CNC Stair Stringer Machining

balustrade - Column & Balustrade

OMNI presents CNC turner series includes cnc router 12S cnc router with 12 spindles & rotary device, 1500 cnc router, single spindle & rotary device indexed. These products are designed mainly for staircase stuff, profile statue, furniture & cabinet feet, kitchen island legs, table legs, chair legs, newel posts, sofa leg, Buddha profile, corbel, modillion, baseball bat, crafts etc.

User Project
8abfea 6e9a9724b99b46eeaf4b6b8b0d9a13e1 495x400 - Column & Balustrade
20141219015502391 495x400 - Column & Balustrade
blustard min 495x400 - Column & Balustrade
Product Suggest

OMNI1500A allows machining of parts in the round. The rotary device (rotary attachment), or you may call it 4th axis indexer is like a smart lathe. It makes the rotation of the part the fourth axis of control. This means that you can profile objects in the way you might with a traditional lathe, but you can also do ornamental turning and free-form carving in the round.

OMNI 12S CNC Router is capable processing different columns, irregular objects with various diameter. It suits high volumn production, and one machine’s working capacity is equal to 36 worker’s for one day.