How to Import CNC Machine to Australia from China

Planning to import cnc machine to Australia from China? Like cnc router, fiber laser, or plasma cutter, water jet cutting machine?

In this guide, we cover the basics that all Australian importers must know about product shipping options, customs duty calculation, sea freight, and, the China–Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA).

And of course, testimonials of omni customers in Australia.

What CNC Machines You Can Get from OMNI?

OMNI offer a series of cnc cutting machine, including

  • CNC Router
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • Digital Cutting Machine
  • Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Water Jet Cutting Machine
  • Laser Welding Robot

Is It Worth Importing CNC Machine to Australia from China?

In our experience yes! The selection of equipment and pricing of cnc machinery from China is vast.

As several customers feedback from OMNI customers in Australia, the total cost of purchasing cnc machine from OMNI is 1/3 to 1/2 of cost purchasing in local market.

What else? Learn more  reasons buying cnc machine from overseas.

What Is the Cost of Importing CNC machine into Australia from China?

The cost including below:

  • Freight
  • Insurance
  • Goods and services tax (GST)
  • Import Duties
  • Import Processing Charge
  • Customs Value (CVAL)

Goods & services tax (GST)

When importing most products into Australia, goods and services tax (GST) is levied.

This is true whether or not your company is GST registered.

Individuals importing from China (and elsewhere) must, in fact, pay GST.

The GST rate is 10% at the time of writing.

GST Import Cost Calculation

GST (10%) is calculated on top of the sum of the following:
Customs value (FOB Price) + Customs Duty + Shipping to Australia + Shipping Insurance

Here’s an example:
• Customs value (FOB Price) = AU$10,000
• Customs Duty = 5% x AU$10,000 = $500 (Duty is free for CNC router/Laser according to ChAFTA)
• Shipping = $500
• Insurance: $20
GST = 10% x ($10,000 + $500 + $500 + $20) = AU$1102

Import Duties

China–Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA)

The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) entered into force in 2015.

Since then, the agreement has eliminated tariffs on the vast majority of Chinese imports, resulting in no import duty on the vast majority of Chinese imports into Australia.

Previously, most Chinese-made products imported into Australia faced a 5% import duty.

However, the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) does not exempt Chinese imports from the import processing charge or GST.

Import Processing Charge to Australia from China

The Import Processing Charge is calculated based on the value of the customs declaration. However, unlike the Customs duty rate, the Import Processing Charge is a fixed cost rather than a percentage of the Customs value.

FOB Value: AU$1,000 to AU$10,000

  • Manual Declaration: AU$90
  • Electronic Declaration: AU$50

FOB Value: Above AU$10,000

  • Manual Declaration: AU$192
  • Electronic Declaration: AU$152

Customs Value

The Customs value (CVAL) is normally based on the FOB (Free on Board) price. These are some examples:

  • Unit cost
  • Transportation to and from the port of loading (i.e., Shenzhen or Hong Kong)
  • Cost of Export Clearance

As a result, the following items are excluded from the CVAL:

  • Delivery to Australia
  • Insurance for Shipping

Learn more about calculating the Customs Value (CVAL) when importing to Australia.

Import Doc of CNC Machine Importing to Australia from China

You will need below doc for customs clearance

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading
  • Packing Declaration

Above doc all offered by OMNI.

A packing declaration is a letter that informs Australian Customs and the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) about the packing material used in your goods. Only sea freight shipments require it.

OMNI will prepare a packing declaration for your LCL and FCL shipments


Usually, it costs US$30-60 per cubic meter for LCL goods. Take machine package as 10 Cubic Meters, the freight could be US$300-600.

Freight for LCL and FCL is different every month. Check with OMNI sales engineer or contact your local logistics companies to get quote.

Please beware that if supplier quote you FREE freight from China. If in this case, you will be charged extra fee at your sea port.

Total Import Tax Cost Calculation

  • Cost/ Tax
  • Customs Value (FOB)
  • Shipping Cost
  • Insurance Cost
  • GST (10%)
  • Import Processing Fee (Electronic)
  • Import Duty
  • Calculation
  • 10,000
  • 500
  • 30
  • 10% x (10,000 + 500 + 500 + 20)
  • 1 x 152
  • 0
  • 10,000+500+30+1102+152
  • Sum ( AU$)
  • 10,000
  • 500
  • 30
  • 1102
  • 152
  • 0
  • 11,632

HS Code

When  you import CNC machine to Australi from China, you need to file the goods catagory to customs.

This HS code is the type ID of machine.

  • CNC Router 8464909000
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Machine  8456110090
  • Plasma Cutting Machine 84569090
  • Water Jet Cutting Machine  84565000

How Long I Will Receive CNC Machine?

Usually production time is 5 days -2 months according to the machine configuration and if is custom made.

Occasionally, you could get the machine in stock during promotion season.

Besides production time, it takes 20 days around from China to Australia by sea, and 5-7 days by air.

Ports We Ship to in Australia

We can ship your cnc machinery to all of the main ports across Australia, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle.

We could arrange cargo agency to take care of all the Customs requirements for you, taking the hassle out of the equation.

How Long Does It Take to Ship CNC Machinery Imported from China?

Below are some main routs depatchs from our nearest port. These are indicative transit times , and does not include all shipping lines, containers, or part container options. Please contact us to discuss for your specific sea port.

  • Adelaide – 32D
  • Sydney – 23D
  • Brisbane – 30D
  • Fremantle – 30D
  • Melbourne – 25D
  • Kembla – 23D

How We Delivery CNC Machine to You?

Have You Ever Sold CNC Machine to Australia?

Yes. OMNI is with rich experience of delivery cnc machines to Australia.

See below some of OMNI customers in Australia.

How Would I Get Started?

Just contact us and let us know the type and model of cnc machine you are considering importing.

OMNI sales engineer will offer the suitable configuration according to your industry and demand.

Also, we can arrange the shipment, and clear customs at destination port if you need.