Are Customized CNC Routers Worth the Investment?

Customized CNC Routers

1. What is Customized CNC Routers?

CNC routers have become extensively demanding throughout the manufacturing industries. It has always supplemented revenue for both small and large scale businesses.

If you have a furniture factory/industry, then you must be able to understand the benefit of CNC routers.

As you know that the standard CNC router can cut, engrave, and etch the material with ultimate precision and smoothness. But with the changing technology, the need of a new range of customized CNC routers became inevitable.

Custom-made CNC routers turn your idea into reality. Regardless of the size of the project, this advanced machine can build your project and fulfill all your unique specifications and needs.

Customized CNC routers cover all possibilities for carving modern design. This state of art minimizes the time and labor involved in performing a task and delivering the project on time.

The working size of the standard machine is 4*8, 5*10, and 5*14 but if a customer requires 6m working size on the Y-axis, then he/she should buy from a range of customized CNC routers. A standard CNC machine cannot work on big molds with the height 500mm.

The height of the standard machine is 200mm on the Z-axis and gantry height is 200mm. But if you are using a customized CNC router, you can work on bigger molds very efficiently. It is capable of handling the most challenging tasks in very less time.

If you are completely new to this computer numerically controlled machine, then this blog is for you. This write-up will make you understand the importance of CNC router and how it is worth investing in customized CNC routers.

2. Why You Should Own Customized CNC Routers

CNC technology has come a long way in recent times. CNC routers deliver high productivity and remarkable cutting quality at a reasonable price.

Customized routers have evolved significantly in the last decade with considerable functionality in the routing machine.

As compared to the traditional woodworking CNC router, customized CNC machine has come a long way. From a significant rise in the work processes, production, capabilities, frequency and of course the output is altered due to the advancement of the CNC router.

With the expanding capabilities of the customized routers, many large businesses/industries are looking for high-tech routing machines that are used as a prototype for cutting, carving, machining, milling, drilling, side drilling in wood, etc.

Customized CNC machine aims to achieve better results over the conventional type of routing machine and eliminates human error. It creates a prototype from a digital file and transforms a piece of material into a 3D finished product.

For some small scale businesses, off-the-shelf (OTS) routing machine seemed to be perfect as they think that customized routers rule out of their budget. But in recent years, 3D printing, vector drawing, and cutting are grabbing most of the headlines.

So, businesses are seeking high-tech CNC machines that can perform all the tasks without the need for outsourcing the task to a third party.

Take for instance, if a client wants to cut material with both laser and router, he/she don’t have to waste time installing two separate machines altogether. You can customize your routing machine as per your need.

You can add both laser and routing tools in one machine and save time and money. Many industries are using nested-based machining (NBM); a form of customization that helps CNC routers to cut the parts and design those parts evenly.

Two tasks are accomplished in one machine. For more understanding, you can visit this page

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3. How Investing in Custom-Made CNC Routers Turn out to be Advantageous?

Tailor-made CNC routers are perfect to create prototypes with a range of materials using CAM and CAD software. The high-speed capability of the CNC router help in carving 3D designs on wood and other materials.

Let us take a look at some of the important features that turn out a customized router machine to be advantageous.

  • Precision and Endurance Components: This digital technology practically eliminates human error and achieves proper precision and accuracy. Customized CNC wood routing machines work according to its set configuration.
  • High Production and Scalability: Once the design parameters and specification have been entered into a CNC machine, it consistently executes huge quantities and affords flexible scalability.
  • Sufficient Capability: The designs carved by automatic CNC machine cannot be replicated by manual machines owing to its advanced design software. It has sufficient capability which isn’t possible with conventional machines. Moreover, this customized machine can also produce the end product at any size, shape or texture needed.
  • Less Labor Intensive: When operating the customized CNC router, only one programmer is required to ensure that the programming entered is correct. However, for operating the manual or conventional machine, a skilled operator, as well as a supervisor, is required. Customized machine indubitably saves manpower as well as time incurred in for producing task.
  • Uniform Product: The major advantage of choosing custom made CNC machines over conventional is the difference in the output. Automatic CNC machine ensures that each part is a perfect match to the specifications of the prototype.
  • Inexpensive and Fewer Problems: The collective results of this high-end machine results in efficiency, precision, and most of all less labor intensive. Lower cost in terms of labor and machine is used to create a competitive advantage and business reinvestment. The manual machine can cause a financial or cultural problem after every period of time. Custom-made CNC machine eliminates these concerning issues and make sure that the project gets completed on time.
  • Design Retention: Once a design gets loaded in the CNC machine, you don’t need to configure the design or set the program again. The machine has the capability to note the program and retrieve the design again on the material. The master file ensures that regardless of external factors such as machine-operator changes, the CNC machining process produces a spot-on match every time. Additionally, there is no need to keep up with versions of the design that may exist on paper, a flash drive, a disk, other computer or elsewhere.
  • Low Maintenance: The G-code-based programming language has an auto-update feature. It takes the vector drawing and converts it into a set of instructions that will make the CNC router execute the design. CNC machine does not require much service other than changing cutting tools and cleaning the machine at a regular interval. Cleaning must be very light, only rubbing away the dust.
  • Versatility: CNC machining has the ability to create versatile designs. From plywood to Plexiglas to plastic, CNC routers can carve innovative designs on the material. To reap the benefits of CNC routers and keep the cost minimum, it is advised to use customized CNC routers.

A traditional woodworking routing machine always demands time and labor while cutting, carving, or shaping a particular piece of work. But with the evolution of customized CNC routers, the time involved in cutting and carving is significantly reduced along with labor.

You can consider customized machinery to expand their capabilities and go beyond the limits of an ordinary CNC machine. The advanced software is used for drilling holes and making cutouts automatically.

The router has the ability to control multiple devices with two spindles cutting the material simultaneously and completing the project in less time than initially used to take hours to get completed.

Who Needs Customized CNC Routers

Customized CNC routers have taken woodworking and related work processes to the next level. The innovative industrial CNC routing routers deliver high productivity and remarkable engraving quality at the best price.

It is demanded by different types of industries such as aluminium composite, signmaking, graphics & print finishing, cabinetry, woodworking, plastic fabrication, metal fabrication, foam packaging, solid surface and many more.

OMNI CNC manufactures a high-performing computer controlled routing machine that helps in creating, carvings, modeling decoration, and 3D carving, fabricate furniture—ranging from cabinet to closet and door panels— make signs, such as dimensional letters and directional signage, and cutouts.

The vision over manufacturing customized routing machine is to provide customers with a host of optional features from sign-making, metal fabrication, plastic fabrication, and woodworking.

With a customized range of OMNI CNC routers, material wastage is reduced and the percentage of human error is significantly diminished.

In the bottom line, for improving the quality as well as the quality of the produced products and remarkable cut quality, it is indubitably important to buy a customized range of OMNI CNC routers to suit the need of any project.

Custom-made CNC routers can accomplish the work of cabinet making and woodworking industries in a fraction of the minutes. The operator only needs to handle the material for loading, unloading, and assembling the designed panels.

Tasks that once used to take days and weeks to get completed; now it can be done in less time. The operator can adjust and make changes to the design decision as per the needs and requirements of the customer.

Customized CNC machines have become indispensable for wood processing operations. A growing number of industries are customizing CNC router as per their requirement.

It takes your work to the next level with a range of cabinets. From homes to a restaurant, corporate offices, kitchen, etc., can be upgraded in very less time.

5. Important Consideration to know if you need Customized CNC Router or Standard CNC Machine

Customized CNC machine aims at achieving the same result as a conventional machine but the only difference between the two is the automation of CNC versus the manual nature of conventional. Custom-made CNC router ensures speed, production rate, and accuracy of the machine.

CNC machines use common methods for creating the prototypes from a digital file. The newly evolved CNC routers deliver optimum accuracy, precision, and speed for a huge quantity of products.

Businesses in competitive industries gain an edge through efficiency and consistency, as well as precision and accuracy.

Moreover, the CNC machine automates the fabrication processes so there is no need to worry about the negligence of the workers. The automatic process will help you in producing complex and multi-dimensional parts of the material.

OMNI CNC builds a customized CNC machine with 20mm working size on the Y-axis incorporating both router and laser head so as to accomplish multiple tasks. To know more about the machine, you can visit this link .

The customized CNC router also has features like automatic load/unload, heavy-duty CNC routing system for nested based feed-through machining. Owing to the length of the table, you can install the board with size 3m*5m.

There is no need to wait for the machine to cut 1 board at a time. You can install the second board when the machine cutting and carving the first board. This way, the work doesn’t get paused.

Moreover, this CNC routing machine entails 2 gantries, one is the router for cutting, carving, and etching, and the other is a laser head for carving, etc.

Customized CNC router 1325 ATC type is a giant rotary device attached to the body of the machine. It is specifically designed for cabinet and closet making. For more information about cabinet and closet making, you can click on this link and understand how this advanced machine works.

This routing machine can hold column material with 30cm in diameter. As shown in the below-mentioned image, you can see that besides the spindle there is a drill for drilling hole in the board.

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While, CNC router 1530 ATC type rotary machine is combined with 4th axis. CNC router works on 50mm height of the material as shown in the below given image.

This high-tech routing machine creates complex designs on the wooden furniture with enhanced efficiency.

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Let us take a look at some important considerations as to why you should pick a customized CNC router over standard routing machine:

  • Customizability: You can tailor made the CNC machine as per the need and requirement of your industry. By modifying, you can have the authority to choose what to include and what not to include. You can either make small software based changes to the machine or you can change multiple large pieces as per your requirement.
  • Save Time and Money: Purchasing a traditional CNC machine often turns out to be high on investment when you realize that this machine does not have what you need. By customizing the machine as per your need, you can own the best machine at the affordable cost. CNC routers significantly reduce the setup time of the machine and boost productivity to another level.
  • Improved Productivity: The productivity of the manufacturing firm immensely increases when you custom made the machine as per your choice. The production time is reduced with increased productivity. CNC routers can finish a series of cutting within the span of 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Longevity: The lifespan of a customized CNC router is projected to be at least 10 years over traditional routing machine. It enhances the competitive strength of the company.
  • Capability/Efficiency: CNC routing machine can accurately reproduce the parts and automates the cutting process efficiently. The computerized system simplifies the process of cutting, carving, and etching material. It increases flexibility and produces customized products in a matter of a few minutes. Many industries using CNC machining counts on the high degree of accuracy that it offers.

Taking into account all the benefits of a customized CNC router, it is worth your investment.

6. Where to Buy Customized CNC router

If you too are looking for an advanced custom-made CNC routing machine for smooth operation of your business, then it is advised to seek the help of the OMNI CNC.

OMNI CNC offers a range of customized CNC multi-head routers having more efficient and accurate production lines and enhancing the competitive strength of the manufacturing firms.

OMNI CNC transformed EGFEDRI’s interior decoration business and produces consistent as well as quality work. OMNI CNC blends the traditional art with technology and brings about the best work to its customers.

Chris Emery who is a stone corbels fabricator from the UK had a similar experience with the machine. He says that customized CNC machines are the best for process optimization and minimizing wastage. He prefers using these routers in his future projects.

Both large scale and medium sized businesses are buying CNC machine from OMNI as it holds credible history of introducing customized CNC machines to help you in cutting, engraving, and etching materials with precision.

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