CNC Wood Router Machine Ultimate Purchasing Guide

For those seeking to acquire their own cnc router for woodworking, you’ll want to see to it you take appropriate time to acquaint yourself with this specific equipment.

Whether you’re a woodworker with a tiny store specializing in carving complex wood furniture or a woodworker on the side, a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine is a must-have if you don’t have time to carve wood by hand.

What Makes A Cnc Wood Router Machine Different From Others?

Although there are numerous excellent CNC routers offered today, the ideal machine for a woodworking application will certainly vary depending upon whether you’re a hobbyist aiming to do basic wood sculpting or if you’re doing some significant production work.

A wonderful CNC machine can make your woodworking production procedure smooth as well as allow you make points you would certainly discover challenging to do manually with any kind of power device.



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Do Not Buy Best CNC Wood Router, But Best One Fits You

What makes a CNC router for woodworking various from various other CNC routers is the features that come with the machine such as spindles, dust collecting system, vacuum hold down systems as well as table dimensions.

I made a checklist after sorting out cnc routers for woodworking and assessing them on a selection of factors like general rigidity, sculpting capacity, drive device, software application, speeds and the work area it gives.

Best Woodworking CNC for Production Work

These machines are ideal for serious manufacturing job.

By significant I mean you can run these equipments all day, on a daily basis of the week, and not break anything.

At this rate range, it’s anticipated that you are able to service a full-size sheet 1300mm * 2500mm (4′ x8′).


It is also one of the most expensive machine on this list at around $15,000. Nonetheless, the prices can go upward depending upon modifications.

The ATC sereis is verified to be good at making furnishings, theatricalism, cabinet production and indicator production, amongst numerous others.


The ATC cnc router1325 version is with a cutting location of 1300mm * 2500mm ( 4′ * 8′ ) and can cut wooden boards with density up to 20c’ mc (8″ ). This suggests you are not needed to lower your 4×8 boards right into smaller sized items needlessly.

OMNI uses numerous bed dimensions for CNC equipments, allowing you to choose one that completely fits your task and also workshop needs.

The dimensions consist of:.

1300mm * 2500mm (4′ * 8′).

1500mm * 3000mm (5′ * 10 ‘).

2000mm * 3000mm (7′ * 10′).

And also custom-made bed dimension, like 2000mm * 6000mm.


Clamping down a big work surface can be a difficult task, OMNI has that covered with the option to add a vacuum hold-down system.

20130906020419339 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine


If you are producing with huge workpieces, a vacuum hold-down will certainly permit you to place the workpiece on the table and also forget it as the vacuum cleaner will certainly hold it down in position..

Pop-up pin can assist you to align the wood sheet quickly as well as easily.


OMNI has actually a high-quality welded steel frame framework which permits it to have extraordinary rigidness..

cnc router frame - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
CNC Machine Frame The cnc machine frame is fabricated from heavy-duty tubular steel that is well welded, precision machined and stress relieved, the whole machine frame ensures the machine work steady very well.

The machine is geared up with a cast-iron structure and also cast-iron gantry, which makes sure the greatest rigidness as well as dependability of the CNC wood router even when dealing with soft steels at broadband round the clock.


All the 3 axes on the OMNI rides on a helical rack and pinion, linear guide system, which improves rigidness and also permits an extremely high traversal speed.

This supplies superb precision and also precision while making the machine sturdy enough to provide great cutting rates.

linear guide - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
Linear motion is by rack and pinion on x and y,ball screw drive on z axis. OMNI ATC Series CNC Router features 30mm or 25mm 20mm linear rail systems on all axis.

You can achieve reducing speeds of upto 15m per min.

The rigidity as well as accuracy of the machine allow it to have a repositional accuracy of +/- 0.05 mm under no-load problems.


To manage the dust produced during woodworking OMNI supplies a dust hood which you can attach to dust collecting bags.

If you do not have a dust collector OMNI can pack a 3kw at the very least dust collector with your machine.

20130906014711582 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
Auto tool-changer magazine holds 8 pcs of units, will take the shortest path between any two tools, allowing the quickest change times possible.

Automated tool changer permit you to run the machine ignored for long period of time as well as improve production speed.


Motors as well as spindle.

The YASKAWA motors made use of on the OMNI are the closed-loop servo motors with low backlash tapered-hob gear heads on all three axes.

The closed-loop system ensures no missed steps, which improves surface as well as precision.

In a closed-loop system, the motor shaft setting as well as control signal are cross-checked and also manipulated to maintain high synchronization.

If an error is discovered, the electric motor is quit, and also a warning is shown on the monitor. The procedure proceeds once you reset the alarm system and also house the machine.

The most budget-friendly pin option that you can pick is the 220-480v 3kw Spindle effective sufficient to shave off big portions of wood. There are a number of alternatives for you according to your budget. Italy Hiteco/ HSD spindle or Quality spindle made in China.


OMNI deal world popular commercial grade control system, like Syntec, LNC, Siemens.

syntec 300x225 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine

It has actually an integrated emergency situation stop button and a wired remote emergency situation stop switch which boosts safety and security.


We sugest you choose Vectric, Fusion360 or software program special created for cupboard production. OMNI cnc wood routers are compatible with these softwares.

Cost ~$ 15,000
Work area 1300mm x 2500mm x 200mm at least
Drive mechanism Rack as well as pinion
Dust Collector System Optional
Spindle Spindle Made in China or Italy
Motor Servo Yaskawa /Leadshine
Software Suggest Vectric/Fusion360
Warranty 12 Months



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    This CNC could likely fit your requirement if you’re running a woodworking organization yet you do not need to run your CNC 24×7.

    The OMNI CNC access level 1325 4′ * 8′ cnc router table is a great option if you require a CNC router that can churn out large-good top quality products and also fits within a $10,000 budget plan.


    basic 650x366 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine



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      Both entry level cnc router and multihead cnc router can be with water cooling spindle made in China and Italy spindle. Multihead cnc router is configures double working head or triple head, boost the production for twice at least by one cnc machine.


      It offers you a working area of 1300mm x 2500mm and allows you to cut wood workpieces as thick as 20cm, depending on the setup..

      You can cut huge 1300mm * 2500mm sheet (4′ x 8′) using the beginning 1325 design (4′ * 8′ cnc router), which is excellent when you wish to optimally service big sheets.


      If you realize a vacuum hold-down can make holding down large wood sheets much easier, that would be great.


      The OMNI entry level cnc 1325 is built of heavy-duty welded steel tubes.

      The frame can sustain heavy loads as well as can be specifically beneficial when you decide to upgrade your machine over time.


      For straight movement, the x as well as y axes make use of profile linear rails relocated by a helical rack and also pinion plan. The z-axis is driven by a ball screw device which has actually no backlash compared to lead screw drives.

      motor and driver - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine

      The y-axis is driven by two stepper electric motors rather than one, which gets rid of the error referred to as racking triggered as a result of lagging of both sides of the gantry.

      The exact movement systems as well as an all-metal building and construction offer the entry level series superb accuracy and precision.

      You obtain a great accuracy of a repeatability of 0.1 mm which is sufficient for practically any type of woodworking CNC job.


      You can always purchase a dust collecting system for your wood powder collecting. Pick from 2.2 kw to 5.5 kw for dust collecting.

      OMNI Entry Level CNC Router 1325 ~$ 6,000
      Spindle 3KW (made in China) or HSD/Hiteco Spindle
      Motor Stepper
      Controller DSP/ NC Studio/ MACH3
      Vacuum Hold Down Optional
      Dust Collector Optional


      If you’re working on individual tasks or if you’re running a tiny home-based woodworking company these makers will certainly suit your demand.

      By home-based organizations, I imply those that take personalized orders and don’t require to run their CNC for hrs everyday.

      Also we call it CNC for hobbiest, however you still can machine wood, plastic, light weight aluminum, copper products from soft to hard.



      Recommend you OMNI6090/1212 with workplace of 600mm * 900mm (23″ * 35″) and 1200mm * 1200mm( 47″ * 47″) with a workpiece thickness of 80mm (3″).

      The machine body is with cast aluminum, very solid for leisure activity making use of.

      690 cnc router - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
      OMNI6090 CNC Router
      1212 cnc router - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
      OMNI1212 CNC Router

      The x and y axes utilize round orbit for movement which provides optimum repeatability of 0.01 mm, which benefits servicing wood.

      The z-axis proceeds screw and also nut, which makes it inflexible and also receptive.


      This cnc is with stepper electric motors, that can move the axes with decent speed while cutting through wood.

      The full package features 800w spindle with a speed that can be ranged 8000 to 24,000 RPM, as well as is a great choice for reducing wood.


      The controller can be NC stuido. Simply need a computer to install it and also run the machine.


      Discuss versatility, the controller approves standard G-code, and you can utilize any type of software to develop the G-code.


      The machine prepares to use. No demand setting up. Just link the water pump for spindle, install the control software to computer, then can start work.

      Work Area 600mm * 900mm * 80mm (23″ x 35″ x 3″)
      Drive Motion x & y axes: round orbit; z-axis: screw
      Dust Collector Not offered
      Controller NC Studio
      Spindle 800W
      Software Any G-code sending out software program

      Exactly how do I pick a top quality low cost CNC wood router?

      If you have this question before in your mind, I believe you have answer now. According to your woodworking demands and also manufacturing capacity, pick the most suitable cnc wood router for your needs.


      You may still have many questions even you have read above guide, especially when you are a woodworking beginner. Here we list some questions you may have same in mind.


      high precision cnc router1 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine

      CNC wood router is an efficient machine majorly used for cutting and shaping wood. The biggest advantage of using the best CNC wood router is minimizing wastage, which eventually increases overall productivity and decreases the production time tenfold. The numerical control helps the CNC wood router to align a specific path to tools, which gives them a proper direction. The size of a CNC router is comparatively smaller than the industrial routers and you can easily connect it with your home computer using software.


      The role of a CNC router gets bigger with the changing technology. A modern day CNC wood router or CNC wood carving machine could be helpful for a range of purposes. For instance, you can order it to ease your furniture business that may involve working on door cravings, wood panels, wooden frames, musical instruments, furniture, etc.

      cnc woodworking - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine

      You only need software applications to control the CNC Router and execute interior and exterior designing projects fast. You can also opt for a CNC wood router for sale for small activities or pursue a hobby.

      CNC Routers can carry out several tasks that a carpenter would perform in his shop with the help of a panel saw, boring machine, and spindle molder. It also comes in handy in the cutting of tenons, mortises and other joinery types.




      Acoording to Wikipedia, below wood can be cutted by a CNC wood router.

      69zJj16sgNQDHEmxCjAenJhIGW he7R7JrdNT8eiX1ud1RY7Q3pgNlpTyT8Qv jEr ORo1xiSMLJgBbvRx2QpKMx04zjrwD9eC7h57Lhd8FbacqhdYer6mQpovH PX1egNEkJ2wGH42wpEBsrIV1G9hPgb4CQwB S  PK ETaNzXA98OQUzVW71TuH1Lgj5f8lhEu9pAbip6AS8fmUoPBTdAg L3cb2iJyv3AZVD9POgklDU j4IDR  4X2UzzJij3qad7ZDD Bfa9zfW3c r78WJp42NmZkchinkTChLXp ipPwGNaE721DcSsUEf  IAw Eb1Q9QY ZHG5C u0H iPTcoX80kQwJ2fGok8cV8x7HtR4liD r7rJ UAUETATeYLn7I8cJATfkBMh5dTYSwJ DFL6M0VnrYkkuBlNwwsHN i47yfY6Aou5jnLTWW9bJskgZriljpcNF6F3F t3m  zRhGtQfKiN7P2SlIAExEY2gchDzJl HjTdPFuhccSB5hr6w6dFukG LTMczi C4LcsochcV KhT8PlouoAHP 3XIMDrBu9cqnnQ nDPnr7UaxadzOtUOmO2zJ05H1zJSncHSCIUWjW662HZmFOKkyl IXzrEAQ3MP9NuXhIismDPKzym4b7qFX2TZUpaW8L82IprdOLjpZc6vLZdRN6aa C3b de3gfjgO6Qg=w960 h540 no?authuser=0 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
      Wood types CNC Can Cut


      Almost anything made of wood that is either built into or attached to the interior of a building can be classed as architectural woodwork. This can include:

      • Shelves
      • Paneling
      • Trim
      • Flooring

      Many different species of wood are fabricated into wood flooring in two primary forms: plank and parquet. Hardwoods are typically much more durable than softwoods. Reclaimed lumber has a unique appearance and is used in green building. Below is is user story: John uses a CNC wood router for hardwood flooring making.



      • Balustrades & Newel PostsBalustrades are railings being supported by balusters which are often designed as an ornamental protective wall on balconies, bridges, or terraces.

      Click below video to see newel posts cnc machine working:

      • Baseboards
      • Beams
      • Built-in or custom milled cabinetry

      A non-detachable box-shaped piece of furniture that has doors or drawers intended for storing miscellaneous items. We will talk about cabinetry making by CNC machine separately since it is a big and important section of woodworking. If you are interested in, kindly click cabinet CNC making.

      • Chair rails
      • Ceilings

      The ceiling is a series of rectangular or square-shaped sunken panels in the ceiling. Many people decorate the ceiling by using different wood carving patterns. See below ceiling CNC machine working video:

      • Columns

      A cylindrical upright pillar used to support an entablature or any structure such as arches.


      • Crown Molding

      Molding in a surface or structure that usually crowns or runs between the top of an internal wall or ceiling.

      • Doors and door casings

      Allows access to the entrance and exit.

      • Fireplace Mantels

      Also called a chimneypiece that originated in medieval times. It is a hood that is projected over a grate. Used to catch the smoke.

      • Stairways

      This is made up of a number of steps, usually made to access one floor to another.



      As Thomasnet says, V-Grooving, a method used to provide added aesthetic to a wide variety of applications, creates decorative patterns on the surface of products such as glass panels, picture frames, and wall cladding.

      Primarily used to facilitate the bending or folding of various materials, V-Groove machining creates a V-shaped cut or channel along the surface of a material. This cut along the fold line acts as a hinge, allowing the product to achieve 90-degree bends with relatively small bending radii.

      V-Grooving is often employed in many applications where traditional bending methods such as forced bending, free bending, and three-point bending are impractical.

      Below is the v grooving tutorial video. You may wonder know how to do v carving step by step .


      Architectural screens, ornamental partitions walls, suspended ceilings or feature walls will add distinctive part to your environments for retail, corporate, cordial reception or residential applications.
      Decorative screens will be wont to separate and zone areas in open work areas, studios, lofts, while not interference lightweight or air.
      Screens can produce a way of privacy while not being in an inside area.

      Computer numerical controller (CNC) has caused modification within the methodology of timber framework manufacture. Lasers or router/milling cutting implements will currently fashion timber and varied different materials into flat and even 3D ornamental things.



      • console, pilasters, capitals, rosettes
      building industry 01 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
      building industry 02 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
      building industry 03 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
      • decor for the door portals and door panels
      building industry 08 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
      building industry 09 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
      building industry 16 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
      • elements for furniture
      • carved decoration for interiors
      building industry 04 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
      building industry 05 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
      building industry 19 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
      • frames for mirrors and painting
      building industry 06 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
      building industry 07 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
      •  carved moldings
      • 3D panels
      building industry 12 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine
      building industry 13 - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine


      A CNC router for woodworking and other tasks operates with the help of computer software. It uses Computer Numerical Control or CNC to route the paths of the tool, thereby enabling the machines to work.

      Here are the basic steps that define its working:

      • The user creates a vector file that comprises the details of x, y and z axis, and dictates the way of image rendering.
      • Next, takes place the conversion of vector into G-code with the help of CAM software
      • The CNC control software runs the G-code to transform it to a machine to function as per your requirement.

      When operate cnc router machine, you must be trained and follow rules. Here are some cnc operating tips.

      operate cnc router - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine


      The letter G here stands for the word ‘geometry’, and represents the alphanumeric format that the system leverages to instruct the working to different parts of the machine. Usually, different CNC router machines have different G codes. Therefore, a single action may indicate different functions for different machines. It however plays a significant role in improving the performance of the CNC wood router. It is one of the popular programming languages, widely used to control automated tools. It gives directions to the machines and maintains the speed, and includes .CNC, .NC, and .TAP like extensions for its generated files. Here are the functions of few widely used letters in G-code:

      • N: tells the line number
      • G: Instructs the tool to move and stop as per the requirement
      • F: It defines the speed with which the router feeds the piece
      • S: Instructs the machine on the speed of spindle’s movement.
      • T: Suggests the use of tools to the machine.
      • X,Y,Z: These indicate the 3-D position of the tool.

      At first glance, it may looks complicated. But they have a similar structure. It appears to be that the “confounded” some portion of the G-code are every one of those numbers we see, which are simply Cartesian directions.

      Take example

      G01 X247.951560 Y11.817060 Z-1.000000 F500.000000

      The line has the accompanying structure:

      G## X## Y## Z## F##

      First is the G-code order and for this situation that is the G01 which signifies “move in straight line to a particular position”.

      We announce the position or the directions with the X, Y and Z esteems.

      Finally, with the F esteem we set the feed rate, or the speed at which the move will be executed.

      To wrap up, the line G01 X247.951560 Y11.817060 Z-1.000000 F500.000000 advises the CNC machine to move in an orderly fashion from its present situation to the directions X247.951560, Y11.817060 and Z-1.000000 with speed of 500 mm/min. The unit is mm/min since, supposing that we investigate the G-code model picture, we can see that we have utilized the order G21 which sets the units to millimiters. On the off chance that we need the units in inches, we utilize the G20 order all things being equal.


      CNC Router CAM Software

      As discussed several times already,a CNC router woodworking includes Computer Numerical Control (CNC) software to create programs that could run a machine tool. From design to the manufacturing stage, the basic woodworking CNC router performance goes through the CAD, CAM, and CNC controller software. Here is a quick one-liner description of each of this software.

      • You need to prepare a design in a vector file with Computer-Aided Design (CAD).
      • The Computer-Aided Manufacturing software (CAM) then converts the design into G-Code.
      • The G-Code communicates with the CNC machines to enable the latter to create the desired pattern.

      How does the CAM Perform?

      The CAM software such as MeshCAM and OneCNC generate G-Code from a CAD design or an image. In this way, the software uses models to generate tool-paths. It helps a CNC wood carving machine to get the desired pattern.

      Some CAM softwarecan edit the CAD file, directly. They can also generate the corresponding G-Codes with the use of CAD editing programs. These G-Codes are easy to convert or stimulate into G-code itself.

      TOP 10 CAM software list (Most popular ones in cnc router machine industry):


      CNC wood router operates in the same way as a metal mill. To program it properly, the leaning of G code would be helpful as the latter controls the CNC routers.

      The sole purpose behind designing CAM and CAD software like Mastercam, Alphacam and Bobcad is to ensure flawless functioning of the CNC routers for woodCNC wood routers are often useful for machining other mushy materials, like plastic, composite etc.

      Setting Before Machine Starts

      You need to do certain preparations before working on a CNC wood cutting machineLet’s check them out one after another.

      Step 1: Determine the Operation of the Machine to Execute

      Simple operations would be easy to perform whereas complicated pieces require the programmer to find and maintain the surfaces.

      Step 2: Determining the Process of Sequencing

      Since operation sequencing is crucial, rough-machining is important before the completion of any operations, as it eliminates the excess parts from the material. After this, follows the precision machining for finishing of products through the CNC wood cutting machine.

      Step 3: Executing Mathematical Operations

      This process helps to avoid the idea of breaking while programming for calculations. During manual programming, you need to calculate the required coordinates and the cutting conditions separately.

      Step 4: Consideration of the Fixture

      You should have proper understanding of the work fixture settings as they might influence the CNC program.

      Step 5: Utilizing Cutting Tools

      For proper cutting, it is good to observe the cutting tools

      All these steps are time-consuming, but it is better not to skip any of them, to avoid faulty working of the CNC machine. As such, there is no exact preparation for creating programs, but these steps would be ideal to help your CNC wood router machine to work with perfection till long.


      How to operate cnc machine? You must wonder it. OMNI offer CNC manual and operating videos to guide you how to use cnc machine. We mainly offer DSP and Syntec controller. Click below video to see how to operate it.


      Below woodworking spare parts are necessary for you. They can speed up your production, protect your working environment and operator health.

      Dust Collecting System

      This system includes dust collector, dust collecting hood and soft hose.

      Dust collector motor power we offered:

      • 2.2KW 220V Single Phase
      • 3KW 220V 3Ph
      • 3KW 380V 3Ph
      • 5.5KW 380V 3Ph
      • 7.5KW 380V 3Ph
      Z - Ultimate Guide of CNC Wood Router Machine

      We offer Video tutorial to guide you assemble it, see above.

      Material Holding Down System

      It includes vacuum table, vacuum pump and hose. When you order vacuum pump, OMNI offer vacuum table for free.

      We offer 2 kinds of vacuum pump for option:

      Becker Vacuum Pump

      4.4kw(4kw for 220V 3Ph), 5.5KW 380V-410 3Ph, 5.5KW 220V 3Ph

      • 100% Oil-less Operation
      • Quiet
      • Cool Operation
      • Long Vane Life
      • Inlet Filter Included
      • Discharge Silencers
      • Vacuum Regulators Included
      • Max. Vac 22in.Hg
      Vaccum Pump China Brand

      2.2KW, 3KW, 5.5KW, 7.5KW. Whatever you need 220V Single Ph, 220V 3Ph, 380V 3Ph,  or 410V 3Ph, OMNI can supply.

      Safety Glasses





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