You need a cnc machine for makerspace. A well stocked makerspace is not complete without CNC machines.

Why? CNC machine can cut almost any material at any size fast and precisely. This is unparalleled by any other tools.

Then what is CNC machine? CNC stands for computer numerical control, which means that all machines in this category fabricate parts are computationally controlled.

What can you do with a cnc router machine for makerspace anyway? As you will see below images and videos, it can be used for everything from precision cutting of signs & designs, to full-scale fabrication of components. In fact, with software, Middle School and Junior High students are capable of running them from initial design through whole cutting process.

So, for being more clear, here we list what some makerspaces do with cnc router, who purchased omni cnc router from worldwide.

CNC Router Make Learning More Fun

1 1 1030x1030 - Makerspace CNC Machine

SteamLab from Canada

Matt Guthrie is working on a whole bunch of wooden planter box for the Centre for Social Innovation thanks to our handy little CNC. Just another project in progress in the works at STEAMLabs!

preview - Makerspace CNC Machine

MakerSkills Club

MakerSkills Club is a place to find instruction, fun activities, professional development, and like-minded creative people to learn with.

A guided introduction to CNC prototyping using the Omni CNC Mill and the software Vcarve. Learn the basics of designing and programming basic computerized cuts on this amazing machine.

TTL Makerspace

TTL Makerspace is a place to learn, access resources and workspace, and grow as a creator.

“The OMNI 1350 is a serious CNC tool, capable of milling full-sized 4′ x 8′ sheets, but precise enough for delicate jewelry.”

101538372 3264758033574788 7470449420677414912 n 1 - Makerspace CNC Machine
274037662 5234151433302095 4314341257674984978 n 1 - Makerspace CNC Machine

The Omni would be just a normal traditional CNC router but with the addition of HCL’s Camworks post processor the Omni is now capable of 2D and 3D machining. Not just straight forward cutting, but the delicate machining of 3D features such as fillets and other complicated geometry.

164783288 127588166039405 5502828537046841652 n 1030x653 - Makerspace CNC Machine

CNC Machine Make Lessons More Fun!

basic 650x366 - Makerspace CNC Machine

Entry Level 4′ * 8′ CNC Router

The most verstatile and affordable CNC router machine. The powerful spindle (up to 9 kW) cuts through a wide range of materials, from foam and plastic to wood, composite and non-ferrous metal.

Industrial CNC Router

OMNI Industrial ATC (Auto Tool Change) CNC router features our 8-12 pieces tool magazine with a 9 kW/12 HP HSD spindle. This machine is ideal for light to heavy-duty manufacturing, such as 3D foam, signage, wood, stone, and metalworking.

CNC Router 650x366 - Makerspace CNC Machine
sign laser cutting machine - Makerspace CNC Machine

CO2 Laser Machine

Budget Friendly

OMNI provides a range of working size CO2 laser enraving machines for acrylic, pattern, pvc, wood etching, pumpkin shadow carving, board engraving, puzzle cutting, and other applications.