It is pity to heard news that DelCAM does not offer outright sales for ARTCAM Express 2015 R2 anymore, only available for subscription model . Below is the message from Dillon Moulder, QA Engineer & Community Manager of AutoDESK.
” Welcome to the Autodesk Community and the new ArtCAM Forum!

Many thanks for your interest in ArtCAM software. ArtCAM Express was part of the ArtCAM 2015 R2 product range, but is not part of the ArtCAM 2017 product range. It is no longer possible to purchase ArtCAM Express 2015 R2, or any prior version of ArtCAM Express.

ArtCAM 2017 will be available in three different variants: Free, Standard and Premium. The free version of ArtCAM 2017 is already available to download from the ArtCAM website. ArtCAM Standard 2017 and ArtCAM Premium 2017 will be available to purchase on a monthly or annual subscription basis from the Autodesk Store shortly.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Otherwise, please be so kind as to accept my response as a solution.” 

Kind regards,

Dillon Moulder
QA Engineer & Community Manager


Considering above news, OMNI will stop offer ARTCAM express software, and we may consider TYPE3, Artcut or other versions of ARTCAM. For details, you may contact OMNI sales engineer to confirm.