Digital and Laser Cutting Machine – The Best Cutting Solution for Fabric/Textile Industry

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At some or the other point in life, you must have used scissors to cut a piece of cloth. You must have either laid the cloth flat on the table to cut the cloth with the help of scissors or folded the material to follow the same course of action.

The other common method that most people and industries follow is that an assistant hold one end of the cloth and the person with scissors holds another end and runs the scissor on the folded edge cutting the cloth into two pieces. This process was not only time-consuming but also labor-intensive.

However, with the evolution of digital cutting machines, problems turned to solutions. These high tech machines came as a blessing in disguise for industries and manufacturing companies.

With the advent of laser technology in the textile industry, a new level of innovation has taken place thereby preventing the weaknesses of the conventional methods of cutting.

Many laser-based technologies came to the fore with the technological advent such as laser marking, laser engraving, laser etching, laser cutting, laser engraving, laser fading, etc. For more in-depth knowledge, let us read this blog.

1. How Digital Cutting Machine and Laser Cutting Machine is Useful for Fabric and Textile Industry?

Digital Knife cutting and laser cutting machine is popular in the market. These cutting solutions provide the most accurate cut possible. This advanced technology has the advantage of being highly accurate and fast, but it does cost more than traditional cutting solutions. CNC machines are electro-mechanical devices that use tools with computer programming inputs. The manufacturing companies are currently undergoing a technological and digital transformation that improves the production of the company. Laser cutting machines are suitable for both small production lines and cut textiles/fabrics for both small and large production lines.

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The use of laser technology or you can say the laser machine is increasing in the textile industry. Cutting garment patterns, designing neckties, engraving leather material, and denim fading are all done by laser digital cutting machines. Laser machines are widely used by garment industries due to reduced cost, flexibility, and anti-counterfeiting. As per the recent surveys, it has been observed that the application of lasers in denim distressing is increasing thereby replacing the traditional techniques. This technique eventually makes laser machine one of the best machines used for fabric and textiles.


The laser machine can cut a variety of objects ranging from flexible fabric to rigid and strong metals. The unique nature of the garment manufacturing industry needs laser applications, which combines performance with reduced cost by eliminating the handling systems used in non-laser workstations. The conventional cutting machines can displace the material while cutting leading to inaccurate cutting. The traditional method often requires the help of an operator who can keep a check at the cutting.

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The collimated beam of the laser cutting machine creates a fine dot of extremely high energy density for precise cutting. The laser cutting machine pays attention to the accuracy of cutting material and precision to achieve high efficiency, exquisite tailoring, etc.

2. Digital Cutting Machine in Textile industry

You wear clothes every day to cover yourself from adverse climates. You wear a variety of clothes depending on the season. Sometimes, you wear your favorite attire, accessories, shoes, etc but have you ever wondered they are made?

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The digital industry is transforming thereby improving the business models and consequently the market. The advanced digital cutting machines provide end-users unparalleled cutting capabilities for both rigid and flexible substrates. With its accuracy and smooth motion, the digital cutting machine is an easy-to-use cutting and routing solution for both small and large businesses. This advanced machinery is used for advertising industries like outdoor and indoor advertising boar, fabric, textile, carpet, signboard, outdoor, cabinet door, MDF cutting, wood board cutting, and processing other non-metal materials, etc. Laser cutting machine plays an important role in the textile industry and it has been growing in huge numbers. The laser cutting machine uses high beam energy of light to cut patterns and designs on the textile material.

To understand how CNC laser cutting machine plays an important role in fabric industry, just wait for a minute and think that if you cut a piece of cloth for shirt, you will first have to cut collar following with sleeves, front and back of the shirt but laser cutting machine cut every piece of the attire at one go. You only have to give the command and share the design and configuration to the CNC machine. All pieces are cut with sharp blades maintaining efficiency and precision.

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CNC laser cutting machine uses CAD (Computer-aided design) and CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing) technology to do the cutting and control the whole process of manufacturing fabric. These technology-based software systems take deign and immediately transfer it to the laser machine for cutting. Laser machines are used to cut different kinds of fabrics such as silk, nylon, polyester, cotton, nylon, leather.

2.1 Application used by Lasers Cutting Machine in Textile Industry

The textile industry has seen a tremendous change since its inception. With the integration of advanced technologies in recent years and the inclusion of laser cutting machines in the production processes, the textile sector provides an endless number of applications and expands the possibilities. Laser cutting allows perfect finish the material, avoiding the problem of fraying, especially with synthetic materials.

Features of Laser Application Include:

  • No mechanical wear, hence good quality
  • No fixation of material is required due to force-free processing
  • No fraying of the fabric, clean and lint-free
  • High quality raw materials and significant cost saving
  • Extremely high precision in cutting contours
  • High working speed and efficient technique
  • Contactless, wear-free technique
  • Less wastage and less labor intensive

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Also, laser cutting and engraving machines have numerous applications. A clear example where textile laser cutting and engraving machines have made a big impact is in the handling of jeans. Lasers are primarily used in the textile industry for cutting, marking, and engraving fabrics. In the process, the material is laid out with the outline for further work on the same. Because of the ability of the laser to be positioned over any particular point with a high degree of accuracy, line lasers are making their presence felt in many different ways in this industry vertical. Such lasers also cause a superficial burn on the fabric which can be used for identifying all drawn markings. Known for their high degree of accuracy, these line lasers are instrumental in marking out multiple layers of cloth kept one on top of the other.

2.2 Advantages of  Laser Cutting Machine for Cutting Fabric

Laser cutting machine is more precise and uses less energy while cutting different materials. Its precision and efficiency are commendable over traditional cutting methods. Laser cutting technology also enables us to cut complex shapes without the need for tooling and at a similar or faster speed than other cutting methods.

Let us take a Look at the Advantages of Laser Cutting Machine:

Non-Contact Process

The laser cutting machine cuts fabric accurately without touching the fabric which means that the garment comes out as untainted. The beam of the laser cutting machine doesn’t physically touch the materials instead it cuts the material with its heat thereby minimizing the cost involved in it. Laser cutting offers precision just like it is done by hand, but at a much faster pace, making it more practical and also allowing for lower price points.

Low Power Consumption

This is an important advantage in a world that is looking to work smarter, not harder by driving up production while lowering costs. A cutting machine will only use around 10kW of power, where other cutting processes use a more 50kW mark.

A Safer Method

With increased production comes the need for increased safety too. Laser cutting cuts the material with much efficiency and precision. Accuracy, clean cuts, sealed fabric edges and prevents fraying, this technology has become very popular in the fashion industry.

Cut Different Materials

This high tech machine is used to cut different materials, such as silk, nylon, leather, neoprene, polyester, and cotton. Also, the cuts are made without any pressure on the fabric which means that no part of the cutting process requires anything other than the laser machine to touch a garment. No unintended mark is left on the fabric making it beneficial for

delicate fabrics like silk and lace.

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2.3 Textile cutting using lasers

The laser cutting machine is widely accepted toda

y by manufacturing companies. Over conventional methods, this highly advanced technology can cut the material in less time with less labor. From cutting faux leather material to Silk, Nylon, Polyester, Faux Fur, Fleece, Leather and Leatherette, Lycra, various Mesh fabrics, Ripstop materials, Ultrasuede and other Fibers, Cotton, Neoprene, Felt Natural and Felt Synthetic, Suede Leather, Rubber and rubberized textiles, etc., this machine breaks the bank to get your hands on a laser-cut piece

of clothing. This persuasive technique allows you to cut beautiful and detailed clothing with efficiency.

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Laser-cut fabrics and garments have flooded the market with their readily available machine cut every piece of cloth aptly leaving no chance of material loss. The inherent cost involved is low and the possibility to work on low volumes of material can sooner be achieved. The time involved for the conceptualization and production is reduced, thereby causing faster turnarounds.

Laser machines help create the best possible outputs in the most cost-effective and precise ways. It can produce textiles in minimal time possible.

3. What are the advantages of digital and laser cutting machine over other traditional cutting solution?

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Digital machines and CNC laser cutting machines are technologically very advanced solutions over a traditional cutting machine. There are several reasons why these high tech machines are advantageous over other cutting solutions. These numerically controlled computerized machines are automated and offer quality and precision.

A Laser cutting machine for textiles is fundamentally superior to conventional methods. Speed, flexibility, and precision are some of the benefits of laser cutting machine on textiles. Let us take a look at some of the benefits that the CNC machine offers over the traditional machines.

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  • Ability to process different types of textile materials
  • Authenticity of the product is ensured
  • Provides extremely accurate and qualitative contours
  • Very fast and precise method;
  • Environmentally friendly process;
  • High performance of the process;
  • Profitable method as applicable for large pieces and products;
  • Low production and operating costs without the use of consumables, there are no chemicals, nor ink ribbons or other materials;
  • Better precision and higher productivity.
  • No mechanical wear of tools in laser-based process, hence better precision in outcome;
  • No fixation of material is required due to force-free processing by lasers;
  • No fabric fraying in synthetic fiber due to formation of fused edges;
  • Laser-based process is clean and lint-free.

In recent years, the use of laser cutting machine is increased in the apparel industry. From cutting garment patterns to patterning designer neckties, 3D body scanning, denim fading, and engraving leather, this machine guarantees quality. Furthermore, the use of laser cutting machines is increasing due to the precision of cut components. Apart from apparel, fashion accessories such as jewelry and accessories are also cut with a laser cutting machine producing new and unusual designs. This machine has the capacity to engrave any type of design on the surface layer of any material, making the products looking high grade and exquisite.

2. A Proven Digital Cutting Solution for Fabrics

The apparel industry meets the requirements and aspirations of the users using a laser cutting machine. There are numerous conventional non-laser techniques used for manufacturing fabrics and clothing but the quality of the finished product is not matched with that of the laser products. With the advent of laser technology in the textile industry, a new level of innovation is discovered. Such laser-based technologies produce a better quality of the finished products with an optimum level of speed and volume.

If you are looking for laser cutting machines for your textile industry then you may choose laser cutting digital solution owing to its numerically controlled technology.

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