How OMNI CNC Laser Machine Create Personalized Christmas Gifts?

How OMNI CNC Laser Machine Help Engraving Industry Create Personalized Christmas Gifts

The laser machine is one of the most popular engraving tools that have the ability to simplify and streamline the process of engraving. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a custom woodworker, laser machine helps in meeting the needs and demands of the market.

Laser cutting and engraving machines are the greatest sources of inspiration for businesses. This tool amazingly etches high-impact designs and delivers the commitments in a matter of minutes. You can create amazing designs along with high-resolution graphics.

From texts, logos to graphics and 3 X’mas gift idea, etc., you can very creatively engrave them on material with the help of this unique and multi-dimensional laser machine.

OMNI CNC laser machine is characterized by the very high precision and enables razor shaped images on the material. Laser engraving method is a printing method that may be proposed as an alternative used in graphic arts and ceramic printing methods.

This inherent subtractive technology is considered as the best for industrial works.

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Before engraving any material, the very first step that you need to follow is to take the photograph or the visual and transfer the image into digital media.

The visual of the image is then copied in the software of the laser machine and sent to the laser engraving program to get it engraved on the material. The strength and feed rate is entered according to the material used for processing.

After setting the configuration of the machine, place the material which you would like to engrave and then start the process.

 Laser Machine Etches Ceramic and Wooden Materials?

The laser is considered one of the best technologies and most preferred in the field of engineering. It is used by several branches of art and one of the best branches is ceramics.

This technology is effectively used to make décor items including chinaware, ceramic tiles, etc. The designs are created with a high level of precision and creativity.

Ceramic coaster

The laser machine comes with a variety of configurations to fit your application and process the needs of the customers. This high-tech machine is used to carve beautiful designs and wall murals on tiles and ceramic coasters.

They are often used for hanging on the walls of the house, restaurants, etc., to enhance the look of the interiors. This stunningly customized ceramic coaster adds a decorative touch to the final product.

Laser machine has the ability to beautifully personalize the material adding distinctive color to suit the depth of the engraved material.

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In comparison to carving ceramic tile manually, OMNI CNC laser cutting machine perfectly etches the ceramic material with perfect speed and precision giving zero space for making any sort of mistake.

It helps in saving a lot of time and money. Ceramic tiles can be finely etched creating vivid images and considered best for the interior decoration of a place, such as a background wall, ground, etc.

Wooden coasters

Wooden coaster is another type of coasters that can be also etched by CNC laser machine. It helps in creating custom-made wooden coasters by engraving name, designs, letters, bookmarks, etc.

The high precision laser vaporizes a very smooth cut line through the wood. As the laser machine cuts through the material, the edges get slightly burned leaving a more pronounced mark.

As shown in the below image, laser machine can carve delicate designs with complete precision.

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How Laser Machine Etches Chopping Board?

A chopping board is one of the most useful and durable pieces of board used for cutting or chopping food items.

Have you ever thought of using a personalized chopping board for cutting/chopping or gifting it to someone dear to you? If no, then this time you can opt for such options.

You can customize the chopping board by adding a variety of patterns or etching family photos making it a unique gift. Laser machine helps in fulfilling your imagination and bringing it to life.

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Let us take a look at how CNC laser machine works on the chopping board

This sturdy piece of chopping board can be perfectly customized with the help of a laser engraving machine.

The laser machine provides a range of possibilities having unparalleled ability to engrave and customize the products made up of metal and non-metals including wood, ceramic, plastic, acrylic, and much more.

The versatility and reliability of this equipment remain unmatched and the ability to engrave a product with the astonishing finish is remarkable. The ease of use, high precision and efficiency give businesses the ability to produce their idea and product.

For engraving oak sign on the board, you need OMNI 6090 CNC laser 100W CO2. The size of the chopping board as shown in the video and the below-given image is 50cm*80cm and the speed at which the laser machine operates is 60mm/s with 15% power usage and it takes approximately 18 minutes to complete the processing.

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Before starting the machine, configure graphics software and program the design which you wish to get printed directly on the product.

It is very important to test the laser machine on similar material to ensure the degree of burning effect before actually starting to work on the chopping board.

Once you get assured about the burning effect, you can initiate the process of etching the design on the wooden plank as per your choice. Moreover, you should always opt for wood that is lighter shade in contrast to the darker ones.

Light colored wood gives well-defined marks for optimal visibility while darker shade obscures the etching marks. If you want darker burn on the chopping board, you should opt for a wood that has high resin content like cherry or alder and for lighter or minimal burn, you should use wood that has low resin content.

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In addition, wood cutting and engraving CNC laser machine provide unparalleled ability to engrave oak signs and customize the product accordingly.

Laser engraving is by far the best way to personalize the wood. Nothing can beat the efficiency and precision of the OMNI CNC laser machine. It is very easy to operate and extremely efficient option.

After the process of etching gets completed, protect and clean the board properly by spraying vinegar on the board. Then, wipe it out with a clean cloth. Moisturize the board with warm water and sprinkle coarse salt. Rub the salt with lemon and clean it off.

By following this procedure, your chopping board would remain clean and sanitized.

How Beautifully Laser Machine Engraves 3 X’mas Gifts and Christmas Ornaments?

You must be amazed seeing how beautifully does a laser engraving machine etches Christmas ornaments and 3 X’mas gift ideas. This Christmas, you can do something unique that you might not have thought about.

Have a photo of your choice laser etched on wood and add it to your Christmas tree making it more special than regular Christmas days.

As shown in the below images, pop out ornaments of Santa, deer, snowman, new year greetings, etc.

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Before engraving, it is very important to ensure the placement of the material on the laser machine. Once you are satisfied with the placement, you can initiate the process of etching.

These ornaments are used to festoon the Christmas tree and take many different forms, from a simple round ball to highly artistic designs.

These types of ornaments can be reused year after year rather than the ornaments made out of paper.

Make this Christmas special with a unique type of Christmas ornaments. You might never have thought of decorating your home with wooden ornaments.

But this time it is possible and it is made possible by OMNI CNC. As shown in the video, you could see that how beautifully OMNI CNC etches different Christmas ornaments to make this Christmas more special.

One of the best ways to commemorate Christmas is by decorating the interior of your home/office with personalized Christmas ornaments made up of laser cutting machine.

OMNI CNC uses laser machine for etching a variety of objects. With this type of laser machine, you can create elegant ornaments such as Christmas trees, coasters, chopping board, gift tags, signs, Christmas motifs, and many other objects.

In addition, the designing is done by the team of specialized designers to help you etch unique CNC or laser cut ornaments using professional computer software.

In addition, you can also choose a broad range of materials such as wood, plastic, plexiglass, metal, MDF, etc. Depending on the type of material that you choose, OMNI CNC laser cutting machine creates beautiful and unique designs.

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Since wood is an organic material, the color of markings produced on the wood is dark and this is due to carbonization of the material.

The power required for etching a wood is often less than 10 watts. The watt also varies in hard and softwood.

Hardwoods like walnut, mahogany, and maple produce good results while softwoods need to be etched with care. The softwood requires proper power and enables the speed of the cut or etching.

OMNI CNC Laser Cutting Machine Etches Christmas Ornaments

Take a round shaped piece of wood each about 3 inches in diameter and attach it on a panel so that the wood does not vibrate and change its position.

Let us take a look at the variety of Christmas ornaments etched with a laser machine.


As shown in the below image, the laser cutting machine very beautifully etches a Christmas bell on a piece of wood. Before starting the laser machine, you have set the configuration and then start the process of designing.

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This laser machine skillfully etches a reindeer on the wood. The speed of the machine can be altered depending on the material used for cutting and engraving.

Once you are aware of the configuration of the laser machine, you can carve, etch, engrave, and cut numerous designs on a variety of materials.

You can also use these types of Christmas ornaments as business gifts or you can gift them to your near and dear ones on Christmas.

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The image shows how beautifully a laser machine etches snowman on a piece of wood. The process gets completed within a spin of a second.

The speed of the laser machine is commendable and it is ideal to meet any requirement, regardless of the type of material used for cutting and carving.

As shown in the below image, the laser machine engraves a snowman on the wooden material creating additional value through personalization and precision.

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Happy New Year 2019

Laser cut Christmas ornaments have become very popular in recent time. You can mark a variety of Christmas ornaments and make your Christmas worth remembering.

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After the etching process gets completed, the very next step is to drill a hole on the Christmas ornaments and add a hook for placing string to hang them on the Christmas tree.

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As shown in the above image, you can beautifully etch a variety of different designs on wooden or various other materials and personalize the design as per your need. You can add a personal touch to the handpicked items.

It is this time of the year when you present gifts to your near and dear ones and Christmas ornaments can be considered the perfect option for this occasion.

Each ornament is unique and the natural texture of the wood complements the design.

These wooden ornaments are beautifully designed and well-executed. They can enhance the look of interiors and bring about a massive difference to any indoor atmosphere.

Whether you are decorating your residential place or office/shop, you should opt for laser engraved Christmas tree and ornaments this Christmas.

Moreover, once you have etched a beautiful design on the material, you can paint them with whichever color you like.

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When it comes to enhancing the interior of your place, you cannot miss OMNI CNC laser cutting machine. If you are a manufacturing unit or a firm, you should definitely purchase a laser cutting machine this season.

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Some Important Points to Note While Using Laser Machine

  1. While operating laser machine for engraving, etching, or cutting any material, you should wear anti-laser CO2 10060 eyewear for the safety of your eyes.


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This type of safety glass protects your eyes from the hazardous reflected or scattered high powered laser radiations.

The laser eye wears blocks or attenuates the appropriate wavelength range and Optical Density.  It protects your eyes from getting damaged from direct or reflected beams.

  1. You should also remember to clean the laser glass with an anti-freezing solution in the winters to protect the laser tube from getting damaged. Also, you should be cautious to never leave water on the laser tube when the machine is in an unheated garage.
  2. Monitor the laser tube on a regular basis. Since the tubes are not infinite and the power output also gets decreased gradually, it is important to get the tubes replaced after some time.
  3. Moreover, you should also buy a low-cost power meter and regularly check the power directly out of the laser tube. Once the power meter hits 65% of the rated power, you should plan for buying a replacement, so that the work does not get stopped.
  4. Lastly, clean lens and mirror of your laser machine on a regular basis. Use a cotton ball or cotton swab and damp it with Propanol. Slowly wipe the element in a regular pattern and do not scrub the surface.

Continue carving beautiful gifts and Christmas ornaments with the best range of OMNI CNC laser machine and make this Christmas worth remembering for years!