It is difficult for a person to determine if a cnc router supplier in China is trustworthy or not, especially for cnc router user and who purchase product from China for first time.

Several years ago, there is one cnc router supplier does not reply or answer customer’s email or call after receive payment, I saw this news from cnczone.

Some of cnc router users may be terrified to purchase cnc machine from China after hearing this news, but do not paint everyone with same brush, most of cnc router manufactures obey the law.

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Then how to identify a trustworthy cnc router supplier from China?

Some people may know friends or even has office in China, they assign them to visit China cnc router companies at site and confirm cnc router delivery etc.

Some of them assign 3rd party to audit company and product delivery. Some of them even fly to China and check the company at site by their selves.

Well, not all cnc router buyer has friends or office in China, it is expensive to assign 3rd party for company or product checking except you work on long term cooperation or fly to china to check the product.

Yes, everybody want the efficient way with low cost. Here we offer you the several ways and could identify a trustworthy cnc router supplier easily.

1. Domain

Many people register domain names to make sure no one can trade on the name they’ve built for themselves.

So usually company founded same time with the domain. Use to check. Input, then you can find that OMNI is registered in 2009.

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OK, now you know the domain register date. This almost could equal to the company founded time in China.

Now, go click PROFILE or ABOUT US page on cnc router machine supplier site, check if the company founded time and domain registration time in same year.

If there is not, you may should question in mind.  OMNI started from 2009 as offshore company and get registration in China mainland since 2011.

2. Get Registration Information

You may request the cnc router manufacturers to supply the registration document, same as below. There is QR code on it also, so scan it, you will find the company information.

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This document means OMNI registered in China mainland. This is very important.

With this document, it indicates that it has the official registration company and business address in China, it can assures your basic safety of order.

Is there a way to get more information about a company’s registration?

yes, of course. Take example, for companies at Jinan city, This is the official link for checking company information, managed by Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce in Shandong Province.


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Copy or input Chinese name of cnc router company or it is may more convenient for you to input its registration number. Here there is a little difficult way is you need to verify it then can see the company information, and verify info is Chinese always. You need to figure it out. Or we may should suggest the Bureau to consider to make it Numbers.

Take example of OMNI, its Chinese name: 济南泽天数控科技有限公司。 After input, you can find its company name, company kinds, owner, registration capitals, founded date, business scope, status, holders, etc.

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After knowing its company information, let us check following information more specifically.


2.1 Is It Manufacture or Trade Company?

Some customers prefer manufacturer for lower cost comparing trade company. Well, may factor does important, please consider it if they cooperate with a trustful manufacturer and they choose suitable product you as a filter.

Click this manufacturer’s website, find out the profile page to check, google this company’s videos on YOUTUBE, Facebook etc. I am sure you could filter some trade companies.


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2.2 Company in China mainland or offshore company

If the company can not offer above document and only offer you another kind of registration, they it may indicates that it is offshore company.

Well, it is very common that company register offshore company for any purpose, OMNI also have one.

But some of cnc router China companies are just registered company in Hongkong or other sites, and then say they are manufactures in China, and copy product photos from other companies.

Here we would like to take an example.  APEX CNC Technology Co., Ltd ,  apex-cnctech dot net/this company is Hongkong offshore company, from its site,  you will find that they say they are manufacture in China and have 2o agents balabla.

And when you click its website, you will find its product photos are familiar with OMNI’s and on its youtube link, you even can find some of videos are exactly the same.

Well, this company did not register in China mainland and the company’s owner is the former sales engineer from OMNI, this is the reason its website is with OMNI products photos.



3. Get Purchasing Experience or Review from CNCZone Forum.

Above ways help you confirm company registration information, then how is this company?

We always would love to hear reviews from end-users about their purchasing experience, operation experience and review etc.

CNCzone forum is nice site for cnc router reviews. There you will find lots of review about purchasing and operation experience about cnc router manufactures in China.

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As a trustful forum of cnc machine, it is rather welcome by cnc machine industry users. Many people ask such questions and you may find related purchasing experience on cnczone, suggest you look for related info on this forum.


4. Search Review on SNS


Here, SNS means Social Networking Servicing. Here I main indicates Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin such site.

How do they help u to filter good quality cnc router companies? Find out the company’s ID on above sites, check their posts and feedback from users. I am sure, you will find some interesting info there. Below is the feedback from OMNI users on Facebook.


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5. Talk to Sales Engineers.


By talking with sales engineer, you could figure out their product knowledge, English level, also can know product quality at a level from the product photo or video they offer.

The other important purpose you could achieve is: finding out review from other clients who purchased products from this company. You may get the phone number from sales engineer and make a call to check how is the product at site.

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Click to talk with OMNI sales engineers.


6. Live Chat or Live Video With Sales Engineer.

You may require to view the workshop by live video, cnc router china product, office etc, then configure how is the company or product by this.


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7. Take Alibaba as Reference.


Ask the cnc router supplier offer you the following credit information. You can find that OMNI is AAA credit level, with 5 stars, our trade assurance service is better than 95% of suppliers in cnc router industry in China.

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ALIBABA 845x684 - 7 Tricks to Identify If a CNC Router Supplier Trustworthy Or Not





You may have more idea to determine which cnc router factory is trustworthy, welcome to share your idea here.

And hope above tips are helpful for your purchasing about cnc router.Well, I think after doing the above steps, you may know one company very well.

There is no one company could achieve 100% satisfaction, Microsoft or Google is no exception, keep in mind. Good luck!

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