Do you have any idea about water jet cutting? Have you ever heard of this type of CNC cutting machine? If not, then be glad to meet the coolest cutter in this business! Like any other CNC cutter, this is also extremely efficient in its works and can cut through a wide variety of materials. Hence, it has found its use in many industries. If you are still harboring a doubt, then read the specifications and functions and get CNC Water Jet Machine to start your work at jet speed.


The name only suggests that the job of this machine is to cut materials in order to shape them differently to produce different products. This jet cutter is strong enough to cut anything, for example, it can cut through Glass-Reinforced Plastics and Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastics among other reinforced plastics. It can cut through metals like hardened tool steel, alloy types, brass, copper, titanium, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. with ease.In addition, assorted industries use CNC water jet machines to pierce through stones, glasses, concretes, rubber and ceramics. To be precise, because the cutter is versatile enough, it has found a place in all the important industries.

Features that Fascinate

Since the machine is this efficient, it becomes obvious that all its features are outstanding. The main aim of this cutter is to offer huge production; some other of its useful features includes:

• The base axis comes with dual side drive of thermally stress relieved steel and castings of cast iron.
• The other three axes are designed to be water and sand proof in function
• The controller for this machine is from WAHSHING brand
• The XY axis is also branded and designed to offer good performance
• It has YASKAWA drivers and motors
• Intensifier pumps


Various benefits make the CNC Water Jet Machine a hot favorite, such as:

• The machine requires less maintenance
• It lasts long
• Performs effectively
• Easy to use
• Rate of production is fast
• Cool in nature as no heat is required
• Comes at an affordable price

Application for Marble Mosaic

Marble mosaic always was and is still a popular design. Its patterns are interesting and eye-catching. The computerized jet machine gives birth to innovative designs, which are creating stir in the world. Using the water jet cutter, you can create more fluid, curvy designs that soothe the eye.The cut of this machine is neat and precise and it works fast!

If you have a bulk job that requires perfect cut, then you should immediately buy a CNC water jet machine. It is a perfect choice if you want to cut composites like Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastics, metals like stainless steel. In addition, it can also cut glass, stone, concrete, ceramics and rubber quite conveniently.