Prime examples of using CNC woodworking routers to turn a hobby of toy carving into a profitable business

Before electronics or electrons became a part of the mystique of civilization Man was using wood for building houses, as fuel for cooking and ultimately toys for children to play.

So much so the carpentry world had its first taste of entrepreneurship in toy manufacturing as whittling became an art form.

Carving intricate shapes in wood stemmed from carving basic shapes using a pocket knife.

This led to the discovery of soft woods and the simple act of whittling turned into toy carving of dolls and figure and thereafter woodworking toys became a major industry.

The modern times witnesses’ toys made from wood as a hobby oriented work.

There are many wood workers passionate about creating non-mechanized toys from wood. A prime example is Edjis from Latvia in Eastern Europe.

This country is blessed with plenty of forest (more than 50% of Latvia is covered by forests and ownership of forests is both private as well as government

owned) that allows woodworking industry to be a major earner of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of around 17%.

The government has invested in promoting forest-based industries and the people of Latvia are accomplished woodworkers.

CNC Woodworking Router 300x262 - How to Monetize or Turn Hobbies into Business Idea with Omni CNC?

CNC Woodworking Routers are commonly used to mill and engrave several types of woods to form toys.

Edjis from Latvia placed an order on China’s leading CNC router manufacturer OMNITECH for a woodworking 1318 model router.

They have turned out some exquisite toys using this machine. The detail is stunning and some of the designs are fabulous.

Omni 1212 Woodworking Router 300x169 - How to Monetize or Turn Hobbies into Business Idea with Omni CNC?

OMNI 1212 Woodworking Router

The slow water-cooled spindle at 24000 rpm has a working dimension of 1200 x 1200 x 100 millimeter area with an engraving speed of 10 to 15 m / minute.

Digital signal processors control the system with G code commands from the CNC computer.

Spindle temperature is monitored digitally affording protection from overheating.

One of the best woodworking products presently selling like hot cakes is the Game of Thrones inspired door wedges called Holder.

The Toymaker from Melbourne, Australia uses a CNC router machine to make toys that boggles the imagination for its scope and variety.

Cutting boards with Game of Thrones themes, animal shaped toys like kangaroos, birds, emu, dinosaurs, Pterandons, butterflies, Tien Lung Dragons, Go carts are just a few names from the extensive collection of wooden toys sold in the Etsy store by the owner Stuart Lees woodworker extraordinaire.

He is proof positive of using CNC woodworking machines into a profitable business.

OMNI CNC manufacture low cost woodworking routers like the 1318 model to latest 12 spindle state-of-the-art 4-axis wood working machines.