Top 5 Sign Making CNC Router Manufaturers in 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

cnc router 1030x390 - Top 5 Sign Making CNC Router Manufaturers in 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

A CNC router can create unique, intricate & visually stunning signs that are next to impossible to achieve with traditional methods. You can use the CNC routers for digital cutting, routing, and digital finishing through a visual registration system.

With plenty of brands in the industrial market,  you probably wonder which is the best CNC router brand to avail the above benefits and increase your business’s bottom line, right? Don’t worry; here in this article, we’ll be enlisting five top-ranked CNC router brands for sign making with their detailed review; read on to find out.

1. Omni Channel CNC Routers

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Omni Channel —a globally recognized CNC router brand—offers high-end CNC routers for indoor & outdoor sign and graphic cutting with precision. Their machines are engineered for engraving, inlays, 3D carving, etc., on plastic, aluminium, composites, wood & other materials. These CNC routers can seamlessly create complex or intricate signs.

All of their CNC routers are manufactured keeping in mind individuals who haven’t used a CNC router ever; these machines are user-friendly, and no technical knowledge is needed.

Omni Channel’s CNC routers deliver a high level of precision, which is indispensable for sign making,  as every minute detail is visible. Omni Channel’s CNC machines’ key highlights include smooth edges, fast cutting & high durability. Their CNC routers are built with a better sturdy design & reliability.



Omni Channel’s CNC Machines Work With the Following Materials for Sign Making:-

– Wood: MDF, softwood, plywood, chipboard & hardwood.
– Plastic: HDPE,PVC, Acrylic, UHMW, & ABS.
– Stone: Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Mild Steel & Copper.
– Composite: Zinc composite, Copper Composite, Aluminum Composite & Titanium Composite.

Their top-selling CNC routers for sign making include Omni1224, Omni1212, Omni1690, Omni4040 & Omni3030.

Difference Omni1224 Omni1212 Omni1690 Omni4040 Omni3030
Working Size 1200*2400*160 1200*1200*160 600*900*120 400*400*80 300*300*80
Working Speed 4m/min 4m/min 5m/min 7m/min 4m/min
Spindle Power 2.2kw water-cooling spindle, 24000rpm 1.5kw water-cooling spindle, 24000rpm 1.5kw water-cooling spindle, 24000rpm 1.5kw water-cooling spindle, 24000rpm 800w water cooling spindle, 24000rpm
Max. Rapid Travel Speed 6.5m/min 6.5m/min 8m/min 10m/min 6m/min

Do connect with the Omni Channel’s sales engineer to discuss your requirements; based on that, they would advise you on the right machine configuration. Get a FREE quote today at +86-531-89003210/+86-531-85669100.

2. ShopSabre CNC Routers

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ShopSabre is another renowned brand for sign making CNC routers; those are perfect for hobbyists and top-manufacturers in the sign & carving industries.

Whether you are working with brass, plastic, wood, acrylic or foam, ShopSabre’s broad range of CNC routers will cover all your sign making needs.

Their sign making CNC routers are equipped with advanced features such as ADA signage capabilities, multiple tool capabilities, vision recognition systems, and tangential knife systems. The CNC machines don’t require any installations, further easy-to-operate. They manufacture three series of CNC routers: IS-M series, Industrial Series (IS) & Pro Series.

The IS-M series is the first CNC routers to come equipped with advanced Mitsubishi M8 Series Control, which adds speed and performance. Their IS-M series range of CNC routers is perfect for all high-accuracy, high production or heavy-cutting jobs.

Next is the Industrial Series (IS). As the name suggests, the Industrial Series (IS) selection of CNC routers is the most advanced sign-making machine in the US. Each CNC router in this range is Aerospace milled, laser calibrated, and FEA engineered to ensure a high level of accuracy and true precision.

And, finally, the most popular series of ShopSabre is Pro Series. This series is known to provide improved technology, longevity, and as well as power. The Pro Series is better than the other two series because of its amazing upgrades in force, durability & technology. 100% American made construction with lifetime construction support.



3. Axyz CNC Routers

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With headquarters in Burlington, Canada, AXYZ is a globally trusted brand for designing and developing the most comprehensive range of CNC machines apt for sign making. The flexibility of their machines enables commercial sign fabricators to deliver dimensional signage in one day. They are equipped with high-performance cameras, which are mounted on its head to ensure best-in-industry standards precision.

The company has achieved a significant foothold in the international market on the back of top-quality output at reasonable prices. They manufacture five series of CNC routers: The Infinite series, Pacer Series, Trident Series, PANELBuilder & Z series.

The Infinite Series is best-suited for wood making, metal & plastic fabrication, and sign making. TheTrident Series have CNC machines that proffer the innovative hybrid CNC cutting solution.

These are the most versatile machines compatible with foams, vinyl leather, gasket to acrylic, non-ferrous metals, and thickness up to six inches.

Next is the Pacer Series. This series’s CNC machines are powerful and designed for heavy-duty operations such as plastic fabrication, Aerospace, and metal applications under high pressure.

The PANELBuilder series is the most preferred option for aluminium along with metal composite.

And, finally, the Z series is a low-cost CNC machine range for hobbyists.



4. Laguna Tools CNC Routers

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Laguna Tools is a trusted name in the sector of high-grade industrial tools. With headquarters in Irvine, California, their machines are designed to align with your specific signage needs.

Their CNC machines offer a wealth of advantages in sign making, from high efficiency in production to unmatched precision in cuts. Another advantage of opting for Laguna Tools CNC machines is that they deliver cleanly-cut materials. These machines are effective with plastics, wood, and non-ferrous metals. Their multi-tool series comes with sophisticated knife technologies and configurable spindles for CNC sign making.

Laguna Tools offers three popular range of CNC machines for sign making: Automated Machinery, Industrial machines & Classic Machinery. The CNC machines in the Automated Machinery range vary in terms of sizes and features. Each machine offers an unmatched cutting angle for sign making.

They offer the option of choosing the axis according to your preference. The Industrial machines are powered with fibre laser technology for various metals, aimed to make the operation efficient & smoother. The machines in the range help in lower operational costs and reduce maintenance.

Most of these CNC machines are automated. Finally, the Classic Machinery range includes the lathe, bandsaws, sanders, and shapers machines.



5. Zentoolworks CNC Routers

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Last but not least is the Zentoolworks CNC machines. Based in Concord, CA, USA, they manufacture low-maintenance CNC machines specially for sign making.

Their CNC machines are best-suited for heavy-duty applications, both by skilled professionals and newbies with limited knowledge. Their CNC machines are easy-to-operate.

They have six top-rated CNC machines for sign making, including Zen tool works 7×7 F8 CNC Machine, Zen Toolworks 7×12 CNC Machine, Zen Toolworks 12×12 CNC Machine, ZenCNC Vision One & Ultimate CNC Package. The Ultimate CNC Package is the best machine as it delivers a high level of precision and a large cutting area.



Let’s Wind Up

In the end, in terms of quality, accuracy & features, Omni Channel’s exclusive range of ingenious

CNC machines hold the edge over its market rivals. For more information, click here.

If you’ve any queries or doubts regarding the CNC machines by Omni Channel, do contact the technical support team at +86-531-89003210/+86-531-85669100 or Inbox your query at -we’re happy to serve you the best.