How OMNI Woodworking CNC Router Beneficial?

Woodworking CNC Router

The need of the hour is to change! The rapid advancements in technology have impacted various industries. One such industry is the woodworking industry. The introduction of computer numerical control (CNC) has elevated the level of speed and production.

Besides, the incorporation of computer numerical control (CNC) has provided a variety of new machinery to a woodworker. Thus, making it a lot easier to complete a process in two days, which once took two weeks. Perhaps, it would be fitting to say that CNC has come out of the shadow to be the guardian angel of a woodworker.

1. What is a CNC Router?

Nevertheless, out of so many popular CNC equipment, there is a machine which is being popularly used in this form of machining. And, that is a CNC router.

Though very similar to a commonly used handheld router, a CNC router needs to be fed with computer numerical control so that it can route the connected tools to their respective paths, hence, enabling the functioning of the machine. Unlike hand routers, CNC routers are famous for their efficiency in increasing productivity and reducing waste. The fact that they produce different kinds of woodwork in less time than that of the other hand used machines makes them a product which remains in a lot of demand in the woodworking market. Given its proficiency, it can cut materials like wood, steel, composites, aluminum, foam, and plastic.

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1.1 How Big Are CNC Routers?

When a CNC router was introduced into the woodworking industry, in terms of its size and industrial-strength models, a CNC router was pretty heavy, extremely large, and occupied a good amount of space.

Nevertheless, the change in dynamics and the introduction of desktop CNC routers have reduced the size and space of the router, thus, enabling it to sit on top of a large table.

Though desktop routers are not that powerful as the heavy routers, they are certainly ideal domestic woodworking works where a woodworker just needs to connect the desktop at home to his router. In this way, a woodworker simply needs to use the software provided at the home computer and program his CNC router for the particular task he is supposed to perform.

1.2 How does a CNC Machine Work?

As a matter of fact, there is not much of a difference in the working of a CNC router and any other CNC machine. They all work on the same pattern of feeding them with a computer numerical code, which guides the tools to work around their respective paths.

Nonetheless, the set-up of a CNC router comprises computer software along with a CNC electronic controller to operate the mechanical system. With the usage of this setup, a woodworker can achieve precision and far better accuracy in terms of finishing in comparison to a handheld router.

Like other CNC machines, CNC routers work in three dimensions. These dimensions are usually marked as X, Y, and Z directions.

The longest of the three, which runs from front to back, is known as the X-axis. The axis running from left to right is termed as the Y-axis. And, the axis running from top to bottom is called the Z-axis.

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1.3 Benefits of CNC Routers

There is no doubt of the fact that when things center around high-quality work, a woodworker always opts for a CNC router to get the work done. Given CNC routers power to perform the act and meet unique requirements of the market, this machine helps the manufactures to claim a top spot in a cut-throat market.

This is the reason why it comes as no surprise for manufacturers that this machine can offer a lot of benefits to an industrialist but more than that to woodworkers, who are constantly looking to enhance the quality of their work.

a. Affable and Versatile

Workshops have an advantage while working with a CNC router. The fact that these machines are flexible and adaptable allows operators to alter the instructions as per the need of the product.

b. Easy Updates

The updating part of this machine is very easy. The operator needs to worry about buying the software prototype for a job he is supposed to do. All he needs is a software upgrade to solve his problems and get the work going.

c. Precision Cuts

Precision is one thing that is assured with a CNC router. CNC routers’ ability to provide cuts with precision stands among the woodworkers. These routers are operated by CAD software, a software which is designed especially for cutting purpose. With the help of this software, a woodworker is able to achieve precise cutting of materials that are difficult to cut with a manual process.

Besides, CNC router comes with an additional benefit of cutting objects by reducing material waste, thus paving the way for more savings along with better profits. Also, the work with the CNC router is computerized and hence, requires less man-power to get the work over the line. Because of this, even a less-skilled worker can operate this machine to its full efficiency, provided he is given a good and well-rounded coaching tour of how he should operate this router.

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2. Types of Tools Used For Carving and Engraving Wooden Material

A CNC wood router mainly consists of four things. Though it may increase or decrease as per the needs of material, yet, these four items are generic and common in all routers.

a. Computer System and CNC Controller

The CNC controller and computer system together form the brain of this machine. These two combine to tell the drive systems and motors about the direction in which they should move, go far, and cut.

While working with this system, do not forget to give the desired design, as most of them start in a digital format.

To convert a 3D or 2D digital image into a tool path, which is known as G-code, always use a Work with a CAM software package with the controller and system. With this, the computer computes the command provided by the operator into a digital signal. These digital signals then rely on the CNC controller to convert them to different voltages and currents, thus controlling mechanical drive systems.

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b. The Spindle

This part’s job is to cut the material. Perhaps, it would be apt to tag the spindle as the actual standard wood router.

Mostly, these router spindles are classified by their power rating and horse power in Watts and units (which are their SI units). A spindle, usually, has a range of 8000 to 30,000 revolutions per minute. However, this can differ in metals where the spindle operates between 2000 and 10,000 RPMs.

The working of the spindle depends on router bits, which rotates the cutting tool at different speeds. The main purpose of designing a spindle is to cut wood, plastics, and other soft materials.

As we know that spindles mostly operate with the help of a CNC controller, which is used to regulate the round per minute (RPM) of the spindle, which is often positioned as per the material and feed rate of the machine.

Irrespective of that, there are many more ways of installing a spindle in a CNC controller. Out of these ways, sometimes, the set-up can include the use of a touch probe, automatic tool changer, and tool sensor.

c. The Linear Drive Systems

This system is responsible for moving the spindle in its axis. The CNC linear drive system comes with a motor and a linear bearing system. Some lead screw assembly could also be a part of that, which is essential, so do remember to include it if it’s not in your set-up.
Nevertheless, the link between the mechanics of the CNC router and the digital system of the machine is the motor. The power of the motor comes from the CNC controller. This CNC controller provides the rotational energy to lead the screw assembly of the system.

For knowledge, always take note of the fact that there are two types of CNC router motors in the market. They are stepper motors and servo motors.

Steppers motor is the cheaper one. It offers good performance and is reliable. However, the problem with this motor is that it does not come into a closed-loop system.

Meanwhile, a Servo motor comes in a closed-loop system. Thus, it will send back the signals to the operator and the controller after it has completed the assigned task. These kinds of motors or rather systems are found in high-end models.

Besides, the controller of the motor also differs. You cannot have the same controller for a stepper motor or a servo motor.

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d. The Cutting Bed

This is the place of all the actions. There are many types of cutting bed; however, irrespective of the type, the function of the cutting bed remains the same. Designed to secure and support, the cutting bed is a place where the piece of material is cut.

As mentioned, there are many different types of cutting beds to perform the cutting job efficiently. The most common of all is the T-slot cutting bed and the vacuum table cutting bed.

The T-slot cutting bed style is best suited for any part, reason being, it mostly works with clamps and bolts to perfectly lay and hold the piece on the bed in order to cut it. The T-slot cutting bed is more versatile and dependable to clamp any cutting material.

Whereas, the vacuum table cutting bed is usually seen in very high-end models. It works well for manufacturing firms that are working day-and-night to produce designs on a large scale. Regardless of that vacuum table, the cutting bed is limited to flat pieces like that of wood and sheet material. The only thing where a vacuum table cutting bed outclasses a T-slot cutting bed is in its efficiency and speed of setup to finish a good polished work.

3. Global Popularity of CNC Router

Opting for a CNC machine is now a trend that will only increase with the passage of time. Given a choice, it is for sure that over a CNC mill, any manufacturer will opt for a CNC router. CNC router gives a woodworker numerous advantages with its better tolerance and its repeatability.

Further, the performance of a CNC router is far better than a human operator, as there are fewer external factors that play a role in determining the outcome of the process. And as mentioned, CNC router has the capability to provide products with the same precision throughout the day. Rapid prototyping is one thing that gets easier with days for a CNC router operator. Thus, helping the manufacturer to get his plant operated without a break.

4. Applications of a CNC Router

Higher speed, smoother edges, top-class finishes and production of a series of identical products, these are some of the attributes that a woodworker is bound to find when he is working with a CNC router. However, some people do drool over the question of what are the applications of this router? Where can they use it? Here are a few industries where you can test the versatility of this machine.

a. Sign Making:

A CNC router is just perfect craving sign advertising boards. The versatility of the CNC router allows the manufacturer to work upon 3D/V-bit carving, fluting, engraving, and contour profiling and engraving efficiently.

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b. Furniture Making:

Using a CNC router is the best choice you can make as a woodworking expert to carve open a unique design over a large number of furniture. CNC routers are capable of producing a wide range of exquisite design beds, chairs, windows, staircase, office furniture, etc.

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c. Cabinet Making:

CNC router, given its technology, helps a woodworker in the creation of shelves, dados, side panels, custom doors, and drawer fronts.

Maybe, after reading all this, you will be now convinced that a CNC router is the best thing to have something crafted. Further, with its admirable technology, this machine is becoming a woodworker’s favorite across the world. So, if you don’t intend to waste your time, effort, and material, contact OMNI CNC now to fetch great deals over various types of CNC routers.

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