A CNC wood router is considered as one of the most diverse woodworking equipment. Since inception in the year 1970, it came into a trend when woodworking companies placed a machinist at every workstation. Computer operated machine transformed this trend by enabling factories to automate the procedure that was operated manually. It not only reduces the dependency on labor, but also improves the quality of work that every client demands. The below image of Lord Buddha created exquisitely out of wood is a befitting example of the application of CNC wood router.

a - CNC Wood Router – Finding Its Use in a Range of Amazing Applications

Here are some more suitable examples in this regard:

Applications of CNC Wood Router

Cabinet Making

Cabinet making is an extremely popular application of CNC router. The highly moderate and effective routers make manufacturing of drawer fronts, drawers, shelves, counter tops and doors possible for large, medium and small shops alike. Cabinetmakers utilize them to expand production and reduce expenses by decreasing material handling and expanding throughout.

Sign Making

CNC routers are utilized as a part of sign making to cut signs in plastic, foam, wood, bronze, aluminum and different materials. The synchronous 3 axis movement with the proper programming permits complete 3D capacity that gives sign producers the ability to work with for all intents and purposes any material.

Furniture Making

One of the extremely popular applications of CNC routers is Furniture making. Furnished with steering, sanding, planning, grooving and boring apparatuses, the routers are equipped with synchronous functions on explanatory planes utilizing various heads and programmed instrument changers.

Structural Millwork

A CNC machine combined with simple to-utilize programming can firmly emulate the craftsman’s abilities found in corbels, carvings, arches, moldings and also in sections. It offers an indexing Lathe that turns those troublesome 3D carvings on barrel shaped parts simple. The below picture showing the 3D carving of Lord Ganesha of the Hindu mythology is an apt application of this machine.

b - CNC Wood Router – Finding Its Use in a Range of Amazing Applications

Wooden Carving

Carving on wood is broadly seen as a hands-on art; however CNC innovation can accomplish the repeatability and quality of the cuts. From finely made gifts to furniture, it can enable you to accomplish all kinds of plausibility.

Aluminum Machining

In spite of the fact that CNC routers are widely utilized with wood and plastic items, it can likewise be utilized to cut aluminum.

Modeling and Prototyping

CNC routers are one stop solution to make models utilizing plastics, wood, foam and aluminum. With the perfect blend of CNC router and correct programming, you can figure out a 2D or 3D model to adequately and proficiently make models and propagation parts.

Music Instruments

A CNC machine is capable to manufacture parts with incredible repeatability and exactness in the creation of different sorts of music instruments. With this, you can make hand crafted instruments that are perfectly fit for your clients or their brand.

Tradeshows & Exhibitions

Wood CNC routers are perfect for organizations and people longing to make hand crafted work for tradeshows as well as exhibitions utilizing a wide assortment of materials including aluminum, acrylic, vinyl, glass and wood. For example, consider this ‘Laughing Buddha’ image carved out beautifully from wood. Isn’t it great?

c - CNC Wood Router – Finding Its Use in a Range of Amazing Applications

Undoubtedly, wood CNC router is an amazing machine. However, before putting your money into it, you must evaluate your needs regarding equipment budget, production capacity and lifespan.