Did you know that water can cut steel? CNC Water jet machines made in China are such amazing tools that are used to cut all kinds of materials, from granite counter tops to foam packing forms. Unlike metal cutters, a water jet never gets dull, and it can’t overheat. This makes it ideal for most industrial cutting applications.

Phase I of CNC Water Jet Machines

Pressurized to ultrahigh levels and channelled to a tiny orifice, water cuts precise contours through almost any material. The ultra-high pressure pump from water jet cutting machines in China is the heart of the water jet cutting system. The immense pressure is generated by an intensifier pump system. This special plunger reciprocates back and forth, powered by up to 210 bar of oil pressure. The oil pressure acts on a large biscuit, a biscuit that is at least 20 times larger than the end of the water plunger. 210 bar oil pressure intensify the water up to and even beyond 4,100 bar. At 4,100 bar the water is compressed by about 13 percent. With technologies being enhanced by the day, newer waterjet pumps are said to deliver 6,000 bar of continuous operating pressure. A steady jet stream is guaranteed by a large shock attenuator, integrated in the high-pressure plumbing system, which includes flexible tubing.

CNC Water Jet Machine - Precision Cutting Using CNC Water Jet Machine

Phase II of CNC Water Jet Machines

Through this tubing, the water is pumped into the cutting head. At the cutting head, a small hole in a jewel converts the pressure into velocity. The orifice is about the size of a human hair, resulting in a stream travelling three times the speed of sound. The supersonic stream is capable of cutting a wide variety of materials, including soft materials such as rubber, foam, paper and food. By adding garnet as an abrasive to the jet stream, the water jet can cut hard materials such as metals, stone, glass, and fiber-reinforced materials. Using the abrasive as part of the process, the water jet accelerates the abrasive and the result is an accurate cut, leaving a satin-smooth finish. Some water jet cutting machines in China comes with a vacuum assist, ensuring reliable drilling, even into brittle materials.

The Next Generation of CNC Water Jet Machines

The next generation of water jet cutting machines has arrived. Wrapped in a sleek design every feature on these machines is purposefully constructed to make you more productive. The synergy of innovation between water jet engineers and the needs of customers brings in unparalleled performance, revolutionary technology, real operator convenience, and efficiency through details, out of these machines. Engineered tough, these new generation water jet cutting machines from China is made up of precision machine and thermally stress relieved solid steel casting for rigorous use, day in and day out. Its specific design allows you to get the water jet that is the right size for your application.

Performance of Next Generation CNC Water Jet Cutting Machines

Water jet performance and cut part quality rely heavily on the motion system of your water jet. When operator convenience isn’t an after-thought, you get added efficiency through design. With roll-around control for easy movement, convenient air and water access, water level controller, added accessibility, under-bridge lighting, and many other conveniences like these can improve part accuracy and reduce operator fatigue. Faster cutting and faster rewards makes these next generation water jet cutting machines from China, years ahead.