Making Money with CNC Router

make good money with cnc router

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Can you make good money with it?

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What is CNC Router?

If you don’t know what a CNC router is, let us explain. A CNC router is a computer-controlled machine used to drill, mill, cut, and carve different materials. They are designed to operate at high speeds using rotational speed as the driving force in making cuts.

Many industries use CNC routers. These include woodworking, medical, pharmaceutical, transportation, aerospace, food and beverage, and so much more.

Simply put, any industry that needs precision in its components has switched to CNC routers. That is because it is possible to achieve the highest accuracy and precision in manufacturing with a CNC router, and that too in the least amount of time.

CNC routers have quickly become an indispensable part of many industries improving both productivity and profitability. Have you have been thinking of starting your own business? There are several business ideas that you can explore with a CNC router. The best part, these businesses require very little investment and can be quite profitable too.

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Can you make good money with a CNC router?

As we said, CNC routers are used in a wide variety of industries. This means that there are ample job opportunities for CNC machinists. These professionals are in high demand in several countries of the world as more and more industries switch to CNC routers for greater precision and accuracy.

CNC machinists in the US can easily make about $40,000 a year charging about $18 to $25 an hour. Those with advanced skills can even charge upwards of $50 an hour. Whether you work for an employer or freelance, being a CNC machinist can be a good way to earn a handsome income.

CNC routers improve product quality due to their high level of precision, accuracy, and efficiency. They are also cost-effective and safer than manual machines.

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CNC machines also help you save a considerable amount of time by doing large volumes of complicated, intricate work in the least amount of time. Using CNC routers can help you take up more technically complicated projects, or more business, helping you earn more in the long run.

Here are a few tips you can use to increase your ability to earn more using CNC routers:

• Select the right CNC router

Different industries use different CNC routers. For instance, the furniture industry mostly uses the 4×8 CNC router. Using the right router for your business will help you cut down on labor costs, save time, and increase productivity.

If you are looking for the best company to buy CNC routers, check out OMNI CNC. They provide exceptional quality products. Their machines are designed to reduce waste, eliminate errors, and improve overall productivity.

You have never worked with CNC routers before? Don’t worry. OMNI CNC offers installation and training worldwide. You may check out OMNI CNC for placing your order today.

• Choose the right product

If you want to start a CNC business, it is important to start with the right products. You can either choose to manufacture a product based on your technical skills, or one that has high market demand.

• Use cost-effective materials

In a new business, it may be a good idea to cut overheads without compromising on quality. Use good quality but cost-effective materials so that you can produce high-quality products without denting your profitability. You may even tweak your design to save on raw materials.

• Consider manufacturing in bulk

The biggest benefit of manufacturing in bulk is increased productivity. You can produce larger volumes in less amount of time improving the cost-effectiveness of your business.

• Use a small table-top CNC router to manufacture at home

If you are just starting out, you may not have the resources to invest in workers. You can use a small table-top CNC router to manufacture products at home to save costs.

• Use CNC CAD-CAM software for better quality products

There are several cheap CNC CAD-CAM software available in the market you can use to improve the quality of your products.

Some of the best CAD and CAM software are:

– Solidworks
– Sketchlist 3D
– MeshCAM
– One CNC
– MasterCAM

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10 products you can make using CNC routers

CNC routers are available in different sizes, from the big ones to the ones that fit right on top of a table. Here are some products that you can make using your CNC router, helping you explore business and money-making opportunities.

1. Clocks

Every house and office has a clock, creating huge market demand and acceptance from consumers.

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Image credit: Pexels

2. Canoe Paddles

Canoeing is a popular outdoor sport and you can manufacture wooden canoe and kayak paddles right from your garage.

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Image credit: Pexels

3. Snowboards

Snowboarding is another popular outdoor sport, and its popularity has now begun surpassing skiing in some countries. For those with a designing background, making snowboards with a CNC router is not difficult at all.

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Image credit: Pexels

4. Patio Furniture

Establishing a patio furniture business can be a relatively inexpensive business with your CNC router.+

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5. Wooden Toys

Kids love toys, but wooden toys are also popular as home and office décor. This business requires little investment but has the potential to return big profits.

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6. Mailboxes

With a CNC router, starting a mailbox manufacturing business takes less than $500.

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Image credit: Pixabay

7. Bookends

With a CNC router, you can start a bookends business for less than $500. You can even make them with recycled material to cater to consumers looking for more eco-friendly options.

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8. Sandbox

Don’t we all have wonderful childhood memories of playing in a sandbox? They are still extremely popular, and you can go the extra mile by designing theme-based sandboxes like race cars or outer space.

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9. Packing Crates

Millions of products are manufactured and shipped in packing crates every year. It is a pretty easy business to start, and you could have an endless supply of customers.

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10. Patio covers

Patio covers are an inexpensive way to add to the beauty of a house. It can also be a profitable business venture, where you could target homeowners and commercial businesses like cafes.

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Tips to sell your CNC manufactured products

There are endless opportunities for creating products using a CNC router. You can choose a product depending on your budget, to begin with.

Here are a few tips you can use to sell your products:

– Leverage Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube can be used by new and small businesses to market and sell their products. It is very easy to create an account on these platforms and begin selling straight away.

– Start a blog about your new business

Statistics reveal that businesses that own a website or blog do more business than those that don’t. Use your blog to give out more information and educate your customers about your products and services. Make sure to use SEO friendly keywords so that your website or blog features right at the top during Internet searches.

– Sell on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy

Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are online marketplaces that you can use to sell your products. If you are a beginner, these websites have great seller support to guide you through the whole process.

– Partner with a related business

Partnering with a related business that could use your products could be a great way to market and sell your products. For instance, if you manufacture surf, you may consider partnering with a business that provides surfboarding lessons. These businesses can recommend your products to their customers increasing your client base and sales.

There is a world of business opportunities that you can explore with a CNC router. If you have a tight budget, you can buy a CNC router that takes up a small space in your home. Whether big or small, a CNC router is an excellent investment.

OMNI CNC is the best CNC router manufacturing company providing high-quality machines with exceptional workmanship. If you want to buy a CNC router, visit OMNI CNC to check out one of theirs.


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