• marble prototype laser mach - Marble Engraving Laser Machine

Marble Engraving Laser Machine

This model is special designed for stone shadow carving, tomb engraving, marble engraving, stone engraving. The machine table is easily for operator to move stone material and with high capability for affording the force from stone



  • Laser marble&tomb&stone engraving machine is able to engrave the most detailed patterns you can imagine.
  • Limitless imagination, limitless design. As OMNI always say, your deisgn is only limited by your imagination. Laser marble&tomb&stone engraving and etching with a CO2 laser produces a beautiful frosted effect and with clean looking and without put physical pressure, allowing you to etch custom logos, letters, imagine, pattern and designs on stone surface.
  • Easy Operation. What you need to do is transfer your imagine or pattern with bmp, plt, jpg, tif, gif etc, then input to OMNI laser control system, then let glass and crystal laser engraving&etching machine to work on the glass and crystal like a laser printer.
  • Support file format PLT,BMP,DST,DSB,DXF, support vector-based file ouput from graphic sofrtware CorelDraw. And also support file from AutoCAD. CorelDraw and AutoCAD is the most popular design software, OMNI laser control system support file input from these two software.

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Working Area (mm) 1300×2600
Laser Power 80w 100w 130w
Laser Type Sealed CO2 laser tube
Working Platform Table For Marble
Working Speed ≤700mm/s
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Graphic format supported MP, PLT, DST, AI, and DXF
Cooling Mode Forced water-cooling and protection system
Power Supply AC110±10% ,50~60Hz, 10A max
Operating Temperature 0~45℃
Operating Humidity 5%~95%
Driving system Stepper
Option Double shift function
Video List
  • Main Machine ___________________1 piece
  • Laser Tube ____________________ 1 or 2pcs
  • Air Pump ______________________ 1 piece
  • Fan __________________________ 1 piece
  • Air Duct _______________________ 1-4pcs depends on machine size
  • Laser Machine Software___________ 1 piece

SPTA(Spare parts, tools, accessories)

  • Cleaning Fluid-100ml____________1 piece
  • Lens Wiper __________________  1 piece
  • Focus Distance Adjuster ________  1 piece
  • Ruler ________________________1piece
  • Tool Kit ______________________ 1piece
  • Cross Screwdriver _____________  2pcs
  • Straight Screwdriver-3*75_________1piece
  • Openend Wrench ______________  3pcs
  • Allen Key 3,4,5,6 _________________4 pcs total
  • Needle Nose Plier 6”______________ 1 piece
  • Oil Feeder ______________________ 1piece
  • Lens Spanner ____________________1piece

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