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People who purchased cnc router, laser machine and plasma cutting machine from OMNI are used following industries and more than these industries, click below for quick viewing :

Furniture/Cabinet Door, Interior Decoration, Aluminium/Facade/Window/Construction, Mold/Prototyping, Sign & Graphic / LED, Stone, Packaging & Display, Education, Fun.

For what omni cnc machine can do, you could click solution for more info.

Furniture/ Cabinet Door

Stuart from UK specializes in the design and making of bespoke handmade furniture. His company provides a personal approach to bespoke furniture making, ensuring that the needs of our clients are fulfilled and that they are delighted with the finished product.

The materials he would mainly be processing are MDF, Plywood, Solid hardwoods such as oak, beech, elm and ash up to about 60mm thick.

Machine he ordered: Basic type cnc router


  •  Working size: 1300*2500*200mm
  • 4.5kw spindle
  • Bakelite vacuum table combined with T slot
  • Stepper Motor
  • Vacuum Pump, Dust Collector

Some of his projects:

Church pulpit balustrade 495x400 - User Project
kitchen cabinet 1 495x400 - User Project
desk 495x400 - User Project

Sinisa from Serbia produces kitchen cabinets and some furniture for the home. He uses wood panel  dim. 2070 X 2800 mm. So he need some CNC machine which can cut with optimization and boring and drilling.

The machine he ordered is carrousel type atc cnc router with boring head, and we usually call it cabinet & door making cnc machine.


  • OMNI2130 ATC with boring head
  • 9kw HSD spindle
  • Carrosuel type ATC
  • HSD Boring head (9+2+2)
  • Yaskawa servo motor/driver
  • Vacuum table with T slot
  • Vacuum pump
  • Dust Collector
  • pop-up pins
  • Syntec controller

Some of his projects:

wardrobe cabinet 495x400 - User Project
Living Room Decoration 495x400 - User Project
kitchen cabinet 1 495x400 - User Project

Interior Decoration

Carving Engraving Australia, the owner is John, he mainly works on screens , partitions, fencing, inlay work, fret work, 3d objects, stencils, house numbers etc.

He ordered OMNI sign making cnc router. See below some of his projects:

QQ图片20160711220408 min - User Project
QQ图片20160711220454 min - User Project
QQ图片20160711220608 min - User Project
QQ图片20160711220745 min - User Project
QQ图片20160711220630 min - User Project
image 20111118 2029961100 min - User Project

Aluminium/ Facade/ Window/ Construction

Miller Design has continued to offer excellence and value, providing a complete programme and totally integrated service from conceptual design through to installation of window, roof glazing, shopfront and curtainwalling systems. We pride ourselves on offering design expertise along with quality production and installation of aluminium joinery.

Miller Design purchased CNC cutting machine that can cut, router and drill aluminium composite and aluminium sheets. Max thickness 40mm, can be flat-bed or standing. The company ordered cnc router with auto tool change function combined saw to cut aluminium composite and aluminium sheet. Click cnc router for facade to check, this cnc router combind auto tool change function and saw, efficient design for facade, curtainwall sheet cutting.

See below his some projects:

curtain wall min 495x327 - User Project
frucor head office min 495x400 - User Project
tauranga aquatic center min 495x400 - User Project

Dejan from Serbia owns a company specialized in aluminium profile systems, finished products with and aluminium constructions with architectural application. Aluminium profile systems are intended for production of windows and doors, glass facades, sliding elements, bulletproof construction and various substructures for ventilated facades.

He uses CNC Router ATC type for machining Aluminium Composite Panels from 2 to 10 mm thick and Aluminium solid sheets up to 4 mm thickness.

See below his some projects:

bellevue21 279x170 - User Project
im2 1 279x170 - User Project
P10902431 279x170 - User Project

Mold/ Prototyping

Phil Stonebanks is from CreativeCAD. The company develops the concept through CAD to produce a virtual prototype, produce marketing presentations and animations, and develop detailed prototype drawings.

CNC router he ordered:


Hiwin linear rail bearing

3kw watercooling spindle

Servo motor

Mach3 controller

Bekelite table combeined with T slot

vacuum pump

Dust collector system

Mist cooling system

Some of his projects:

Gee Bee Fuse 495x400 - User Project
engine 495x400 - User Project
Watson Exhaust Assy 495x400 - User Project

Sign & Graphic / LED

FRF from Budapest produces signage products, it mainly offer service for interior designers, electrical companies, commercial store chains, banks, telecommunication companies, and end-users. Click sign making laser machine to check.

Below are some projects:

224626 149181091819530 5862898 n 495x400 - User Project
222205 149180365152936 2461179 n 495x400 - User Project
231011 149180955152877 3263391 n 495x400 - User Project

Divi simti divi is a company from Latvia. The company mainly works on frames, data strips, brochure holders, shelf dividers, display stands, promo stands, shop fittings, acrylic displays etc.

It ordered OMNI laser machine to cut acrylic for acrylic displays mainly.

Below are some projects from this company:

07 202 ProductHolder min - User Project
15 202 DisplayDispenser min - User Project
05 202 ProductDispenser min - User Project


Ovidiu from Romania mainly works on tomb stone, funeral tomb stone. He knows OMNI since 2011, has ordered cnc router and laser machine over 4 pcs from OMNI. Check stoneworking cnc router for reference.

Check following his projects:

tomb stone min 495x400 - User Project
tomb stone 4 min 495x400 - User Project
tomb stone 2 min 495x400 - User Project
stone engraving 495x400 - User Project
fireplace min 495x400 - User Project
blustard min 495x400 - User Project


coming soon

Packaging & Display

Specialty Packaging Solutions management staff has been providing automation solutions, packaging systems, packaging materials, contract packaging, fulfillment, distribution and consulting solutions since the 1980’s and have been continually improving their effectiveness at producing results for its clients.

The company ordered omni cnc router with auto tool change function and with knife cutting system and we call it cnc knife. . It is mainly for cutting Films, labels, case, shelf display, end of isle display, blister, clamshell, skin, tray, carton, point of purchase (POP),  retail, Commercial, and Display Packaging.

Below are some projects that suitable for cnc knife to cut:

SolidFiberSheets - User Project
20141020 135529 min 495x400 - User Project
20131022 082241 Copy min 495x400 - User Project

Sports Instruments

coming soon


logo - User Project

Moreton Bay Boys’ College purchased cnc router and laser machine from OMNI as education purpose. Moreton Bay Boys’ College, one of the most vibrant independent colleges in Brisbane. Set in lush bushland in the beautiful bayside suburb of Manly West.

BSA logo - User ProjectThe Boy Scouts of America is one of the nation’s largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations. The BSA provides a program for young people that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness.

This organization purchased OMNI6090 cnc router from OMNI.


coming soon


Edijs from Latvia owns a woodworking toy factory. He purchased OMNI1318 cnc router from OMNI for toy making.

Below are some photos from his blog. These toys are really impressive.

Lotes toys mocitis 2 1 - User Project
48311 1 400x400 - User Project
Lotes toys Lidmasina 2 8 1 - User Project

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