CNC Router & Laser Machine Improve Stone Carving

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People like stone, since stone is a natural material, color variations, and veining are perfectly normal, and no pieces are exactly alike. Carving stone by hand may requires you have art basic knowledge, and it takes a rather long time to practice on it. For a stone-work shop, owner may hire stone worker with rich experience or wait a worker to practice and practice and get skilled. #stone carving

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Well, if there is a machine to assist you, whatever you make stone carving as hobby or business, it will improve the stone carving work rather efficiently on the speed and precision and almost without mistake, saving you a lot of time and cost.
OMNI offeres two kinds of cnc machine for stone carving, and these two cnc machines can reach different result on the stone pieces.
1.CNC Router

stone cnc 845x630 - CNC Router & Laser Machine Improve Stone Carving

How it works?
CNC router is a carving head and carving tool, rather powerful, since the carving head power could up to 3kw, 4.5kw, 6kw and even more. You only need to design the pattern you gonna carve on the stone, then give command to CNC controller, then the machine will “draw out” the pattern you want.



See below its working video, it is tombstone carving:


What stone I can carve by this machine?
1)Soapstone Available in many different colors and textures. Polishes to a smooth finish and scratches leave a white mark which makes it easy to texture.
2)Alabaster-I recommend this as a starting stone both because it is easy to carve and because it is extremely beautiful.
3)Limestone This stone does not polish well but is one of the best stones for showing details carved into it.
4)Marble It is a hard stone, worth for you to work out it by cnc machine.
2. Laser Machine

signmaking laser machine - CNC Router & Laser Machine Improve Stone Carving

How it works?
Laser machine fits laser tube, laser engraving melts the surface of the stone. It works directly on the material. Consequently, there is no need for producing a stencil.
What Stone I can Carve by Laser Machine?
Laser engraving on stone is particularly suited for polished, possibly dark natural stones, such as granite, marble, ceramic or slate. The more homogeneous and fine-grained the stone, the better the results produced by stone engraving. But thanks to their smooth surface, even pebble stones can be etched well with the laser.

What other materials these two kinds of cnc machine can process?

They can engrave a wide range of material, such as wood, acrylic, plastic, leather, foam etc. More information, you may visit our webiste

CNC router samples:

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Laser Machine Sample:

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