Small and medium-sized shops can take full advantage of the CNC process to not only compete with larger automated shops, but also create value-added parts that stand out from the competition.

OMNI CNC routers are ideal for machining cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid wood furniture, panel furniture, windows, tables, chairs, and more.

With OMNI CNC routers, you can reduce lead times and minimize material handling with software nesting capabilities.

If you need to engrave multiple components or multiple locations, CNC allows you to consistently apply the same design time after time.

Designed to meet diverse and complex machining needs, this machine is extremely versatile, including milling, drilling, cutting, flank milling and sawing.

An automatic loading and unloading table saves time on material loading and part collection. Save on labor costs.


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ATC CNC Router

ATC CNC routers, because of their automatic tool changing function, are extensively used in manufacturing industries for furniture, wooden doors, cabinet doors, computer desks, mahjong tables, wooden loudspeaker enclosures, etc.

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Cabinetry & Casegoods Making CNC Router

Since loading and unloading the CNC router is labor intensive and time consuming, Sheets of material are easily damaged whilst being loaded on to the machine bed and completed pieces are also prone to damage as they are being removed from the machine.


Speeding Up the Manufacturing Process

CNC cabinetry machines allow manufacturers to work at a much faster speed to deliver the same standard of products and without the added need for skilled labor resources

The machine is ready to go as soon as it receives its instructions from the computer and the manufacturer supplies the raw materials. This means that you can fabricate parts much faster, as there’s no manual labor or excessive downtime required. Some machines can even operate 24/7.

Eliminating Human Error and Inconsistencies

CNC machines can produce cabinetry parts and replicate multiple parts that are virtually identical with high precision cnc tools.

If you own cabinetry shop, it is good option for companies building complex patterns and high precision parts. Since cabinets require different parts to fit together perfectly. With CNC machinery, you can make almost any object and replicate it over and over—even if it’s incredibly complex and detailed.

Reducing Manufacturing Costs Over Time

Using fewer resources and labor also leads to cost savings.

When you conserve your resources, you can either reinvest what you saved into manufacturing more parts or you can reduce the retail price of your end product to gain a competitive advantage and attract customers.

Short delivery time and higher quality final products can get you more customers and be more competitive in your cabinetry market.

Scaling Up Production

CNC cabinetry machine can be rather helpful if you scale up the production when your maket is bigger. it’s easy to fabricate more parts using a CNC machine.
Moreover, the quality and consistency of your products remain exactly the same whether you’re building just a few parts or thousands. You can decide exactly how many parts you need at any given moment and reduce excess inventory.

It’s also very easy to make a part again, even years after you first manufactured it. As long as you have the design stored securely in the CNC software, you can return to it as often as you’d like.


Nested Cabinet Parts
Cut Rabbets
Profile-Cut Completed Panel
RTA Cabinet BoxesCut DadosShape Doors
Cut Drawer Boxes and FrontsCut ShelvesCustom 3D Designs Carved Into Door Fronts




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User Project

” I milled 14 sheets of material in approximately five hours. That is for 30 cabinets complete with adjustable shelves. With almost zero scrap. This machine will pay for itself on the one job with the amount of labor that I have saved.” 

— Jeff Elders from CA, USA


Share some Cabinetry Shop Using Experience?

If you own a cabinet-making shop. I recommend the OMNI Industrial ATC CNC router. It cuts one sheet while you put the previous one together. It more than doubles your productivity.

For a mid-sized firm, the way you’re doing things may be faster with an OMNI ATC cnc router.

Cabinetry cnc router is recommended for big shops. It incorporates an automatic tool changer, an automatic loading and unloading system, a drill bank, and a saw. Cabinet cutting and drilling may be done quickly and efficiently using these functions. Not only can the sheet be cut, but also the shelf, slide, and hinge holes.

There are very few faulty components when utilizing cabinet software. Everything comes together like a jigsaw puzzle after you dial everything in.

When using a cabinet software, there are extremely few incorrect pieces. Once you dial everything in, everything fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. It’s quicker and saves material for a one-time bespoke item. CNC with a solid software will pay for itself whether you operate a small or large shop for everyday box construction.

The run time each sheet is 5-15 minutes, plus 2-4 minutes to unload and load a fresh sheet. There is no secondary machining. Edge banding occurs while the following sheet is being processed. You might use an approach that combines the blind dado and Rafix to complete. Then assemling can be very fast.

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