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The Mixer of drill bank, spindle even saw function, meet high efficient production.

This autoloader series CNC router is a high-speed, automatic load/unload, heavy-duty CNC routing system for nested based feed through machining. This CNC machine is used majorly in the production of cabinets, door, closets, and custom furniture.

Double workbench, equipped with 9KW Italy aircooling spindle. More than 80 pcs board be done per day

  • Double workbench, equipped with 9KW Italy aircooling spindle. More than 80 pcs board be done per day.
  • Drill bank fits series drilling size to accomplish different holes.
  • The software is with layout optimization.
  • With auto loading and unloading system, could semi- automatically load the sheet to the working table and push the processing table plate after it is finished, which is convenient for the operator to take the material, and saves time, and the efficiency is greatly improved.
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When you work on cabinetry, closet, door, you need following cutting heads:

  • 9KW HSD Spindle With Auto Tool Changer Function
  • Drill Bank: Vertical 9+2+2/ 5+4, Vertical
  • Cutting Saw
  • Horizontal Cutting Head


Computer numerical control saws have played a huge role in dimensioning and other fabrication applications for a long time.

It is perfect for achieving high-precision, wood cutting.

saw - Cabinetry CNC Router Machine | Autoloader
drill bank - Cabinetry CNC Router Machine | Autoloader


  •  Drill Bank is an option for Cabintry CNC machine. All nine drillers are fully programmable for individual or gang drilling. The unit is 3HP “L” shaped drill pattern
  • Details Spacing: 32mm
  • Number of vertical drills = 5+4 (5)in X & Y/ 9+2+2


CNC Router utilizes AC Servo motors powered by Yaskawa drives.

These motors require no regular maintenance — therefore, reducing any maintenance downtime.

servo driver and motor - Cabinetry CNC Router Machine | Autoloader
sheet dragging system - Cabinetry CNC Router Machine | Autoloader


Aborption cap drag the workpiece sheet moving to the cutting position.

Pop-Up Pin allow the operator to bank the edge of the material against them precisely aligning the material to the axes of travel and always having a common origin.


The automatic loading / unloading conveyor table designed by OMNI allows automatic feeding of cutting pieces.

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up 2 1 - Cabinetry CNC Router Machine | Autoloader


OMNI control systems are compatible with Aspire, Vcarve, Fusion360 etc main cnc software.

After the order placed, we will send you the download link of post processor.

auto1 - Cabinetry CNC Router Machine | Autoloader
auto2 - Cabinetry CNC Router Machine | Autoloader

Streamline Your Design, Estimating, Engineering & Production

CNC Machine helps in Residential Cabinetry, Commercial Casework, Architectural Millwork, Office Furniture, Store Fixtures, Custom Products, and much more…

Furniture Design 1 - Cabinetry CNC Router Machine | Autoloader




“The machine has arrived safely and we have commisioned it without any problems and we have already cut several products with the oscillating knife. Despite not being in a crate there was not any damage during transit – it turns out the gantry was longer than the container is wide so it had to be removed for shipping. All the wiring for the motors had connectors which assembled easily and we did not find any loose wires or other similar problems.

The machine is very solid and well built and with good components so I am sure it will last for many years. Be warned though that the gantry is very heavy and we needed a forklift truck to put it into place. We went for the Syntec 11MB controller and I am very impressed with it and the ease with which you can modify macros etc. to customise the machine to your needs – much easier than a Fanuc.

The Becker vacuum pump seems very good but we may buy a second one as our table is rather large for one pump.

Overall our purchase has worked out very well and you could not buy a similar machine in Europe for anywhere near the same money.”   

Simon from UK

The comment is from:

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Model No.OMNI1325 Autoloader, OMNI1530 Autloader, OMNI2030 Autoloader
X,Y-Axis Travel1300*2500 ,1500*3000, 2000*3000mm
Z-Axis Travel300mm
Spindle Power9kw HSD Air-cooling Spindle, 24000rpm
Positioning Accuracy0.02mm
Repeatability+/- 0.05mm
Max. Rapid Travel Speed45m/min
Drive System X and Y axisRack and Pinion, rail linear bearing
Drive System Z axisLead Screw,rail linear bearing
Standard Work Surfacealuminium T-Plate Extrusion Combined Bakelite Vacuum Table
Working VoltageAC380V/50HZ, 3PH ; 220V/60Hz,3PH; AC440V/50HZ, 3PH
Command LanguageG Code&M Code
ColletER32, Max 20mm
Tool ChangeBT30 ISO30, 8/12/24 Positions
Operating SystemSyntec


What is a Cabinetry CNC Router?

A Cabinetry CNC Router is an automatic load-unload, high-speed, heavy-duty CNC routing machine that is essentially used in the production of closets, cabinets, and custom furniture.

What materials can a Cabinetry CNC Router cut and engrave?

A CNC Cabinetry Router is used for engraving and cutting a wide range of materials like plywoods, MDF, chipboard, softwoods, hardwoods, melamine, and live edge wood. Besides this, it can also be used for acrylics, plastics, and solid surface materials.

What designs of cabinetry can I make using the Cabinetry CNC Router?

The Omni CNC Cabinetry CNC Routers are fully-automatic Intelligent CNC Router machines. It finds many applications in the cabinet closet and door industries, as it has multi-functions for slotting, carving, milling, engraving, grooving, and cutting. It can be used to make entertainment units, frame/frameless cabinets, walk-in or reach-in closets, pantries, kitchen cabinets, peninsulas, and islands, among other things.

How large is the Cabinetry CNC Router?

The X-Y Axis Travel of Cabinetry CNC Routers is available in 1300x2500mm/1500x3000mm/2000x3000mm. The Z-Axis Travel of the same is 300mm for all the models.

What software is used to run the Cabinetry CNC Router?

The Cabinetry CNC Router operates on Syntec Operating System, while the designs are added through HISOON.

What are the maintenance & repair needs of the Cabinetry CNC Router?

Maintenance of this Cabinetry CNC machine starts with daily checks to make sure it is working. If the machine seems clogged with shavings and other debris, you should:

· Clean the machine thoroughly.

· Lubricate all the unpainted surfaces using a Teflon lubricant. (this prevents rust formation).

· Remove the excess lubricant and buff the machine with a dry polishing cloth.

· Clean the cutters of the chips and shavings.

· Check the dust extraction and remove any materials blocking the insides.

Remember to check for any loose or damaged parts. Loose parts can be fixed by you using a simple toolkit. For any damage or wear-and-tear, contact us at Omni CNC, and we can advise the next steps.

How long will the Cabinetry CNC Router last?

Most Cabinetry CNC Routers which are used by hobbyists are known to last for ten years or more. The industrial-grade Cabinet CNC Routers, on the other hand, can last for decades.

What are the safety precautions that need to be maintained when using a Cabinetry CNC Router?

The standard safety precautions include –

· Wearing safety boots or shoes.

· Standing away from the machine during operation.

· Wearing ear and eye protection.

· Using a headcover wherever possible.

· Switching off and cleaning the machine after each use.

Can the Cabinetry CNC Router be delivered around the world by Omni CNC?

Customers from all around the world can place an order for the Cabinetry CNC Router as per their requirements. We can facilitate delivery to the European, North America, South America, Asia, Pacific markets, besides China.

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