OMNI CNC routers are ideally suited for residential and commercial woodworking, fabricating plastics and composites, shaping and inlaying solid surface, machining non-ferrous metals and more.

OMNI offer a wide range of CNC engraving machine, including laser engraving machine, 3 axis CNC router, 3d CNC Router, 4 axis CNC router, 5 axis CNC router, which can be processed wood, plastic, non-ferrous metal etc. Whether you’re looking for purchasing your first CNC router machine to start out in the engraving and cutting industry, or adding a second router CNC to your line, the OMNI is tailored to give you an affordable CNC router with meets your exact demand and budget since it is with over 100 configurations and ODM accept also.

OMNI strives to provide the best of what’s most important to our users – engraving and cutting quality, speed, reliability, and ease of use. By utilizing only the highest-quality components, OMNI affordable CNC routers are known worldwide for their reliability and performance, which translates into less down time and more profits for you.