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Omni digital cutting machine (also called flatbed cutter) transcends the limitations of traditional cutting methods, catering to a wide spectrum of materials and applications. Whether you’re a seasoned designer, an enthusiastic crafter, or an industrial professional, this versatile powerhouse seamlessly handles a diverse range of materials, from delicate fabrics to sturdy cardboard, empowering you to bring your creative ideas to life with ease.


  • Sign & Graphics
  • Printing & Packaging
  • Automotive Interior
  • Exhibits & Fixtures
  • Upholstery
  • Apparel
  • PET Felt Acoustic Panels Cutting
  • Composites



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Versatile Cutting Head for Diverse Needs

  • Oscillating Knife: Ideal for delicately cutting fabrics, intricate designs, and thin materials.
  • Tangential Knife: Precisely cuts through thicker materials like cardboard, rubber, and composites.
  • Creasing Wheel: Creates crisp fold lines on paper, cardboard, and others without cutting through the surface.
  • Punching Knife: Produces clean, circular holes, including labels, tags, and packaging.
  • Drag Knife: Smoothly cuts through vinyl, decals, and other adhesive materials.
  • Bevel Cutting Knife: Add dimension and depth with angled cuts and bevels.
  • Router Bits: Engrave, carve, and mill wood, acrylic, aluminium and plastics.


At the heart of the Omni digital cutting machine lies a sophisticated linear guide and rack pinion transmission system, meticulously engineered to deliver unmatched precision and cutting accuracy.

This cutting-edge technology ensures that every cut, from delicate details to intricate patterns, is executed with unparalleled sharpness and consistency.

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Integrates cutting ways of vibrating cutter, circular cutter, milling cutter, pressing wheel and other tools.

Besides, it integrates automatic feeding, ultra-wide segmentation cutting, circular punching without direction, V-shaped punching with direction, brush processing and red light positioning.


The Omni digital cutting machine utilizes high-precision servo motors and drives to deliver exceptional cutting speed and accuracy.

This advanced technology ensures that every cut is executed with unwavering precision, even at demanding speeds.

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Omni digital cutting machine’s robust frame structure provides the unwavering stability and support necessary to deliver precise cuts, intricate designs, and flawless shapes with unparalleled accuracy.


A wear-resistant material hold-down system and felt table, meticulously designed to maintain elasticity and toughness even after prolonged cutting tasks. This exceptional durability ensures that the cutting surface remains stable and consistent, providing a steadfast foundation for achieving precise cuts with unwavering accuracy.

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“The machine has arrived safely and we have commissioned it without any problems and we have already cut several products with the oscillating knife. Despite not being in a crate there was not any damage during transit – it turns out the gantry was longer than the container is wide so it had to be removed for shipping. All the wiring for the motors had connectors which assembled easily and we did not find any loose wires or other similar problems.

The machine is very solid and well built and with good components so I am sure it will last for many years. Be warned though that the gantry is very heavy and we needed a forklift truck to put it into place. We went for the Syntec 11MB controller and I am very impressed with it and the ease with which you can modify macros etc. to customize the machine to your needs – much easier than a Fanuc.

Overall our purchase has worked out very well and you could not buy a similar machine in Europe for anywhere near the same money.”   

Simon from the UK

The comment is from


Die cutting vs. digital cutting?

Both die cutting and digital cutting can help you create the shapes that you want.

In die cutting, a rectangular or square sheet of paper or cardstock that has the printed artwork on it is used.

This sheet is then put in a machine loaded with a punch block or custom made die. The die and the printed sheet are pressed together by the machine. This results in the shape of the blade being cut into the material.

Instead of a physical die, digital cutting makes use of a blade that cuts desired shapes by following a computer programmed path.

The arm of the machine can be fitted with cutting, scoring, and milling attachments, and there is a flat table area for the material to be cut. The arm then moves along the computer programmed path to create the desired shapes.

What materials digital cutter can cut?

Carpet, Felt, Foam, Closed Cell Foam, Fiberglass Insulation, Composites, Gasket Materials, Rubber, Fabric, Honeycomb Cardboard, Single-ply Cloth/Fabric, Corrugated Cardboard/Paperboard, Vinyl Veneers, Snowboard, Corrugated Plastic, Leather Goods, wood veneer for inlay/marquetry artwork, Carbon fiber pre-preg laminates for aerospace, military, and automotive components i.e.

Why digital cutting?

Digital cutting offers several advantages over die cutting.

Die cutting may save you time and prove to be a cost-effective method if you’re looking to trim a large volume of small items.

However, digital cutting is a much better option if you want to create intricate shapes and trim a small volume of large format designs. It also works better on tough materials like foam board, Forex, and R-board.

With a digital cutter, you won’t have to spend time or money on procuring a custom die.

There is also flexibility in the type of materials and number of shapes that you can work with. D

igital cutting also offers high design potential and leads to an improvement in production costs. The automated processes make handling a lot easier and will give you the results you desire.

What is the cost of this digital cutting machine?

The CNC Digital Cutting system will cost you US$10,000 to US$30,000 around according to the different working size, different cutting tools and vision system etc . You can request a free quote from us here.

How to select a digital cutting machine?

Take the following aspects into consideration before you choose a digital cutting machine:

  • Cost – Consider your budget before selecting a digital cutting machine. You can get a free quote to determine if the cost of the machine fits your budget.  
  • Versatility and materials – A digital cutting machine can help you cut a variety of materials including film, cardboard, leather, fabric, carpet, and technical material. A machine with spindle will help you cut fragile materials like fabric as well as hard material like aluminum, copper, and other metals. 
  • Size and portability – Taking machine size into consideration will ensure it fits into the workspace you have to use the machine in. A larger machine is needed to cut larger materials.  
  • Ease of use – You need to make sure the machine you pick is easy to operate, both in terms of the learning curve of the software as well as the amount of support available to you. 

What can I do with the software?

The machine software helps to increase productivity and efficiency by automating the cutting process. It is useful for pattern design, materials planning, nesting, quality control, cutting machine, and assembly.

  • The design features make it possible to digitize existing physical patterns or make new ones.
  • By automatically nesting one or more patterns, the material can be used efficiently, saving production time and minimizing waste.
  • By transferring the nesting program to the cutting machine, shapes can be cut into the material more accurately, minimizing wastage and labor while improving the quality.

How to use a digital die cutting machine?

  • Turn the machine on by pressing the green button. 
  • Once you see the program file for cutting, save it in PLT format. 
  • Open the saved file in the software used and transfer it to the control panel of the machine. 
  • On the machine screen, click origin to shift the head to the mechanical position. 
  • Then select ‘to zero’ for the workpiece origin of your choice and choose the direction arrows. 
  • Click ‘set zero’ after that and choose the ‘frame’ shaped button. 
  • Turn on the air pump by pressing absorb and set it to 8 pcs of vacuum zone. Press clamp to control the vacuum zones individually. The last zone must always be on, but other zones can be turned off as needed. 
  • Framing out of the working area will start the work. 
  • Adjust the cutter based on your needs and confirm the process for the machine to start cutting. 

Are there any running costs associated with the machine?

There are running costs associated with the machine. These include the cost of energy consumption, maintenance, repair, and depreciation costs. 

How should you maintain your digital cutting machine?

  • Cleaning the machine regularly is essential to maintain it.
  • You should also run a routine inspection of the machine following the recommended maintenance schedule. 
  • Running pressure and heat checks will help you identify any issues with the machine easily so that they can be dealt with.  
  • Proper handling of the machine is also necessary for you to maintain it. Follow the machine manual for this.
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Milos Bekcic
Nov 16, 2022
 by Milos Bekcic
Milos Bekcic

I hope you are well.
We are very satisfied with CNC. All things work perfect.
If we need anything, we will contact you.

Scott Smith
Nov 16, 2022
 by Scott Smith
Scott Smith

Yes machine is working awesome, cut alot of stencils out for our team.

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