• Company: Malegrias Printing & Sign company
  • Industry: Sign & Graphic
  • Country: Puerto Rico
  • Product Purchased: OMNI1325 Model Sign Making CNC Router

CNC Router Review for Sign & Graphic

Malegrias Printing & Sign company established in Isabela, Puerto Rico in the year 2006 by the young businessman, William Varela Vélez.

Since then it is dedicated to design, printing and lettering, commercial.

They have a high technology and the most innovative products in the market.

They consolidate as a company in constant growth, ready to offer the customers the highest quality and the best service.


They have six specialized departments, these are: Printing, Signs, Vehicle Labeling, Supermarket Decor & Wayfinding, Media and Promotional Items.

All integrated in one place. These departments are operated by professionals in the field of graphic design, advertising and signage.

Structural labels where you can create the precise image to represent your logo, product or company.

Their graphic designers will find the best way to represent your idea and carry a clear message with your structural label.

They also have canvas or light curtains, made to measure and printed with the style that most represents your business.

They also work logos and letters in relief in different stylistic ways that highlight the brand of your business or company, made with durable and attractive materials.

They can be built in materials such as: Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Steel.

They could be combined with Sintra (PVC) and LED lighting, for a first-class finish. Illuminated letters in front or back.

Excellent for shopping centers, businesses and offices.

Below are some sign projects worked out by omni cnc router.

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Below are working videos with OMNI cnc router.

Un equipo comprometido, puede producir productos de la más alta calidad. @titocasablanca #cafetinefrain #carolinapr #teammalegrias #rotulos #signs #isabelapr #rotulos #focus

Posted by Malegrias Printing Signs on Saturday, August 5, 2017

Un día normal de producción! #teammalegrias #cncrouter #pvc #isabelapr #signshop

Posted by Malegrias Printing Signs on Thursday, June 29, 2017

Working Saturday !!! #teammalegrias #cncrouter #openchannelletter #focus

Posted by Malegrias Printing Signs on Saturday, July 22, 2017

Edward Review

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” My name is Edward Perez, Senior Graphics Designer and signmaker.

At our company, Malegrias Printing & Signs, we are dedicated to supply printed material, advertising and visual communication products.

We design, print and fabricate from a business card to a giant billboard.

In the last year we doubled our sales on routed product made of materials like PVC foam, Aluminum composite, acrylic and even stainless steel.

So we head to the task of getting information to obtain a cnc router machine.

After getting quotes from different suppliers, we opted to buy our machine from OMNI CNC.

The time dedicated by their sales representative, Clara Li and her professional performance gave us the confidence to put our investment in their hands.

It’s been a month since we got our machine up and running, we’ve cut pvc sheets, ACM, acrylic, aluminum and even 1.5 mm stainless steel sheet.

The power of the 5.5k spindle and the heavy duty construction of the chassis, gives great stability, resulting in perfect clean cuts every time.

We’ve engraved on acrylic sheets and put the vacuum table to the test without any problems.


We would recommend this company and their products to anyone without a doubt. I know that we will be doing business with them again.” 

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Clara Li


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