High Precision Sheet Metal Cutting Solution – Fiber Laser Machine

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Fiber laser cutting machine is the best laser cutting machine for sheet metal. It has higher precision than the CO2 laser, YAG laser, CNC plasma cutter, and water jet cutting machine for thinner materials. 

Fiber laser machines are indispensable when it comes to sheet metal cutting because usually metal sheets are no thicker than 5 mm. 

Which Laser Machines Cut Sheet Metal?

Laser machines have been used for cutting sheet metal since mid 20th century. Currently, CO2 lasers, fiber lasers, and YAG laser cutting machines can cut through sheet metal. However, precision and effectiveness are subject to some level of debate. 

CO2 lasers can cut effectively through sheet metal, but reflective material damages the head of the laser and it uses more electricity the thicker the material is. Whereas fiber laser cutting machines may be more cost-effective for cutting through thinner materials because of the protective cutting head. 

Thicker materials may need more series of cuts and consume more time, but it is still more cost-effective. The cutting head has a protective lens which reduces the damage caused to the laser head. 

Accuracy of Sheet Metal Cutting Laser

Sheet metal cutting lasers are operated with CAD software and thus, are very accurate. They are able to make razor-thin cuts with very less wastage. Since the cutting is done by a laser, there is not much dangerous cutting equipment in the workplace. This makes it easier to work. 

The sheet metal cutting fiber laser is as accurate as the technician writing the machine program. It is possible to automate laser cutting with CAD software. Pair the program with an automatic feeder table and you have a completely automatic setup that doesn’t need supervision. 

How to Use Laser Machines to Cut Sheet Metal?

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Sheet metal can be cut very easily with lasers. The sheet metal is kept under the beam and the laser is slowly moved over the sheet metal, cutting it in the desired patterns.

Power Needed to Cut Sheet Metal

Some of the most common laser wattages are 1,000W to 3,500W in laser fiber cutting machines. These are lower wattages and cut-through sheet metals of thickness up to 5mm.
Cutting thicker or harder sheets of steel can be a little tricky. Steel with higher carbon content is tougher to cut. Carbon steel can still be cut with fiber laser but it may need 2 – 3 cuts with a low wattage machine. Stainless steel, on the other hand, contains chromium which makes it harder to cut but still easier than carbon steel.

Prepping the Machine before Use

Before you start using the machine, you need a conceptual understanding of the various parts and how they function.

  1. Check the machine oil level. It needs to be in the normal range. If the range is lower, then add oil till the normal range. 
  2. Check the water and gas channels to ensure that there is no leakage. The quality of the water and gas needs to be normal and not contaminated. 
  3. Check the laser and the gas nozzle to ensure that the beam is only ejected from the center of the gas nozzle.
  4. Check that the mouth of the nozzle is in line with the cutting process, else replace the nozzle. 
  5. Check that the auxiliary gas for cutting is properly connected. If it isn’t then adjust the gas pressure to the appropriate level. 

CNC machines can be dangerous. It is important to read the safety manual properly and follow it diligently.

Purchasing Laser Machines 

You can either buy fiber laser machines firsthand or second-hand. Recent years, fiber laser cutting machine prices have become much lower. So purchasing brand new fiber laser cutting machines to get excellent after sales service is more faverable choice. CNC machines is quite expensive as a first-time purchase, but worth it in the long run. 

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Which is Less Expensive – Laser Cut or Punch Press?

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Laser cutting and punch press are the two widely used methods of sheet metal fabrication. The two methods are distinct from each other and their use purely depends on the situation. 

Punch Press

The metal sheet is placed between the upper tool and lower tool, and then the machine shears it. Punches can stamp logos and part numbers. 

The sheet moves on the X and Y axis while the punching head remains stationary. Punch presses have a lower operating cost as compared to laser machines. 

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutters are light energy focused and use photons to cut sheet metal. They can process thin and thick metals alike. 

In laser cutting machines the sheet metal remains stationary while the laser head moves on the x, y, and z-axis. The laser cutting machine is much more accurate and flexible than the punch press. 

The Bottom Line

Fiber laser machines are very efficient for intricate patterns and cutting sheet metal up to 5mm. If maintained properly, your fiber laser machine can give you very good returns. We recommend making an informed decision depending on the nature of your business. Let us help you with this. 

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