How Modern Day Technology has Transformed Easter Egg Carving Methods?

Easter eggs orthe Paschal eggs are given as gifts during the Easter season. Earlier, the dyed or the decorative eggs were gifted to friends, families and relatives but today technology has brought a huge difference. At present, you have a wide range of options from the egg to carvings to the shell carvings you can give away anything you like. The Easter egg has a tradition behind it and it dates back to the times of the birth of Jesus. As a common belief, red colored eggs were the symbol of the Christ blood. In the present time, you can observe a lot of change these in these Easter eggs.

If you are interested to know more about the Easter eggs, here is quick look on the same. The integration of the technology, such as the use of CNC machines to carve out beautiful designs and lots more exciting things have infused significant transformations in the Easter eggs.

Origin of the Egg Carving

In the ancient ages, the kids used to color the eggs in various shades to use as giveaways for their friends, but as time changed,egg decoration emerged into an art form. It is quite exciting to see different kinds of egg carvings portraying something special for the occasion. Various kinds of carving techniques and tools make egg paintings look superb and worth gifting. Apart from being used during the Easter season, the Christians used to treat these eggs as good luck symbol and would give it on occasions like birthdays, weddings etc. This is how the trend began and soon tuned into an enticing art.

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Over the ages, the egg carving methods has improved appreciably. Today, with the integration of technology, it appears even better and more appealing, thus presenting improves art forms to the people as you can see in the image above.

Egg Carving in the Olden Times

Before the intervention of technology and the use of CNC routers for egg carving, the use natural colors made the eggs look amazing. The shell of the egg was painted in many colors using the dyes. Many types of pictures or sceneries were carved on these eggs, giving them a mesmerizing appearance.

Method of Carving

As the time changed, machines of the likes of CNC routers were leveraged for egg carving, hence transforming this ancient art into a thriving business. From egg craft food to handicrafts, the role of technology in egg decoration continued to proliferate, thus gaining a lot of popularity worldwide.

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The carving technology in itself encompasses many forms, each of which intending to give the eggs an accomplished look like the one you could see in the pic above. Some of these techniques include shallow carving, color gradient relief, openwork carving, deep relief, miniature carving and inner wall relief. Though the ways of using all these techniques vary but the end result is a beautifully decorated egg craft that you will love. Most of the handicrafts use the above kind of techniques to reach the target. Along with these techniques, integration of carving tools of the likes of CNC routers further infuse pace, precision and finesse in the egg carving business, leading to impressive outcomes.

Evolution of the Egg Technology

In the present time, laser egg technology is being used wherein the laser devices are employed for egg carving. For example, notice the painstaking work done in the Easter eggs in the image above. Carving is no more a manual affair, as the workers now use computer systems in sync with fiber laser cutting machines to design and carve out the eggs in attractive art forms. Indeed, a lot has been done to make the handicrafts look stunning. Moreover, different kinds of eggs and their shells like ostrich egg, eggs of duck, etc.,are used for this technology.

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Egg Carving in the Modern Times

The use of carving knife is among the many ways to design the eggs in the form of flowers, birds, natural landscapes and more. After the completion of the sketching, the egg will look quite similar to the design done on any paper. Usually thick eggs are preferred for carving as shells of the egg are quite thin and it is often very difficult to handle them. Once the carving work completes, you need to remove the shell and disinfect the same.

Just like any other art form, the most important of all is the selection of the eggs. If you pick the wrong egg, all your efforts can go in vain, that is why you need to be a little careful about it. Make sure the egg is smooth does not bulge and has no scratches. The motive is to find the egg, which is right for carving.

Steps to Egg Carving

Egg - How Modern Day Technology has Transformed Easter Egg Carving Methods?

Here is how you can carve out an Easter egg beautifully as depicted in the image here:

  • Create a Hole:  Once you select the egg, you need to make a hole at the rounded end of the egg with the help of knife and the secretive technique. Make the mark first and then the hole so that the egg does not break.
  • Make it Stable: After creating the hole, let the egg sit on the surface through hat hole only so that it is in stable condition. Next, you need to ooze out the liquid and the concept of air convention can definitely prove useful in this respect.
  • Clean the Egg: You can use water to clean the egg by turning it upside down several times. Proper cleaning is necessary or else the egg will get rotten and you will waste your time on it.
  • Dry It: Try to dry the egg through natural way to dry the egg, as using oven, etc. is not the right choice. It can take about a month to completely dry the egg before it is ready. As it starts drying, the shell will become hard and this is how it will get into the desired design and look just apt for your handicraft.

This was all about the Easter egg, how it has evolved with time, the use of laser technology for egg carving and lots more. If you too have got impressed with this egg technology, why not get started with it. Notably, CNC routers and laser machines are among the finest technology forms that have made a big difference to assorted industries. Not surprisingly, their role in carving entrancing designs out of eggs is also noteworthy, and Omni-CNC is the best destination to get these sophisticated machines. So do approach this manufacturer to decorate your Easter eggs like never before.