OMNI CNC, the trustworthy CNC router manufacture is undergoing a huge expansion with the motive to ensure excellent and amazing affordable benefits for its customers. We promote positive attitude to invent world class inventory, such as 4×8 CNC routers. Having solid steel frame structure, this sophisticated machine is among our top selling models for woodworking purpose at present.

4x8 CNC Routers - 4x8 CNC Routers at Omni CNC – Ensuring Long Lasting Performance

Some More Highlights of 4X8 CNC Routers

The machine finds its application in a range of industries due to multifarious advanced features it comprises:
• High range and frequency of around 4hp or 6hp spindle
• User friendly operator interface possessing DSP remote Control
• Approximately 3-axis motion controller
• Calibration via tool
• Dual Precision about Y axis servo drives or micro stepping
• Available in all sizes considering all kinds of needs


The Basic 4X8 CNC Router holds a sturdy configuration, which includes:

• Machine frame with extra thicken welded steel tubes
• HSD High Frequency Spindlewith 3kw power and no maintenance
• Tubular steel gantry with reinforcing ribs for smooth precision cutting
• Gantry support for housing assorted drive assemblies like bearings, motors, belts, etc
• Taiwan rail linear bearing with double slippers for steady working

Stepper Motors for High Positioning Precision

Among the other major configuration aspects of 4×8 CNC routers comprise:

• Dust Collector
• Mist Sprayer
• Vacuum Pump
• Vacuum Switches
• Popup Pin
• Workpiece Hold Down
• Control Cabinet
• Auto Pressure Plate


Besides high performance configuration that makes our 4×8 CNC routers in the hunt among the interested customers, it also includes various important accessories:
• 3.0 KW Spindle Motor
• DSP(USB) console panel
• CNC electronic control box
• Water pump (To cool the spindle)
• Connection cables


Our 4X8 CNC Routers undergo due trial and testing to serve a profusion of verticals including
• Sign & Advertising
• Construction industry
• Non-ferrous metals & Marine
• Plastics & composites, and so on

With such exclusive accessories, advances configuration and multifarious features, 4×8 CNC routers at our end simply excel and hold a long lasting impression on our clients.

If you also wish to buy one or more of these sophisticated machines, you can always browse our official website and approach our customer support team for further communication.