifically to create profile statue, newel posts, cabinet fee, staircase stuff, Buddha profile, modillion and more.

Since both the 3 axis and the 4 axis CNC routers are computer controlled, they deliver on high precision and tolerance, hence improving the product quality significantly. Omni offers amazing CNC Routers that are empowered with the latest technology and are the best option to turn the complex, tricky and tough designs into reality.

Why Omni Tech?

Omni is a leading manufacturer of CNC routers since 2009. It offers CNC machines for the industry for various sectors including aerospace, marine, automotive, 3D sculpture, recreational vehicle industry, patterns making, concept modeling, formed plastics, woodworking, advertising industry signage and more.

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