STARCAM 845x423 - StarCAM

StarCAM CNC Software

STARCAM-CNC plasm cutting mchine software system consists of three modules, including drawing module (StarCAD), nesting
module (StarCUT) and numerical control code emulation module (StarTEST).

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Each of which can not only run independently but also call each other, and support numerical control program of the controlling machine of multiple kinds of numerical control cutting equipment, in which,

Interacting parameter drawing:
User can choose any operation type by choice boxes in convenience while coordinate figures adopt interactive input. Pop-up input of former edition is canceled as the interacting operation is strong and easier to handle.

Drawing module can do operations for cut parts,such as drawing making, editing, zooming, copying, arraying, revolving and so on. Also it supports import and export operation for CAD graph files with other formats, such as CAM, DXF, DWG and IGES, and does optimization processing for CAD graphs. Besides it can generate machining codes needed by both cutting path and numerical control machining.

Nesting module can do nesting of several or batch parts in rectangle or excess plate, not only improving the utilization ratio of plate but also with high speed and high efficiency. It supports manual nesting, matrix nesting, interactive nesting and excess plate nesting, and quickly generates numerical control codes needed by multiple kinds of numerical control cutting equipment.

Emulation module can do graph emulation in computer for NC codes generated by the
above-mentioned two modules, and do single step run and step-by-step emulation, also edit and modify NC codes in the process of emulation, test and verify the correctness and rationality of NC codes, so as to improve production efficiency.