Build Quality Surfboard? You Need CNC Machine

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Did you know that in any given year, there are between 17 million and 35 million avid surfers riding the waves? When it comes to paddle boarding, the US alone has over 22 million stand-up paddle boarders. And don’t even get us started on fishing– it’s the third-most-popular pastime in the world today. 

It is this extreme popularity that has made water sports like paddle boarding, surfing and fishing extremely lucrative industries – particularly for board manufacturers. But just offering boards doesn’t help you get customers. Surfers, fishermen/women, and paddle boarders are extremely discerning about the quality of equipment they choose, and you’ll need to raise your production quality standards to meet their needs.

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Top 10 qualities customers look for in a water sports board

Just like any other water sport, fishing, surfing, and paddle boarding come with their own dangers. While the fatalities may be lower compared to other sports, they can turn dangerous if the correct boards aren’t used. 

But a board is considered “correct” when it is built the right way. This is why manufacturers need to construct boards using specifications that offer buyers safety, convenience and enjoyment. By doing so, you will be positioning yourself as the premier manufacturers of premium-quality paddle/surf/fishing boards. 

Surfers, stand-up paddle boarders, and fishermen/women consider ten important criteria when purchasing their boards: 

  • Material:

    When it comes to materials, all three water boards work great when made in composite foam. This material is light-weight, very buoyant, and quite thick. This offers protection, comfort, and convenience to the user.  Other materials that water sports boards can be made of include plastic, Kelvar, wood, and epoxy fiberglass.

  • Hull design:

    If surfboards and stand-up paddle boards are being purchased, customers look for planing hulls. These hulls are flat and wide and glide over the water, giving more stability to the user. Fishermen/women choose either the planing hull or displacement hull, depending on the type of water they intend to fish in and how much speed they need. 

  • SUP width:

    People with better stability & balance often choose to go for boards with a narrower SUP width because it offers faster speed. Typically, this will be between 32-34 inches for paddle boards and 18-22 inches for surfboards.  

  • Length, height, and weight of the board:

    Fishing planer boards are usually 8”-12”. Surfboards are usually 6’2”-7’2” and can sometimes be longer. Paddle boards are usually 10-11 feet in length. But again, these can vary depending on whether the speed is important to the user or stability. In terms of weight, lighter surf, paddle, and planer boards are better because they don’t drag as much in the water. 

  • Volume & thickness:

    Surfers typically look for surfboards that are 2¼″- 3¼″ thick, and paddle boarders look for paddle boards that are 5”-6” in thickness. Planer boards generally come in small sizes. But they must be heavy, so they’re not overturned by the fast movement or rough fish. 

  • Fin set up:

    People who use water sports boards in calm water and with limited movement can choose a board with less than three fins. But if they want to use the board in rough water or use the board extensively, then 3-5 finned boards are better. 

  • Construction

    The tail shape, nose shape, contour of the board, and other design/construction elements depend on the personal preferences and usage of the user. These features determine the speed, stability, and ease of boarding. 

  • Stability

    When it comes to paddle and surfboarding, larger and more stable boards are needed when the user’s weight is higher. If they surf/paddle with their pets or lots of gear, then too larger and more stable boards are needed. This will prevent the boards from overturning in the water. Similarly, fishing planer boards need to be heavy and thick to be more stable or risk being turned over. 

  • Inflatability

    If the buyer is looking for soft paddle/surfboards, then the inflatability should be approximately 225-240L. But for hard boards, it should be around 175L. 

  • Places it can be used:

    One of the most important pre-requisites for surfboards, planer boards, and paddle boards is that they should be versatile enough to be used on any type of water. “All Round” boards are more-popular than single-purpose boards. 

Manual manufacturing doesn’t always help board manufacturers meet all these criteria effectively. They need to use the right technology to build boards that are safe to use and enjoyable. This is where CNC Routers come in.  

Five ways in which a CNC router will make you the most trusted water sports boards supplier

CNC Routers are a great and easy way to create safe water sports goods quickly and on a budget. They offer numerous benefits which both small and large-scale manufacturers will appreciate. 

Some of the benefits you get by using CNC Router machines to build your water sports boards are: 

  • Complete customizability

Do your customers want a 5-fin surfboard? What about a 34-inch paddle board made from composite foam. Maybe your customers are fishermen/women looking for a dark-colored wooden planer board. Irrespective of what material, dimension, and color specifications you require for your boards, CNC Routers can be used to manufacture a wide range of products. 

Additionally, spindles on CNC Routers are capable of being run at high speeds up to 18,000rpm, making production very fast. You can easily program the Router to build you a variety of units within a short span of time. This way, you’ll be able to customize your product range to a variety of markets and become the sole supplier of all types of water sports boards for your region. 


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  • Precision

CNC machining tools like CNC Routers and CNC mills are extremely precise in their cutting and finishing. They have tolerance as low as +/- 0.01 mm. This makes the Routers extremely ideal for fashioning items like surfboards, paddle boards, and fishing planer boards, where adherence to dimensional measurements is a must. You can protect your customers – even save their lives – with your precisely-built boards. 


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  • Accuracy

It’s a known fact that hand-held machines require a very steady hand to operate. A slight slip or loss of focus can ruin the product completely, or worse, injure the user. CNC Routers don’t suffer from the same problem. They are pre-programmable devices that are fully-automated. Because there is no human intervention involved, CNC Routers eliminate any of the risks that come with hand-held devices. 

Another advantage of the steady cutting that CNC Router Machines offer is the reduction of wastage. The absence of mistakes will ensure your resources are used optimally, and your composite foam material stock will last longer. This also makes your company very eco-friendly – something which new-age water sports enthusiasts appreciate. 

  • Scalability

If you’ve been planning to scale-up manufacturing of your paddle/surf/planer boards, then a CNC Router that comes with a CNC router table will make the best investment. These router machines can work on hundreds of units of products within a few hours. They don’t require constant manual feeding or intervention and produce outputs with consistency. You only need to occasionally change the Router settings to suit the specifications of each product variant, and you’re good to go.  

With their high-speed and automated functionality, CNC Routers give you the freedom to scale-up your operations with ease. You don’t have to hire too many laborers as well, instead relying on the Router to take over your production.   

  • Trainability

Unlike some other types of manufacturing technologies which can take very long to learn, CNC Routers are relatively easy to master. By seeing an expert use the machine and trying your hand at it, you can gain an understanding of how CNC cutting works. Regularly operating the Router will make you an expert at it. 

Plus, CNC Routers are very easy to maintain. If you do require any support, our team at Omni CNC is always here on hand to assist. We have over 10 years’ experience in assembling CNC machinery and are reputed as one of the best CNC Router assemblers in China. We can help your staff set-up the router at your facility, learn how to use it, and assist with any questions they have.


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As we’ve seen, CNC Routers are extremely helpful in crafting premium-quality surfboards, stand-up paddle boards, and fishing planer boards that are 

  • Safe to use on calm and choppy waters. 
  • Easy to transport anywhere.
  • Customizable for beginners, intermediates, and experts at water sports. 
  • Long-lasting and easy to care for.

If you’d like to see how our CNC Routers at Omni CNC can be used to make composite foam water sports board, just give us a call today. We can organize a physical or virtual demo of our machine. We have both full-size and mini CNC routers at our facility, perfect for operations of all sizes. 

Contact us today to schedule a meeting or to discuss rates.