How to Purchase the Perfect CNC Waterjet for Your Shop?

CNC Waterjet

A manufacturing process in which pre-programmed computer software dictates the movement of the factory tools and machinery is called CNC Machining. The process is being used for a wide range of complex machinery. Three-dimensional cutting tasks can be accomplished in a single set of prompts with the use of CNC machinery.

The advances in the centre technologies in recent years have led to the marketing of programming methods used by competing for machine manufactures. The G-code still lies in the heart of CNC machining.

Furthermore, the innovation is saving time and money for many companies just by reducing scrap and eliminating damage to their machining centres, are simulation, verification, and optimization software. Several companies have started to supply these software packages, some with unique and innovative features.

These software packages not only allow a manufacturer to replicate the machining of a new part but also it helps in verifying the tool paths to eliminate collisions and crashing and optimize production. Besides, they also allow the detection of inconsistency by measuring and analyzing.

Moreover, the machining centre control software has been considerable, albeit, smarter software always requires smarter hardware.

What is a CNC Waterjet?

In CNC machining, water jets are tools that cut hard materials, such as granite and metal, with high-pressure applications of water. In some cases, the water is mixed with sand or some other strong substance. Factory machine parts are often shaped through this process.

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The water jet is one of the tools that comes under CNC machinery and is used to cut hard materials such as metal and granite with high-pressure applications of water.

Water jets are used as an option for cooler for materials that are unable to bear the extreme heat of the other CNC machines. Water jets are used in a wide array of cutting and carving processes where the process is quite powerful.

How to Purchase a CNC Waterjet Machine for Your Shop?

CNC waterjet can cut aluminium, steel, plastics, PVC, and many other materials just as well as any other CNC machine. However, they do it faster than any other CNC machine. The quality is high and there is a surety of no damage to the environment.

Hence, CNC waterjet is a good option for cutting and carving. So, if a person is interested in adding it and has decided to evaluate the cost and other elements of CNC waterjet, they should make sure they check these factors out before purchasing it:

Basic Components and Their Operation:

High-Pressure Pump:

The Pump is the most essential part of the waterjet. The pressure generated by the pump produces a flow of pressurized water for the cutting process.

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Articulated Cutting Head

This computer-controlled multi-axis cutting head helps in angled cuts. It can also help in minimizing the taper for acute vertical cuts automatically.

Abrasive Waterjet Nozzle

The pressurized water inside the nozzle passes through a small-diameter hole and forms a jet of water. After that, the jet passes through the venturi part where a certain amount of granular abrasive is released into the water stream. The blend of abrasive and water goes through the ceramic mixing tube. Thus, the mixture exits the nozzle as the cutting stream of abrasive particles moves at high speed.

Catcher Tank

The energy of the abrasive jet is released from the water-filler catcher after it has cut through the material in the machine.

Abrasive Hopper

The abrasive hopper and associated abrasive flow control system provide a certain flow of granular abrasive to the nozzle.

X-Y Traverse System

An accurate X-Y motion system is used to precisely move the nozzle in order to create the desired cutting path.

PC-based Controller

The further motion controller for abrasive waterjet system is PC-based.

Thickness at which CNC waterjet cuts:

A waterjet can cut anything. From Steel to Inconel and armour plate to materials that are sensitive to high temperatures, it can cut anything! It can cut almost any shape. Furthermore, thickness up to 10 inches can be cut with precision. The cutter also makes the cutting uniform and burr-free. The same tool of a waterjet is used to cut different types of products.

What Horsepower Do You Need?

Along with sufficient power, multiple cutting heads can be a feature of CNC waterjet, which increases its output.

Less electricity is consumed by the direct-drive waterjets. Usually, they consume up to 75 percent less water than an intensified pump, hence lowering the running cost. In contrast to intensified pumps, the direct-drive pump only applies pressure when the machine is cutting.

Waterjet cutter for soft and hard materials?

Whether the CNC waterjet is cutting a blank for a blank or coil with a hardened material or cutting through soft material such as lead, aluminium or platinum that has the properties of warm butter; a user can shape their nozzle settings to perfectly fit the variable for material hardness. Because of the nature of waterjet, the pressure setting and speed of the nozzle movement are all changed according to the user.

How versatile are water jet cutters?

When it comes to cutting metals like titanium, and aluminium, CNC waterjet cutting is the most versatile cutting method compared to laser and plasma cutting. Moreover, CNC waterjet can be used to cut thicker metals up to 12”/305 mm with great precision.

Reduces overhead expenses of waterjet cutters:

The big cost factors in waterjet cutting are the fixed costs of overhead, depreciation, and interest. By increasing the number of parts cut per day one can reduce the fixed costs of the waterjet machine.

By increasing the number of cutting head on a waterjet too affects the number of parts produced per day. To get maximum material usage out of the nesting having two heads, automatic head spacing is quite critical. The turning of the second head makes sure that the first head is cutting small steps, and this is enabled by automatic head spacing. Without automatic head spacing, the machine is wasting large amounts of raw material.

Material handling can also be one of the reasons to reduce cost on waterjet cutters. A removable cassette system, for example, enables the user to remove the entire cutting frame from the machine. Henceforth, the user can then offload and load the first cassette while the machine cuts.

Besides, there are companies which are now starting to consider the “soft costs” related to the operation of machine tools. These costs could turn out to be important over long periods.
A good programming software system can reduce engineering labour costs, reduce overall time, from order to finished part, and improve material usage.

By drying the used abrasive, the user can reduce abrasive weight and also the cost of its disposal. While removing the sludge, if the sludge drains out of the removal system; this activity can alone eliminate the user’s problem. Disposal cost is determined by the container is used for it.

Moreover, fabricators also determine the reduction in cost. As more and more fabricators get into the waterjet cutting field, profitability takes on greater importance. Searching for ways to reduce variable and fixed costs can help you remain competitive.

Water jet cutting machine tool offers many advantages:

To benefit your unique job, the use of waterjet is quite advantageous. Here are a few advantages that one can experience when using a CNC waterjet.

Green Technology:

Using a CNC waterjet is sort of using green technology. The CNC waterjet cutter neglects to create hazardous waste. The salvaging of scrap metal is a thing which CNC Water Jets helps in. Further, thanks to the closed-loop structure of this machine, the CNC waterjet cutter uses less water.

Free from Mechanical Effort

The biggest advantage that a CNC waterjet can offer is that it is free from any kind of mechanical stress. As the waterjet pressure is forced downward, no side pressures are created; thus, forcing the material on the table. For this reason, clamping and fixing are almost negligible. Since no heat is created due to no contact of metal or non-metal; therefore, no stress is introduced in the material by the CNC waterjet machine.

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Cuts anything:

If one is to compare laserjets and other cutters to CNC waterjet, the CNC water jet cutter can cut almost anything. Just like a normal cutter, the CNC waterjet can manage any product or material. Tough materials such as bullet-proof glass, stone, metals or even materials with reflective or uneven surfaces can be cut through using a CNC waterjet.

The high pressure exerted, that increases the water pressure to about 4,000 bar, by the pump enables the CNC waterjet cutter to cut any material laid beneath it.

Use of Waterjet induces less heat

When using laser or plasma cutter, could burn or melt with chemically altering the cut material because of an excessive amount of heat. However, using a CNC waterjet cutter is a different thing altogether.

The parts cut by CNC Waterjet cutters remain unaffected because of water, which is being used as the medium. Water, which is known for its insulation and absorption of heat, helps in maintaining the state cut parts. Water jets can be quite critical on things where the material is not allowed to show any signs of burning or discoloration; or on materials where the use of laser is prohibited due to its burning effect, which includes releasing toxins into the atmosphere. Very little heat is created, generated or even transferred to the cutting material when using a CNC waterjet. This becomes very helpful when working on tool steels, exotic alloys, stainless steel, and other metals, where heat could alter the characteristics of the metal. Same goes for plastics, composites, phenolics, laminates, and acrylics.

High Quality:

The finish provided by CNC waterjet cutters stands out when it is compared to saw cutting, routing, plasma cutting, and laser cutting. CNC Waterjet cutters are cost-efficient as they are smoother, free from burnt edges, chips, slag, and burr. Waterjet is typically used for signs and displays with its name taken among the best finishing products. With a smoother and cleaner finish, the CNC waterjet cutter has made its name in many different industries.

In this fast-moving world where accuracy and precision are very important, a CNC waterjet is a thing that should be installed. With the increase in demand and various advantages as mentioned above, a CNC waterjet is a thing that can revolutionize the way carving has been done up till now.

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