Recently, there is one U.S. customer purchased cnc router from OMNI. Did he aware of  how we delivery cnc router by sea? I am not sure. Well, what he encountered gave me some hint.

Let’s call him D. The PLACE OF DELIVERY he chose is GREVILLE, here note that it is not PORT OF DISCHARGE, is PLACE OF DELIVERY.

Port of discharge can be a destination sea port, where in Place of delivery be at an inland location away from port of discharge.

If you chose PLACE OF DELIVERY, before the goods arrive at the PORT OF DISCHARGE, you should prepare the customs clearance document and send to the broker.

If you are new to these, you could find the broker list on the customs and patrol website for registered one for each port.

Well, Mr. D is new to this , and did not know he could arrange his broker and so he use OMNI’s carrier as his broker, and thought this was arranged by OMNI.

Of course neither know what is reasonable customs clearance fee and thought the carrier charged him a lot and thought this was arranged by OMNI and submitted complaint to OMNI.

The priod of customs clearance mets the Christmas and New Year, is slow for transfering to Railway, which chosed by Mr. D.. Actually, trucking is more fast, well, this also be complained.

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Well, this reminds me that we should post more info about the shipping, and this may helpful for any one in U.S. who import cnc machine from China.

Before you knowing the basic logistics info, do not forget to read CNC Router Buyer Guide.

Shipping is important thing after you confirm the goods supplier. What is the common process if you import goods to U.S. or Canada?

CONTAINER LOADING SIZE: Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than a Container Load (LCL)

When deciding on your import to the US, you can choose to either ship Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL).

This depends on the size of your shipment. The general rule is to opt for an FCL if you’ll be occupying more than half of the container space.

Likewise, choosing LCL would be the more cost-effective option if you don’t have that much cargo.

Many importers prefer FCL simply for the freedom and flexibility of greater control and lesser risk, which just at higher cost.

Do not worry if you are not familiar with this. OMNI sales engineer will calculate it for you for suitable one.

LCL FCL - 5 Basic Logistics knowledge Must Learn While Ordering CNC Machine


The Incoterms under which merchandise will be sent is decided by the shipper and the consignee. It determines the cost liabilities related to the shipment. Some of the more common Incoterms used as a US importer are:

• Freight on Board (FOB)
• Ex Works (EXW)
• Cost and Freight (CFR)
• Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF)
• Delivered Duty Paid (DDP); Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU)
• Delivered at Place (DAP)

INCOTERMS - 5 Basic Logistics knowledge Must Learn While Ordering CNC Machine
We usually suggest FOB, EXW, CIF. If you are new on importer experience, we suggest you CIF and we or the freight forwarder will manage the shipment for you, if is medium, suggest CIF or FOB, if you are veteran, then whatever incoterm you like.

Remark: Insurance?
Marine insurance is very cheap, rough US$50-US$100 based on the shipment invoice value.
There’s no reason not to have your consignment insured with a little additional money. It will cover the transportation damage, but please note it doesn’t cover any quantity or quality issue.


Find your nearest sea port: Port of Los Angeles, Long Beach,georgia Ports, Port of Seattle-Tacoma
Major sea port we could accept: Qingdao (Prefer) , Tianjin, Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou.

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Qingdao to USA EAST 20 days
Qingdao to USA West 30 days

As for sea cargo transportation out of China, there’s only a very rough idea showing above. Please note that there maybe 5~10 days differences in practical transportation, vary from different loading port, different destination port, and different carriers.

ETDs and ETAs are NEVER guaranteed by the sea carrier and are subject to change at any time.

Also keep in mind that it can take upto 7 days before the cargo is loaded at the loading port. The same thing is true at the destination port, 1 week or more for discharge and dispatch.

Transportation by ocean is quite slow, which means you need to do some planning, and have generous margins for the possible delays.

Besides, OMNI cnc router only made-to-order, considering the environment inspection in China.

We suggest 3 months in advance. For example. If you need your goods ready before the Christmas season, you’d better place your order in August or even earlier.


The consignee is then responsible to file entry documents to the customs, arrange for payment of any duties, taxes, and other fees.

Finally it’s time to pick up and to-door delivery from the discharge port by yourself or through a trucking company.


It’s so complicated and you’d perter find a customs broker for importing cnc router machine from China assistance.

Smooth clearance can avoid further unnecessary detention and demurrage fees.As I mentioned above, you could find a registered broker list on the customs and patrol website if you are personal importing or without importer Record No..

They may require scan your social security card and driver’s licence for personal goods, require IRS No. for company goods.


Remark: After several days after you offer your social security ID or IRS No., you may received email or call that you need to fil ISF10+2 form.

And you also need purchase BOND. If you often import goods, you may purchase CONTINUOUS BOND, also called ANNUAL BOND.

If not, you could purchase SINGLE BOND plus ISF BOND.

Take example in Long Beach port, as the data from internet, the CONTINUOUS BOND fee is $500 for goods value under $100,000. The Minimum SINGLE BOND is $50, Each value of more than $ 1000, an increase of $ 5. And ISF BOND fee Minimum fee is $90 per bill under value of $100,000. The Duty is around 2% – 6% of goods value, different state is with different duty.


You gonna wait for the vendor’s agent to arrange the pickup by the trucking company.

The cnc router machine importing will be trucked to the freight depot.

You could drive your truck or hire a truck to pick up the crate to delivery it to your door.

You gonna use forklift when the truck arrive at.

Below are: Suresh pickup omni cnc router machine in New Zealand, Franck delivery omni cnc plasma cutting machine to his door by his own truck, and Dang pick up omni cnc router to his door in California.

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