Import CNC Router & Laser to USA From China

import cnc machine from china

If you plan to purchase cnc machine from China, whatever as a company or personal, knowing which CNC machine factories are trustworthy and how to import cnc machine from China is very important.

This post includes 3 parts:

CNC Router Workshop 4 - Import CNC Router & Laser to USA From China

What CNC Machines OMNI Offer

industrial cnc router - Import CNC Router & Laser to USA From China


A number of variations of CNC Routers omni offer, including 3 axis CNC router, 4 and 5-Axis CNC Routers, are available, which can help carve designs at high precision.

fiber laser cutter - Import CNC Router & Laser to USA From China


Designed for high precision metal sheet and pipe cutting.

Designed for metal fabrication, sign and other metal instrument industries.

Digital and Laser Cutting Machine 650x366 - Import CNC Router & Laser to USA From China


Designed to cut soft material with an auto conveyor system. It could cut fabric, leather, carpet, film with roll feed stand.

water jet 1030x644 - Import CNC Router & Laser to USA From China


Cut almost any material to 8″ (200 mm) thick at maximum cutting speeds with minimum Capital Outlay.

Image 5 650x366 - Import CNC Router & Laser to USA From China


CNC Plasma Cutters are also used in many workshops to create decorative metalwork. For instance, commercial and residential signage, wall art, address signs, and outdoor garden art.

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How to Import CNC Router & Laser to USA?

Importing cnc machines from China—commonly called “the factory of the world” due to Integrated domestic supply chain, Efficient logistics, and wealth of industry experience, lower labor cost.

It can boost your factory’s profitability by increasing your margins and making customized cnc machine more accessible.

You may do not have experience of importing machine from China. And may have some questions in your mind, here starts with several simple declaration.

For products, transport, customs, and brokerage services
A license or permit
For most goods—although certain high-risk products are regulated by government agencies that require licensing
Power Supply
At least have power supply at your workshop
United States Residency
Looking for suppliers in China, confirm machine details and shipping
Knowledge of Chinese Canguages
A Registered Business

Then we come to study the importing steps from China




  • SEARCH ENGINE: Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • B2B Platform: Global Source, Thomasnet, DirectIndustry, Alibaba, Made-in-China
  • Trade Show
  • Customs Data


By taking advantage of above resources, you may found lots of potential suppliers. Now, you may have another question: how do I know who to work with?

Here is our suggestion: In your search for Chinese trade partners, look for suppliers that:

  • Have long term experience with the CNC router, laser machine
  • Have a well-established reputation and professional operation
  • Provide after-sales support and/or warranty services
  • Have all applicable certificates needed in USA, like FDA.
  • Already export to your country and can provide references
  • Give you reasonable payments terms

OMNI has been in CNC router, laser, plasma, water jet industry over 10 years. As you can see some of cnc machine users from USA for reference.

OMNI has rich experience on the custom cnc router building, can meet you specific demand which some of other cnc suppliers may can not.



What information you need to confirm with cnc machine supplier?

  • Machine Specifications
  • Lead times
  • Payment terms
  • Packaging
  • Shipping terms

Machine Specifications

  • Working Dimension
  • Cutting Head Brand & Power
  • Driving Motor power
  • Transmission Size
  • Controller Specification
  • Accessories

Lead Time

Estimated production time. Since 2020, the delivery time may be changed because of COVID-19 restrictions of different countries and areas and the ship company arrangement.

Payment Term

Usually people prefer T/T (Telegram Transfer) and LC ( Letter of Credit) . You may also could choose PAYPAL, Western Union and other ways espeically when is personal purchasing.


Note that the machines at least be covered with multi-layers films for protecting from humidity on the sea.

When you choose LCL ( Less Than Container Load), note the package should be free-fumigation wooden case.

Shipping Term

I believe you can get all these terms defination of EXW, FOB, CIF, CFR, DDU. etc.

Below are main Incoterms used for importing CNC machines are:

FOB – Free Onboard (or Freight On Board): Indicates that the seller’s responsibilities end when the goods board the ship leaving the port of origin. On FOB, the seller manages inland transportation, loading, export customs clearance, and port expenses. The buyer selects the carrier and shipping route and manages import customs clearance and expenses. Usually, this is the best and most cost-effective option for new importers.
EXW – ExWorks: Indicates that the seller’s responsibilities end once the goods are made available to the buyer at the manufacturing site or warehouse facility. In other words, once the order is packaged for shipment, it’s up to you to handle the rest. If you are new for importing, do not suggest this way.
CIF – Cost, Insurance, Freight: Indicates that the seller is responsible for insuring the goods up until they arrive at the buyer’s port of destination. The seller also handles inland transportation, loading, and export customs clearance. The seller is in control of the carrier and shipping route, but the buyer manages import customs clearance and expenses. Buyer do not need to handle the shipping, just wait for be informed by the shipper and prepare for the payment of customs declaration.

Whatever which shipping term you choose, do not forget to buy insurance.



For cnc machine, usually the large size machine, we all suggest you choose SEA Freight for transportation.

Because it is the cheapest way for large format size goods.

Usullay, it takes 12–16 days to the west coast, 30–42 days to the east coast.

If arrange the door-to-door transportation, usually it takes 22-50 days (includes customs and inland transportation).



As we mentioned before, you don’t need an import license to import cnc machine into the US from China. However, to obtain clearance from CBP (Customs and Border Protection), you must take the necessary entry, examination, valuation, classification, and clearance measures. And of course, these can be handle by the broker.

The customs process, costs, and requirements vary depending on the value of your shipment, as shown below.

ec477999729efd6ba78899bfa01d9ad - Import CNC Router & Laser to USA From China
US duty, from fitssmallbusiness

How much is the tariff (Import Duty) for cnc machine?

Shipments below the United States’ de minimis value of $800 are duty-free.

U.S customs calculate the tariff by different HS code of cnc machines. Here are the list:

CNC Router 84649090

DUTY 2% +Trump Tariff 25%+ HMF 0.125%=27.125% (TOTAL)

Laser Cutting Machine 84561000

DUTY 28.5% =28% (TOTAL)

Water Jet Cutting Machine 84560000

DUTY 2.5% +TrumpTariff 25%+ HMF 0.125%+MPF0.346%=27.971% (TOTAL)

We have to say, even there is trump tariffs, cnc machines made in China price is still 30% – 60% of equal cnc machine selling in USA.

Import duties are paid to the port of entry, prior to release of your cargo. Accepted forms of payment include US currency, personal checks, government checks, money orders, and travelers’ checks. Some ports also accept Visa and Mastercard.

Enetry Requirements & Document

Informal Entry

Shipments valued at less than $2,500 don’t require formal entry—they are processed through informal entry, which can be done on the spot.

In these situations, the shipping company can clear them through customs on your behalf—although it often incurs a charge. Or, you can process the entry at the port yourself or authorize another party to do so for you.

Formal Entry

Cargo with a value of $2,500 or more must be filed as a formal entry. This requires some documentation as well as a Surety bond . Generally, it’s advisable to hire a customs broker for filing formal entries.

you’ll be notified five days from the cargo’s expected arrival.

Document needed:

  • Bill of Lading: Offered by Shipper
  • Invoice: Offered by Seller
  • Packing List: Offered by Seller
  • Arrival Notice: Issued by the shipping carrier and authorized by a U.S. Customs Agent.

If your shipment is a formal entry, you’ll also need a customs bond.

A customs bond is a lawful contract between you (the principal), a surety business, and also CBP. Its objective is to ensure that the importer adheres to customs policies which CBP is paid for suitable import responsibilities, tax obligations, penalties, and also fines

The CBP will accumulate from the guaranty company that issued the bond if the principal does not pay up. From there, the surety firm can use lawful methods to collect what is owed to them. When a bond is called for, Customs will certainly not release the goods till the bond is published and governing needs are met.

To get a customs bond, you must experience a guaranty licensed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury– which includes several customs brokers. To obtain even more info and a complete list of guaranties, visit the CBP’s webpage on customs bonds


Customs brokers serve importers by functioning as intermediaries between you and also pertinent agencies, preparing as well as submitting needed files, correctly classifying products, and providing tailored consulting. And also, many customs brokers offer bonds as well as are also agents for guaranties.

Utilize the CBP’s totally free device to discover a customs broker near your local port of entrance. You can likewise get in touch with the CBP Broker Management Branch by emailing


Getting Your Imported Goods

Once your machines have actually been gotten rid of with customs and all parties have been paid, the cargo needs to either be gotten or transferred to its last location.

Your machine would certainly arrive in a container with a range of various other deliveries if you shipped LCL (Less than Container Load). Commonly, after customs clearance, this container will be carried to a different place for destuffing. In these instances, you (or your freight forwarder) will be supplied with a secondary area near the original port.

If you shipped FCL (Full Container Load), the port of entry would be the location to utilize.

You’ll also be offered with a Cargo Control Number that serves as an one-of-a-kind identifier for your shipment. These details can then be utilized to get or ship the imported products.

Employing a cargo forwarder is the most usual means to take care of transportation to your final warehouse, workplace, or retail room. You can use a broker to arrange the domestic transportation.

IMG 20160802 WA0000 1030x579 - Import CNC Router & Laser to USA From China
Customs Clearance at Your Sea Port

You can bring your vehicle to the port or warehouse if you pick to get your items personally rather than have them delivered. Make sure to bring a percentage of cash to pay potential car parking, loading, and/or dock costs.


Please notice some machines may requir the related document. Like laser machine importing requires FDA certificate.

Remember to get FDA certificate from the vendor before placing order.


Importing goods from China is an GREAT method to boost earnings while drawing from a diverse and large pool of products. Despite the cost of tariffs, transportation, and also customs, the low prices you’ll hop on Chinese imports makes the purchase process more than beneficial.


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