industrial atc cnc router 495x400 - Industrial CNC Router with ATC | Pro Series


Pro series Industrial ATC CNC Router from OMNI CNC is a powerful and versatile machine that can handle a wide range of CNC routing tasks. Equipped with an automatic tool changer, this machine can quickly and easily switch between cutting tools, improving efficiency and productivity.

Whether you’re a professional woodworker or a manufacturer, the Industrial ATC CNC Router is an excellent choice for your CNC routing needs. Contact us today to learn more about this machine and how it can help take your projects to the next level.

Excellence in CNC Router Performance at Affordable Cost

The OMNI Carrousel Type ATC and Linear Type ATC CNC Routers are best-sellers because to their outstanding performance and low cost.

The OMNI Pro CNC Router Series meets a wide range of application requirements, particularly in volume-oriented companies that need to handle a variety of sheet widths, individual components, and solid wood products. The OMNI Pro Series qualifies due to its above-average “up-times,” low maintenance requirements, and ease of use.

atc cnc router 2 1 - Industrial CNC Router with ATC | Pro Series

CNC Router HSD Spindle

The ISO30 9kw frequency spindle on the ATC CNC router has adjustable speeds of up to 18,000 RPM.

Drill Bank is optional.

World Well-Known Controller – Syntec

  • Provide high-speed, high-precision top-level functions
  • HPCC high-precision trajectory contour control
  • smooth processing path
  • G120.1 multiple sets of machining conditions
  • Effectively improve the surface finish of machining and improve processing efficiency.
SYNTEC 1 - Industrial CNC Router with ATC | Pro Series
gantry 2 1 - Industrial CNC Router with ATC | Pro Series

All-Steel Reinforced Gantry

Rigidity has been increased for even higher accuracy. Vibration is reduced, and the longevity and dependability are increased.

High Precision Linear Guide

Linear motion is provided by rack and pinion on the x and y axes, and ball screw drive on the z axis.

On all axes, the OMNI ATC Series CNC Router has 30mm or 25mm 20mm linear rail systems.

linear guide 1 1 - Industrial CNC Router with ATC | Pro Series
control cabinet 1 - Industrial CNC Router with ATC | Pro Series

Control Cabinet

European IEC wiring, CE electrical device, and sheethed cable connection.

A double-doored Nema 4 electrical enclosure houses and wires all of the electrical components.

The overall wiring arrangement is labeled so that the client may simply explore the cabinet if servicing is necessary.


OMNI control systems are compatible with Aspire, Vcarve, Fusion360 etc main cnc software.

After the order placed, we will send you the download link of post processor.

up 2 1 - Industrial CNC Router with ATC | Pro Series

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Mode No.OMNI1325Pro, OMNI1530Pro, OMNI2030Pro
X, Y-Axis Travel1300*2500 ,1500*3000, 2000*3000mm or others
Z-Axis Travel200mm or more
Spindle Power9kw HSD Air-cooling Spindle, 18000rpm
Repeatability+/- 0.05mm
Max. Rapid Travel Speed45m/min
Drive System X and Y axisRack and Pinion, rail linear bearing
Drive System Z axisLead Screw, rail linear bearing
Standard Work Surfacealuminium T-Plate Extrusion Combined Bakelite Vacuum Table
Working VoltageAC380V/50HZ, 3PH; 220V/60Hz,3PH; AC440V/50HZ,3PH
Command LanguageG Code & M Code
Tool ChangeBT30 ISO30, 8 Positions
Operating SystemSyntec

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Eimantas Bručas 143x180 - Industrial CNC Router with ATC | Pro Series

” Hello, we are wood working company from Lithuania. We are working with OMNI for about 3 years now and we bought 3 CNC machines from them already. The customer support in this company is very great, you can get answers to all you question very fast. We are working with Allen Zhang, very nice guy, who can help you all the time. The quality of machines is very good and machines are working 24/7 in our company with no problems. Thank you, best regards, Eimantas.”

Eimantas Bručas

Žuvis vandeny

Nicholas Picholas Morrison 180x180 - Industrial CNC Router with ATC | Pro Series

” I have bought 4 Machines from OMNI CNC now and all machines are still running today. The service they provide is a key success to their business, I personally deal with Zach and he is always very helpful quick the respond. I have recommended this company to many people already!” 

Nicholas Picholas Morrison

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

41991423 10212258129718162 7488253314249785344 n 180x180 - Industrial CNC Router with ATC | Pro Series

” 3 Years ago I bought cnc router from Omni Allen Zhang, I bought the machine for my business, 3dvision printing house & graphic design.
mr Allen is a professional man. He helped me a lot in purchasing the machine. And today he keeps contact with me. Thank you very much brother.” 

Saher Roaa Tafish


Brian Miller - Industrial CNC Router with ATC | Pro Series

” I ordered a customised OMNI1530 CNC high precision woodworking router (4.5 kW head, rotating axis attachment, coolant mister for light metal machining ) in 2016, shipped to regional Australia, and couldn’t be happier with the quality of the equipment and the level of service, throughout the order process, shipping and after sales. Albert Liu talked me right through the customisation, ensuring I had the right options for my purposes and value for money. Highly recommended.”

Brian Miller


Kasturi Skate - Industrial CNC Router with ATC | Pro Series

” I’ve Purchased cnc plasma cutting machine from OMNI in good condition and good quality. The machine functioned well and easy to operate.

The trainer also give a good explanation to handling the machine and taught well to use autocad.”

Kasturi’ Skate


Amos Ama - Industrial CNC Router with ATC | Pro Series

” I have omni 1325 cnc router and it’s working wonderfully.. thanks to Albert luu who is working very close and solve any issues that i have.. I will recommend to anyone one out there looking for a cnc….omni cnc is the best choice.”

Amos Ama


Hvcg Vinicio 178x180 - Industrial CNC Router with ATC | Pro Series

” is an excellent company have the best machines and the best online service I recommend and represent in latin america.”

Hvcg Vinicio


Vijesh Pk - Industrial CNC Router with ATC | Pro Series

” They are always been there to help if any problem comes even after 6 years of purchase thank you.”

Vijesh Pk

pacific round - Industrial CNC Router with ATC | Pro Series

” Nous Groupe Pacific Round Intl, situe en chine et en Algérie, nous somme un client fidèle de OMNI CNC, le produit est tres bon qualité , le staff est sérieux, la livraison au délais, alors la le prix est tres raisonnable. 
Merci OMNO”

Pacific Round


What does an ATC do?

An ATC or Automatic Tool Changer is made use of in CNC router machines so that their tool carrying capacity and productivity may be increased. By quickly changing the tools, it reduces the amount of time that the CNC machine is idle and allows for easy working with various tools.

Once a tool change command is received by the machine, the tool that needs to be changed will come to the fixed ‘tool change position’ of the machine. Then, the arm of the Automatic Tool Changer will pick up the tool from this position. The arm has a gripper on each side that shifts between the magazine and turret. One gripper picks up the old tool from the turret position while the other picks up the new tool from the magazine. A 180° rotation is then done to place the tools into the desired position.

Types of Automatic Tool Changer?

ATC machines can be of two main types based on the magazine shape. The carousel type and linear type are the two types of ATC available.

How does ATC improve the productivity?

On a simple CNC router machine, just a single tool can be used. Turrets that require switching among many tools will benefit from an Automatic Tool Changer.

With a CNC router machine that has ATC functionality, a magazine stores the range of tools required.

This makes it possible for the machine to operate by switching between several tools without the need for an operator.

This automation reduces the amount of time that the machine spends idle, thereby increasing productivity. S

everal tools can be stored in the magazine, and tools are automatically returned when their use for the task is completed.

Large and heavy tools can also be easily changed with the help of the ATC.

Besides saving the time taken to change tools, the machine has a higher configuration than a non-ATC router.

Whether it is the system, machine frame, servo motor and driver, or transmission, ATC offers advanced features that help to increase productivity, accuracy, and speed of work.

It also reduces the maintenance cost and increases the lifetime of the machine.

The ATC’s main parts are:

  • Base
  • Tool holder
  • Support arm
  • Gripper arm
  • Tool magazines

Are ATC CNC router machines more reliable?

Yes, ATC CNC router machines are more reliable than other CNC router machines due to the automation involved.

They are also more accurate and provide faster results than other CNC router machines. This is due to the Japan-made servo driver and motor present in the ATC configured machine.

It has a more advanced control system Syntec than a non-ATC router system. Its transmission system and machine frame also have a more solid construction and offer greater precision.

There are, however, some considerations to make when using an ATC CNC router machine.

For the machine to function efficiently, it is important that the tooling can be centered. The changer needs to be able to grab it as well as self-disengage easily.

What softwares are compatible with?

Most softwares are compatible with this Industrial CNC router with ATC,  includes: Aspire, Vcarve, Fusion360, Autodesk etc.

How should I maintain CNC Router Machine?

To ensure your CNC router machine lasts long, it is important to practice the following maintenance tips:

  • Clean it regularly after each usage.
  • Make sure an ideal external environment is maintained (not too humid and at room temperature).
  • Lubricate it regularly to prevent it from wearing out.
  • Make sure there is enough cooling water for the proper functioning of the spindle motor.
  • Check the computer connected to the machine.
  • Follow the maintenance schedule recommended for the machine.
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 4 reviews
Dec 5, 2022
 by Simon

Our CNC router works great. We have used it 2.5 years now and working with it every day. It has not failed us and is one of our most reliable machines.

I also reccomended your company to my frined in Estonia and he ordered a water jet cutting machine from you. So if you need some reference in Europe you can give my contact.

Andres Vega
Nov 10, 2022
 by Andres Vega

Hello. I bought from you guys the ATC 4x8 CNC machine. The machine has been great. And we are now looking into getting a second one.I’m interested in leaning more about your cabinet machine CNC machine. What size of paneling does it hold. You you have a specs sheet and pricing that I can review?

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