Marine fenders are a type of marine equipment that are used to prevent boats, ships and other vessels from colliding against each other or against docks, wharves and piers.

Marine fenders are important marine equipment as they prevent loss to the body of a boat or a ship. Marine fenders, in today’s times are employed in such a way that they are kept on the hull or the head of a boat or a ship in order to prevent casualty to the hull or the head of the naval vessel if there is any collision happening between boats. However, at the same time, marine fenders are also employed in piers, docks, wharves and other regular boat entrance and exit points on a permanent basis.

RubberFenders1024x575 1024x430 - Enhancing Dock Safety by Installing Rubber Defense

This permanent fixing of marine fenders help because, in case there is a heavy traffic of boats passing through from a particular dockyard, and there is an accident or a collision then the casualty to the boat and the dockyard will be both minimised to a great extent.

Fender systems have been devised in order to protect all vehicles from damage caused due to accidents. The defenses favor the docking of ships in port eliminating the danger when approaching to the docks.

One of OMNI customer purchased cnc router to drill holes on the marine fender board, then install them on the port. See below the rubber fender drilling video by cnc router machine, which the video is sent from omni client.