• Company: Digital Craft Lab
  • Industry: Interior Fabrication & Architecture Design
  • Country:  United States
  • Product Purchased: Multi-head CNC Router
  • Year Purchased: 2015

CNC Router Review

Digital Craft Lab is a full-service interior design studio, we provide a full-service digital fabrication and architectural millwork company serving architects, contractors, furniture makers, artists.

TIM图片20180308174247 845x321 - Digital Craft Lab -We Can Build Anything!

The company offers varies CNC solution, such as milling services with OMNI 3-axis mill. They can cut a panel size of 48 x 96 x 10 inches, and nearly any non-ferrous material, including hardwoods, plywoods, aluminum, acrylic, Corian and all densities of modelling foams.

Mauricio, the owner of Digital Craft Lab. ” I bought OMNI 1325 Multi head CNC Router machine from OMNI in 2015. And now the machine is still working very well. ” Click cnc router review, you will find more feedback from omni clients.

Mauricio was in an artistic spectrum, designing, modeling, programming, and fabricating large scale sculptures and architectural elements for interior design, theater, events and anything that a client could have imagined. Mauricio is a very motivated person that strives for excellence in design. He is a life-long student dedicated to the practice and innovation of architecture.

Below are some of his projects:

Point Pleasant – NJ Theater